Tennessee Event Held To Commemorate Pregnancy And Infant Loss

Parents in Tennessee decided to commemorate their child's life by participating in a special event.

Katie Larson began talking to other mothers and parents. She began noticing the hard truth that many parents had lost their children during pregnancy, or when the children were infants. With every parent that she communicated with, she learned that the common thoughts of the parents were that they never wanted to have their children's memory die. They wanted to always honor their baby's lives no matter how short.

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Larsen is a manager at Knox County Health Department. She asked her department if they could co-sponsor a wonderful event called "Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day" to help commemorate the children who had passed away at a very young age. The event was created to help parents not only grieve but to help parents let their babies' legacies live on.

About 75 people arrived at the event. The event had music, speakers sharing their experiences, and lots of support to help parents with their grief. Larsen was very satisfied with the turn out for the day. She said that it was a great event for the parents. Mothers and fathers need to know that their child's life was very important and they will never be forgotten. It was also really great for parents to know that they are not alone in their journey and that they have other people that they can lean on when they are struggling. Larsen also noticed that many other places where holding similar events and she was wondering why there wasn't a pregnancy and infant loss event in her area. Although social media has provided an outlet for parents who have suffered from miscarriages or infant loss, nothing can compare to face-on-face communication with another person going through the same thing.

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Ongoing support for grieving families is one of the most beneficial factors in their healing journey. One of the best ways for grieving families to receive support is to spend time with people dealing with the same type of loss. Every town should have events to help grieving families. So many parents are dealing with loss by themselves and that is not healthy. We should all step up and provide parents with a safe place to associate with other parents who are trying to grieve. Hopefully, other places will follow in Larsen's footsteps and start planning similar events to help parents deal with their miscarriages and infant loss.

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