Texas Man Says God Told Him To Kill Girlfriend & Their 9-Month-Old Baby Girl

Trigger: Mention of child death.

It's a sad reality, but it's true- family massacres happen more often than you may think. The motives behind them vary wildly though. More often than not, it may be alleged that the crime occurred for either money (i.e. a life insurance policy) or lust (i.e. an extramarital affair). But sometimes, a completely different reason is revealed for such a crime happening.

That was the case of a double homicide that occurred in Baird, Texas. 34-year-old Cody Edmund Dixon claims that God told him to kill his girlfriend and their nine-month-old baby girl. This horrific crime has shocked and saddened family members who appear to have not seen it coming.

It all started this past weekend at a Motor Inn in Baird, Texas. Police found Cody's room, where they took him into custody for two outstanding warrants for possession of marijuana. But while this happened, Dixon allegedly told the arresting officers that someone was chasing him and trying to kill him. He then added that God had instructed him to murder his girlfriend- 22-year-old Alia Rae Hutchinson- and their nine-month-old daughter, Aria Ellen Dixon.

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It was minutes after this revelation when police received a phone call about a rancher who had just made a gruesome discovery. He had found a young woman's body in the middle of a country road that's located between Baird and Putnam. A baby girl was later found over a fence about ten yards away. The two bodies were identified as Alia and Aria respectively. Police would later say that they believe the baby's body was thrown over the fence and onto the rancher's property between 45 minutes to an hour before being found.

Investigators believe that Cody, Alia, and Aria were driving to Wisconsin when the murders occurred. The family had been living with Cody's sister but were having problems in their relationship. It's alleged that Cody and Alia got into a fight during their journey. At some point, Cody took out a pocket knife and stabbed his girlfriend and their baby girl to death. He later disposed of their bodies.

Cody has since been charged with two counts of capital murder, escape, assault on a peace officer and possession of a controlled substance. His bond has been set for $1.8 million, and it sounds like he's currently in jail at this time. It's unknown if he's retained an attorney since being arrested, or what will happen next.

Our thoughts are with Alia, baby Alia, and their surviving family members.

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