Teri Bovell Is Expecting Baby Number 2

Model, actress, and host Teri Bovell recently announced that she has a whole lot to be thankful for this holiday season. The stunning beauty is currently expecting her second child with her new partner. She announced the big news via social media with the caption, "Life is like a box of chocolates." Bovell was quick to give the photo credit to Sam Jackson Photography, but then cunningly gave "baby credit" to the apparent father of her unborn child, Adrian Scoon.

Scoon is the Managing Director of Harbour Master as well as the co-founder of WoW Events, which is best known for hosting Carnivale events like Soaka. This is the first child for the couple.  Many fans of Bovell might be wondering what happened here with Bovell's first baby's father. Bovell and her former man were together for a really long time, and then...well... not. She was formerly married to Kes The Band frontman Kees Dieffenthaller, but the pair quietly parted ways in 2012. They share a daughter, Zion, together.

Bovell is a Trinidad-born beauty who has appeared in several U.S. based hip-hop videos. She and her former spouse Dieffenthaller spent over a decade by one another's side before deciding that perhaps the marriage wasn't meant to be. Maybe they grew apart, or perhaps she grew weary of the rumored love tapes and possible children her man had floating out there in the universe. Knowing how private the couple is about personal relationships and situations, we doubt that we will ever know the real truth as to why Bovell has a new man on her arm and a new baby in her belly. Regardless of what went wrong in that marriage, Bovell and Dieffenthaller seem to be on amicable terms, especially when it comes to their young daughter.

Hopefully, this new relationship and a new baby on the way makes Bovell's holiday dreams come true. Best of luck to the new couple as they welcome their child into the world in the upcoming months. We cannot wait to see photos of the new addition. Good vibes only here people!


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