The 10 Best IKEA Items for Your Baby

With the amount of baby items you need for your little one, it can start to feel a little crazy—and expensive. All parents want the best and safest items for their children. IKEA has great, well-made items for babies that are both affordable and durable. After researching reviews and blogs, as well as talking to some moms, we’ve amassed a list of top 10 “must-have” baby items from IKEA.

10 Gulliver Crib

Not only is the price affordable for the Gulliver Crib, it is also well made and sturdy. There are many positive reviews online for this crib. Satisfied customers kept using it even when their child grew into the toddler stage because the crib is adjustable. When one side is removed, and the bed base adjusts to two different heights.

One review from The Wise Baby notes that this crib is a little bit lower in height than other cribs, but she prefers that for safety reasons since her kid likes to climb.

9 Antilop Highchair

This is a great, simple high chair that is only $19.99! Besides the price, it is easy to disassemble. Plus, the tray has raised edges, and it is easy to wipe clean. This item is popular because it isn’t a clunky highchairs that takes up a lot of floor space.

8 Cirkustält Children’s Tent

The Cirkustalt children’s tent is perfect for a child, with plenty of room to crawl play. It can even be fun for you to crawl in with them. The bright colors are super cheerful, and the tent is easy to disassemble.

It is important to note that this toy is for babies who are a bit older; IKEA recommends 18 months or older.

7 Patrull Bath Mat

This cute bath mat is perfect for the bottom of the bathtub so your baby doesn’t slip. It is only $6.99. The bright green, crocodile design is fun for bath time. One of the best things about this mat are the holes. It’s easy to hang up to dry after use, which will prevent mold from building upon it.

6 Leka Baby Gym

There are two Leka baby gym items to choose from: one is the Leka play mat which is made of fabric (cotton and polyester). It has lots of stimulating things hanging from it to keep your baby occupied. It has a soft and slightly stuffed based so that your baby is comfortable on his or her back.

The other Leka baby gym is comprised of wood with objects hanging from it, but with no soft base. These baby gyms have been rated highly by consumers, especially the wooden one. Parents love the simplicity of the wooden Leka gym. It keeps babies entertained without having to spend a fortune on battery operated toys. One Mommy blogger was especially happy with the wooden Leka because of the thought out placement of the toys on the arch.

Both gyms are at the affordable price of $29.99.

5 Krama Washcloths

Parents love the simplicity of these washcloths—plain, white, and 100% cotton. They are very soft and natural on your baby’s skin, but they can also clean up spills and messes. People can’t find a reason not to love these washcloths for their babies, especially at a price of $3.99 for 10. IKEA seems to know you definitely need more than just a few washcloths when it comes to taking care of a baby.

4 Kladd Randig Bibs

If you’re looking for some bibs that you can quickly roll up and throw in your diaper or day bag, the Kladd bibs are what you should buy. They are made of 100% PVA, making them easy to wipe clean. They also have touch and close fastening so it’s easy to put on and take off your baby. And at $2.99 for 2, it’s no sweat off your back if you accidentally forget them when you’re out and about. Kladd bibs rank high for being one of the best bibs for babies.

3 Smila Måne Lamp

If you’re looking for fun and cute night-lighting for your baby’s nursery, the Smila Måne wall lamp is perfect. Shaped like a moon, this soft yellow lighting provides warmth and relaxing light for your baby to sleep. It can be mounted on a wall in two different directions. It only costs $9.99.

2 Mata Dinnerware Set

The Mata 4-piece dinnerware set will definitely be a hit for your baby. This item can be used as they grow into the toddler stage. The frog-themed set is very cute at first glance, but one of the coolest things about this set is that some of the pieces are designed to optimize comfort for your child. The lid on the sippy cup is designed so that there is room for a child’s nose. They don’t have to lean their head back when drinking. The bib has an adjustable neck opening. Another win for IKEA, at a price of $2.99 for the entire set.

1 Smaska Baby Spoon Set

Feeding utensils are a top priority for parents once their babies can eat solid food. IKEA’s Smaska 6-piece feeding spoon set is top of the list.

These spoons are dishwasher safe and come in two different sizes. Three of the spoons come with longer handles so it’s easier for you to scoop food out of a jar without getting your hands messy. The set features an array of stylish colors. The spoons are also made of BPA-free plastic. Why buy individual feeding spoons when you can get this whole set for $2.99?

IKEA has lots of other great items for your baby, and also for toddlers, but there are some that stand out more than others. This list will give you a good start to begin your must-have baby item search at IKEA.

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