Texas Mom Arrested For Leaving Baby In Car At The Club

A mom in Texas has been arrested for allegedly leaving her baby in an unlocked car at 2 am while she visited a nightclub.

We all know that leaving a dog locked in a car alone is not okay. It is a truth that has been quite rightly hammered into anyone who owns a dog and/or a car for years. So why do people continue to do it? That's a question we don't have an answer to. Even more worrying is the frequency with which people are doing so not with dogs, but with their own babies.

It feels as if we see a new story about a baby being left alone in a car with each passing day. Just last week, a mom and dad were arrested after police officers found their baby locked in a truck alone while its parents went night swimming. This week, the alleged actions of a mom in Texas are even more shocking.

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Yahoo News reports that in this instance, officers discovered a baby all alone in a Buick outside a night club. This time, the vehicle was not locked, and even worse, the engine was running. On the one hand, that likely meant the parent intended on being back soon, but on the other much scarier hand, anyone could have hopped in the car and driven away, perhaps without even realizing there was a baby on board.

via Yahoo News

Officers entered the club and discovered the mother of the baby was 26-year-old Samantha Grace Vaughn inside. Vaughn claimed she had only entered the club to use the restroom. However, when officers breathalyzed her, they discovered that her blood-alcohol level was above the legal limit for her to be able to drive.

Vaughn was arrested and charged with abandoning or endangering a child with intent to return, resisting arrest and making a terroristic threat against a public servant. As you can see from her booking photo above, she didn't seem to be that bothered about her arrest, flashing a big smile for the camera. The cut on her head is from where she smashed her head into s steel bar (twice) while being placed under arrest.

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