'Teen Mom' Stars Roasted For Posting Fake Pregnancy Announcements

A couple of Teen Moms have started posting fake prwegnancy annoucements and have received a lot of backlash.

No matter how many celebrities get blasted for posting fake pregnancy announcements, they still try to do it because they think they are going to pull it off and that their fans will think it is funny. News flash, it's not funny, just don't. Justin Bieber figured this out the hard way when he posted a picture of his wife at the doctors getting an ultrasound and made everybody believe that they were going to be having a little baby. He even posted a picture of a sonogram. Yeah, nobody thought that was funny. He got roasted and his fans did not think it was funny. Now, Teen Moms have decided that they think that it would be funny to post fake pregnancy announcement. You could imagine how this was received by their fans.

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The newest Teen Mom drama is with Kailyn Lowry. In a recent Instagram post, she shared a picture of a sonogram. It made it look like she was pregnant with another baby. When people clicked onto the picture it took them to some random site. This is not even the first time that she had done this. She also recently shared a picture of a woman holding an ultrasound picture and then the caption was, "She's pregnant" but when people would swipe right of the ultrasound picture it would take her fans to a random news article. She also shared a picture of herself with the caption, "It's Twins" and then shortly after she revealed to her fans that she was just joking and she was not pregnant.

Janelle Evans, former Teen Mom, also has shared a few fake pregnancy announcements. This doesn't surprise most people because of her past behavior and being recently fired from Teen Mom, but it is still quite insensitive. She stole a picture from Joy-Anna Duggar's pregnancy announcement. Joy-Anna and her husband just had a devastating miscarriage at 20 weeks and so fans were livid when she actually stole the image from the grieving family. After a lot of backlash, she took down the Joy-Anna picture and replaced it with a stock image of a pregnancy test. All of the announcements from the women have been changed or deleted after all of the contentions that they caused.

We aren't quite sure why these women think that fake pregnancy announcements are funny. We aren't sure if they just think they are funny, or if they are just trying to be controversial, but no matter the reason people are not impressed. Some people are suggesting that their motives are financially based. The more clicks the women get, the more money they get from Instagram. They knew that they would get a lot of attention from the post and so, therefore, they would make a lot of money. We actually aren't sure if this is the motive because they never have come out and said why they continually post fake announcements. If the women ever do become pregnant nobody will actually believe them.

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