Teething Hacks: 5 That Don't Work (& 5 That Do)

When a baby is getting their first tooth, things can get pretty stressful for their parents. But it can also be a really hard thing for the child to go through as well.

That is because teething is actually pretty painful, and since young babies have limited communication skills, they cannot exactly tell their parents how they are feeling. Luckily for them, there are lots of hacks parents can try to make it an overall better experience for everyone.

While some of them do not work, there are plenty that can be really effective. Here are some that do and do not work.

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10 Doesn’t Work: Rubbing Alcohol

Contrary to what some people might have been taught, using rubbing alcohol on teething children is not a good idea. That is because there are some serious side effects that can happen as a result of it.

This used to be considered a safe thing to do, but that was before lots of people knew about the damage it could cause to kids. As an alternative, parents of young babies can try to find something soft and cool to massage their child’s gums with. This works, and it is not as harmful for them as using rubbing alcohol can be.

9 Does Work: Use A Cool Washcloth

There are many simple and easy to access objects that can be used when a little one has some new teeth coming in, and a washcloth is one of them. Parents who have a teething child on their hands can try using a really soft one, instead of one that is really rough.

The washcloth then needs to be stored in a cold place, such as a freezer. After it has been in there for a little while, then the teething baby might get some relief by chewing on it. But, parents should put it in a little bag while it is in there so that no germs get to it.

8 Doesn’t Work: Benzocaine Pain Relief

Benzocaine is not as effective as some parents think it is, and it can actually be incredibly harmful to little ones. Watching a child go through something that is incredibly painful is a very hard thing for any parent to do, so it is easy to understand why they want to try pain relievers like benzocaine, but they need to do some research on it first.

This can be very harmful to babies because it can cause something that is known as Methemoglobinemia. If a person has this condition, that means that there is not much oxygen in their blood.

7 Does Work: Breast Milk

Breast milk can benefit babies in numerous ways, and one of them is providing a little bit of relief when they are experiencing pain in their mouth. If a mom chooses to do this, she can try doing something like pumping it into a bottle, and then putting the bottle in the freezer long enough for it to freeze.

Once the milk has been frozen, the mom can serve it to her little one. To them, this would not be much different from eating ice cream, or another type of frozen treat. This can dull a little bit of their pain.

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6 Doesn’t Work: Giving Them Ice

Ice cubes might sound like a great method of pain relief for little ones who are suffering through dental pain, but they can actually be more harmful than they are beneficial, so this really might not take the childs’ suffering away. That is because ice cubes are something that can easily be choked on, which is never something any parent would want.

There are also some other problems that can be caused by ice when it comes to little ones. It can stick to some areas of their mouth, which can be really uncomfortable. If the edges of it are sharp, it can also hurt them.

5 Does Work: Rub The Babys’ Gums

As far as teething hacks go, one of the best things to do that actually works is rubbing a childs’ gums. That is because putting pressure on areas of the body that are feeling pain from something can be really helpful, even if the area in question is the mouth.

If a parent just takes the time out of their day to give a nice, gentle massage to their childs’ gums, then they will be helping them out a lot more than they realize. It is just like getting a massage on any other part of the body. Massages feel great.

4 Doesn’t Work: Amber Teething Necklaces

The bottom line about Amber Teething Necklaces is that they do not really work, and they can be really harmful. They are meant to help relieve the pain a baby goes through when they are teething, but some people believe that they are also beneficial in other ways as well.

But the truth is that there is little to no evidence that suggests that these things are good for pain relief, so they probably don’t do much for children at all. Another thing that parents should take note of is the fact that babies can choke on things like this.

3 Does Work: Teething Toys That Are Hard

Parents have to be careful about what toys they let their babies have when they start teething, but there are actually some teething toys that work. Some of them are not harmful to babies, but parents will definitely need to do some research before buying any so that they know which ones to go with.

Hard teething toys work in the same way that massages do. They put pressure on the area that is hurting the baby. But, they do not put too much pressure on them. It is just the right amount to make them feel a bit less pain.

2 Doesn’t Work: Clove Oil

Essential oils are very popular these days, and there is a well-known rumor that clove oil can be beneficial for babies that are teething, but that is just a myth. Anyone who has ever cooked anything with clove oil in it knows that this kind of thing can be very strong, and it’s easy to tell that giving it to a young baby might not be the best idea.

If a parent uses this kind of oil on their child, it can cause the baby to suffer from something called mucous membrane irritation. This really is not very serious, but it just shows that the oil is not exactly helpful like lots of people think it is.

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1 Does Work: Distractions Are Great

Distractions are always a great thing when it comes to pain relief, and they work on people of all ages. This is a method that is very effective.

When a child is going through the teething stage, if a parent wants to provide them with a natural type of pain relief, they can try doing things to soothe and distract them. Something that works really well is give the child a warm bath. Even adults find things like that to be very relaxing.

Breastfeeding is also something that tends to be calming for little ones, so it works when they are teething. Parents can also just try holding their baby close to them as much as possible, since they usually find that to be very relaxing as well.

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