Teen With Two Wombs Wakes Up From A Coma To Find Out That She Gave Birth

Imagine going to sleep in your dorm room, waking up in a hospital, and being told that you had given birth to a healthy baby girl. Well, that's exactly what one 18-year-old girl experienced after recovering from a three-day coma. Ebony Stevenson was unaware that she was pregnant before she was placed in a medically-induced coma. The college student was suffering from seizures related to pre-eclampsia, a condition that affects a small minority of pregnant women.

But how was this even possible? How was the teen unaware of her own pregnancy? Well, the teen also has a rare condition known as Uterus Didelphys, which means that she actually had two separate uteruses. Because the baby was "hidden" in only one of the two uteruses, the baby and the pregnancy was very hard for the teen to spot.


According to Yahoo, doctors think that the baby bump was hard to spot because one of Ebony's uteruses was actually located closer to her back than a typical uterus. But what about her periods? What about morning sickness, or any of the other symptoms typically associated with pregnancy? Because she had two uteruses, the other unfertilized womb continued to act as normal, going through normal menstrual cycles, giving Ebony all the characteristics of an unpregnant woman.


When Ebony Stevenson awoke to meet her newborn child, it was an emotional roller coaster for the young teen. She was quoted by Yahoo as saying: "Waking up from a coma to be told I had been pregnant and had given birth to a baby girl was overwhelming to say the least. Meeting my baby was so surreal. It felt like an out of body experience. I worried I wouldn’t bond with my daughter because I had no time to get my head around her arrival, but I think she’s amazing.”

Despite the fact that her pregnancy was linked with such rare conditions, Ebony's pregnancy was a success. The doctors recommended an emergency cesarean, and the baby was delivered without any complications. Who knows what could have happened if Ebony didn't get medical attention when she did. The doctors agreed that the baby needed to be delivered as soon as possible when they evaluated the situation.

The baby has been given the name Elodie by her teen mom, and she was born at a weight of 7 pounds. Ebony's mother was the first one to hold the little baby girl, but she later introduced her daughter to the new little one. This is one of the strangest pregnancy stories we've heard so far, and the best part is that despite the rare circumstances, no one suffered any harm.

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