Tennessee Woman Brings Attention To Disturbing Condition That Can Occur When Styling Kids' Hair

Fixing a child's hair is something that most parents do on a daily basis. You can't send your little one out to school with bedhead. However, this simple part of the routine can be difficult for some families. One woman in Tennessee is trying to raise awareness of a rare condition that affects some kids, according to People.

Hair-grooming syncope causes some kids to pass out when they're having their hair done. The condition affects very few children, but in most cases, it's girls that suffer. The symptoms can come on very quickly. As soon as a child's hair is brushed or styled, they can feel light-headed, dizzy, and even lose consciousness. In some extreme instances, these symptoms can look like an epileptic seizure which is understandably worrying for everyone involved. So, why does this happen?

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I experienced one of the scariest moments of my life this morning with my little sister and I am going to put this out...

Posted by Alicia Brown Phillips on Sunday, July 7, 2019

It's all to do with the nerves in the scalp. When the hair is pulled, the body's vasovagal nerve is stimulated. This nerve is responsible for looking after our blood pressure and our heart rate. When it's messed with, this can lead to a drop in blood pressure and in the heart rate, which results in passing out.

10-year-old Gracie Brown experienced this for the first time when her sister was curling her hair for church. Her lips went blue, her pupils dilated, and she began to gag. In a few moments, she became completely limp. Having never seen anything like this before, the girl's mother was completely terrified and began screaming for her husband. Not sure what had happened, they began checking Gracie's pulse before the youngster eventually came to. Lisa Brown wasted no time in taking the family to the East Tennessee Children's Hospital in Knoxville. It was there that doctors gave the diagnosis, which in turn inspired Gracie's sister, Alicia, to warn others.

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In a lengthy Facebook post, Alicia described what had happened to Gracie and explained the condition so others could be aware. While there is no bulletproof way of avoiding this condition, experts say that making sure kids are hydrated, fed and seated before tackling their hair can go a long way in terms of prevention. Most children eventually outgrow hair-grooming syncope by the time they reach their teens.

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