This Is How ‘Teen Mom’ Star Cheyenne Floyd Reacted To Her Ex Cory Wharton’s Baby Announcement

Teen Mom star Cheyenne Ford has finally spoken out following her ex-boyfriend and baby daddy Cory Wharton revealing he’s expecting another child.

Last week, BabyGaga reported that Cory and his girlfriend, fellow MTV star Taylor Selfridge, are currently expecting a child of their own. The couple revealed that she’s already 12 weeks along. Though this will be Taylor’s first child, it’s not Cory’s.

Cory already shares 2-year old daughter Ryder with Cheyenne Floyd, who he met during their time on Are You The One? The parents’ complicated history has been explored during their time on Teen Mom. The two never formally dated. In fact, Cheyenne didn’t know Cory was the father of her daughter until Ryder was already 6-months old.

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To make things more dramatic, just last season, Cory and Cheyenne admitted to hooking up. It seemed like they were going to give a relationship a try, but during the Teen Mom reunion, Cory said he wasn’t ready for something that serious. Thus, fans were surprised when Cory introduced Taylor as his girlfriend during the most recent season. They were even more surprised when the pair, who only began dating in February after a hiatus, announced their pregnancy.

Needless to say, some fans expected there would be tension between Cory and Cheyenne given his baby news. But Cheyenne has spoken out about the subject, and according to her, there’s no bad blood. "Congratulations. Babies are a blessing," she wrote on her Instagram story. "Can't believe Ryder is going to be a big sister."

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During an interview with Us Weekly earlier this week, Cory also discussed how he broke the news to his ex, admitting that things went pretty smoothly.

"I went over to Cheyenne's house and I was dropping Ryder off and I just said, ‘Hey, so Ryder's going to be a sister!' There's no easy way to tell somebody that," he revealed. "I just had to drop the bomb. So I told her, and her sister was there. They were just asking me all the questions, like, ‘Are you OK?' ‘How's Taylor doing?' ‘Does she need a doctor?' They really were supportive from day one."

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However, breaking the news to Cheyenne wasn’t the only dramatic thing about this pregnancy. Only a day after announcing their news, a mysterious woman came forward to accuse Cory of trying to cheat on Taylor with her.

As BabyGaga previously reported, the woman, whose online name is Samantha, says Cory tried hooking up with her in Buffalo, New York. “Should I be like ‘Was she pregnant while you tried hooking up with me while you were in Buffalo?” Samantha wrote during a live chat Cory and Taylor were hosting to answer fan questions about the pregnancy.

Cory was following Samantha on Instagram up until she made the comment. He has since unfollowed her. Neither he nor Taylor have publicly addressed the allegations so far.

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