Teresa Palmer Gives Birth To Her Third Child (And Her First Daughter)

Teresa Palmer and husband, Mark Webber, share that they have recently welcomed their beautiful baby girl into this world! They are now a family of six!

Daily Mail

Australian actress, I Am Number 4 star, Teresa Palmer, has announced that she gave birth to her third child recently and we are all in love. Palmer announced in October that they would be expecting their third child! We have been patiently watching and waiting ever since! She announced her pregnancy by standing on the beach and it was a stunning photo of her cradling her baby bump!

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Palmer and her husband, Mark Webber, named their sweet little daughter Poet Lake Palmer. She was born on April 12. Palmer said that her baby was "pure magic." She said that right when her daughter was born she felt like it was the perfect time to share with her daughter a little poem. They are both in complete love and they are so excited to be parents to a sweet little baby. They both said that they feel like they are living in a dream, because of how perfect she is and how perfect their life is. Webber tattooed "POET" on his neck. He took a picture with his daughter next to his tattoo.

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Daily Mail

Webber has a 10-year-old son from a previous relationship. Palmer and Webber share two adorable sons. They have a 5-year-old son named, Bodhi Rain, and a 2-year-old, Forest Sage. This will be their first daughter! They are very excited to welcome a little girl into a house full of boys! Considering how "pretty" their boys are we are assuming their little daughter is going to be just as gorgeous.

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Congratulations to the beautiful couple on their new baby and their first baby girl. We are so excited that they are now a family of six! We can't wait to see more picture of their sweet little daughter. I am sure her older brothers are so excited to have a baby in the home. All three boys are probably trying to snuggle her like crazy!


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