Texas Mom Arrested After Leaving Her Kids Alone In A Disgusting Home

While awful cases of child abuse tend to get a lot of attention in the media, cases of child neglect don't make as many headlines. Yet child neglect continues to happen all around the world, leaving many children negatively impacted by their parents' lack of care for them. However, that doesn't mean that parents responsible for this heartless crime always get away with it.

In College Station, Texas, 28-year-old Patricia Dianne Rainosek was arrested after she left her two kids home alone for 10 hours in a disgusting home. The house was allegedly covered in both dog feces and urine throughout the entire place. The children- aged nine and eight respectively- also had little to no access to food to feed themselves, and had access to a cell phone that allegedly contained both sexually explicit messages and content.

This all came to life early Thursday morning after a neighbour called police at about 5AM local time to report a disturbance. Officers tried to reach Rainosek both on the phone and through social media, but to no avail. It wasn't until 9AM when Rainosek returned home after being in Houston for almost 10 hours straight. She told police that she had been busy collecting her belongings at her ex-boyfriend's and had left her kids alone because she didn't know anyone in the area who would babysit them.

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Because of her actions, Rainosek was arrested and charged with two counts of abandonment/endangering a child with the intent to return. She's currently in the Brazos County jail with a $26 000 bond. It's unknown if she'll try to bail out, or if she willl remain in jail until the next steps of her case take place.

In addition, it came out that Rainosek has active warrants for a drug-related offense and two traffic offenses. She also has active warrants in Neuces County, Texas for a drug charge, as well as prostitution. The latter charge makes sense because police said that the sexually explicit images and messages in the aforementioned cell phone showed evidence that Rainosek was actively engaging in sex work. It hasn't been said what will happen in regards to her being charged for these warrants on top of her current charges.

It hasn't been said whether Rainosek's children were taken in by a family member, or if they were taken in by Child Protective Services. It's also unknown as to what the max sentence is that Rainosek faces for her crimes. All we can hope is that her children are in better hands now.

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