'Teen Mom' Star Javi Marroquin Welcomes His Second Baby Boy

The MTV Teen Mom family has grown yet again. Reality star, Javi Marroquin, and his off-again-on-again girlfriend Lauren Comeau have recently welcomed a son into their growing family. Javi has appeared on the popular MTV reality television show opposite his ex-wife Kailyn Lowry as well as his ex-girlfriend Briana DeJesus. He is already a father to Lowry's middle son and for a period of time was step-father to her eldest son, Issac, whom Kailyn had with another ex, Jo Rivera. After things soured between the young parents, Marroquin tried to get with Lowry's co-star,  DeJesus, which caused all sorts of baby-mama drama between Lowry and DeJesus.

Javi left the chaos of dating costars behind and found love yet again with Lauren Comeau. The pair hadn't been dating for long before they broke up only to reunite and quickly discover that Comeau was carrying Javi's baby. While the majority of the pregnancy was pretty smooth sailing, Comeau started to suffer from the effects of preeclampsia in the final strength, leaving doctors with no choice other than to deliver her early.

Their little boy was born on November 15th at Dover Kent General Hospital in Delaware, Maryland. The little guy weighed in at six pounds and thirteen ounces, and it's reported that both mama and baby are doing very well.

All is well now with this little family, but things got a bit hairy there for a second. After finding out that she would be delivering weeks before Lauren's due date, Lauren suffered from severe nausea and the medications the doctors gave her knocked her out. She pushed for three hours through the pain of a faded epidural before she and Javi finally got to meet their little boy, who the couple named Eli Joseph.

The birthing chaos and drama all seems to be behind the couple now, and the little family is focused on being as happy as they can be. We can't help but wonder if Javi's ex-wife Kailyn sent the proud parents flowers or a gift basket. For some reason, we think she probably didn't.


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