Texas Homecoming Shooting Victim This Weekend Was Father Of 2 With A Baby On The Way

One of the victims of the homecoming shooting in Texas is a father of two.

There was a homecoming party this weekend at A&M Commerce in Texas. The celebration was happening at The Party Venue in Greenville, Texas. The party was not being held by the school but was attended by the school's students. Deputies were already at the scene because they were responding to a complaint about vehicles parked illegally on the highway. The deputies believe that the gunmen sneaked in the back entrance. The police said that they heard shots being fired and tried to get into the building but everybody was running out and they described it as "complete chaos." There was about 750 at the party and that was a lot of people to try to maneuver around.

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By the time that the officers made there way into the building the shooter had already fled the scene and they were not able to catch him. There ended up being two people killed during the incident and 12 people were shot during the chaos but were not killed. The two deceased are Kevin Berry Jr.’s and Byron Cravens Jr. Berry's family described him as a hardworking father who had two children. He was expecting a third child. “Kevin is the hardest-working man that I know. Loving father, hard worker. He never was in trouble. He was just an all-around good guy,” his cousin, Joe Zeno, told the station.“We are sad, we are torn apart, my brother was a good person,” his sister, Taviara Berry, said at his vigil, NBC5 reports. “He took care of his family and he loved everybody. He didn’t have any enemies.”

Craven was not a father but was described as a family man and was expecting to be an uncle in the Spring. “There are no words to express the loss,” Bryon Craven Sr. said, according to the station. “If there is anything we can do to make things better so it won’t happen to another kid, another family. This is not something I want anybody to go through.” The shooter was not a partygoer and it is suspected that there was one target and the rest of the people were just in the way. The police officers are trying to track down the shooter and no arrests have been made. The officers do not believe that the community is in danger.

We are so saddened by this news and our hearts go out to the families affected by this traumatic event.

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