A Teen Was Reunited With Her Stuffed Animal After Losing It 14 Years Ago

It isn’t uncommon for children to lose toys and stuffed animal. But when it happens, there isn’t often much hope of a recovery. But this story is an exception.

Writer Susan Wise Bauer recently turned to social media to share the incredible story of how her teenage daughter was reunited with her stuffed cat fourteen years after losing it. The girl had misplaced the cat- fondly named ‘Plurna’- when she was only 4-years old. But now over a decade later, the toy was found buried near their home in Virginia.

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"Fourteen years ago, my four-year-old daughter lost her dearest stuffed animal friend ever. Plurna was gone. We all wept. For months,” Susan explained via Twitter. She added: "Today, my farm manager found Plurna in the woods wrapped in roots. We washed her and she is whole. I am speechless."

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The social media post also featured before and after photos of the stuffed cat. After being found in the woods, the toy was dirtied by soil and moss. But after a quick rinse cycle, she looked unrecognizable and as good as new. One of the pictures featured Susan’s daughter, who’s now 18, holding her beloved stuffy. The post has gone viral, with over 43,000 likes and 8,500 shares.

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via the sun

Many people commented on the post to say how happy the story made them. "I'm actually a bit teary about how brilliant it is!" one person said. Another added, "She has been off having amazing adventures, I’m sure." One person even shared their similar experience: "We lost my daughter's cat shaped cushion at Majorca airport. She was inconsolable - it's good to know sometimes it comes right in the end!"

This isn’t the first-time people have gone to great lengths to reunite a stuffed animal with its owner. Last year, after a child lost their stuffy at the Manchester airport, the airport went on a social media search to find the child it belonged to. Countless people shared their post trying to locate the toy’s owner, and in the end, it was a success.

The airport made headlines for the same reason in 2015 when they helped a stuffed elephant get home. In the process, the airport took photos of the stuffy (named ‘Ellie’) helping with gate announcements, checking passengers in, and hanging out in the captain’s quarters. We love a happy ending!

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