The 10 Best Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

There are plenty of milestones you will celebrate during the course of motherhood. There will always be one big moment, but the best time is right at the beginning. The moment you finally find out you’re going to be a mom. Everything comes crashing with exciting at once. Then of course you have to break the news to everyone you love.

Some women wait until the risk of miscarriage has passed before telling anyone, at which case you’re trying to find clever ways to hide the growing baby bump. When the moment comes where you can spread the joy, you have to be creative! Because you want to yell it from the rooftops the first chance you get.

Whether it’s your first or fifth pregnancy, it’s fun to announce the upcoming birth of your child. The announcement can range from small and intimate to a huge surprise for everyone. There are millions of videos all over the internet with baby announcement ideas. You can pull inspiration from the multiple ideas you find online.

10  Pregnancy Surprise Box

These are super cute ways to tell someone extremely close to you that you’re having a baby. From your husband to your parents, it works if you normally offer gifts to these people. You can get a box or gift bag and place little gifts inside for them to unwrap. One of the gifts…the last one they open…should be something that indicates the pregnancy. 

For parents a shirt that says “World’s Best Grandfather,” or maybe an ultrasound picture. The options are endless because you can pick based on what you think would make the most bangs! For the father of the baby, maybe the pregnancy test or a onesie with a message on it could be gift wrapped as a present.

If the person doesn’t live close enough for a person delivery, you can mail it to them with the same concept. The only downfall is you can’t see the reaction, but using video chat can fix that!

9  A Pregnancy Picture Announcement

If you are a photography lover, this is definitely an option with endless options. There are so many unique pictures on the internet. I won’t list them all, but my favorites are the quirkier announcements, like the one where there is a 1+1=2 and the numbers are mom and dad. Picture of your belly and a loading bar a crossed it is really cute. 

Maybe you are a simpler mom and you want something classic, try a picture of you holding a pair of booties in your lap. Everyone loves the photos with the future sibling announcement, it can be made into a theme or a simple image.

What is great about a picture announcement is your ability to do so many different things with it, whether personal or not. It’s generally all about what the vision you have in your head. You want to create a fun picture announcement, because with technology the options are limitless. Maybe someone can take the scene out of Lion King where Rafiki is holding Simba up in the air as an announcement or possibly even a Star Wars scene.

8  Making a Video Announcement

These are really fun to watch. It’s true that some of the most viewed videos are the ones with the baby bump progressing over the length of 9 months and the baby is shown at the end. There are other options. You can do maybe a movie scene with the announcement in it or even just film you telling someone the news and post it on social media to tell everyone else.

Another great announcement on YouTube features a video chat between the pregnant woman and her mother and father. The father’s reaction is priceless. Of course you can make it as serious and personal as you want, or even hamm it up for the camera. Whatever your style is, just make it about your and your coming baby.

7  Throw an Announcement Party

I have seen a few get togethers on YouTube where the future parents plan on surprising everyone with the announcement. Even though the huge box with the balloons floating outside the house is classic, it’s kind of overused at this point. Instead, maybe choose a place in your house to set up some baby items and have the family come to see your new addition. 

Or plan to have a banner ready to drop in the middle of a toast to surprise everyone, it just has to be timed well, and make sure that no one ruins the surprise before you get to the good part.

6  Gender Announcement Party

Most people want to find out what they’re having as soon as they can so they can start buying all the blue or pink they want for the nursery. Some couples find it fun to have party a gender announcement party for all their love ones to enjoy. This might mean that the parents find out the gender at the same time as their guests, or they know ahead of time, but have fun watching their guests guess which gender their baby will be.

You can bake a cake to match the appropriate color for the gender, or maybe appropriately colored balloons floating up to announce it. I have seen a video where the mom kept it secret from her husband and gave him a onesie that said, “Daddy’s Little Girl,” in front of the family. The more dramatic it is, the funnier it can be to catch everyone’s reaction on video.

5  Catch Everyone Off Guard and Take a Picture

I guess it depends on the group of people you have, or the range of reaction you might get. It’s also the fun part of the surprise. Get everyone together for one big photo and yell out you’re having a baby and snap away. There’s no telling if everyone will hear you the first time you shout it or how long it will take for everyone to catch on. What is guaranteed, is the amount of miraculous facial expressions you capture.

This even works for gender reveals as well. Take group photos of those who think you’re having a girl and those who think you’re having a boy. Another idea is to take a picture of your kids as you’re telling them they’re going to have another sister or brother.

4  Announce Your Pregnancy at Game Night

This is a really creative way of turning game night into a chance to announce the coming baby. Using a game like Mad Gab means you can insert a card with the announcement in it for someone to read. Or scrabble is fun if you’re great at spelling, only use baby words or items as your words. 

There’s a game called headbands where a card is placed on your forehead and you have to guess it. You could place the cards in a certain order in the stack grandmother, grandfather, auntie, sister…etc. and watch as everyone figures out what each card says and means.

Charades might be the ultimate game to play where you reveal your pregnancy to the other players. Pictionary also works great for this type of announcement as well.

3  Use Songs to Help You Announce Your Pregnancy

Using a song to declare your pregnancy to friends and family is a quirky and lighthearted way to tell everyone at once. Vanilla Ice’s, “Ice, Ice, BABY,” equals an instant hit, especially if you use two bags of ice and the mommy’s belly. 

Of course there’s the classic by Stevie Wonder, “Isn’t She Lovely,” of course you may have to help your audience out with this one! Whichever song you use out of the multiple song titles or lines in a song. You might have to do a little research to find the perfect song to use for your growing family.

2  Message On an object

Writing the due date on the bottom of a pair of baby booties or on a chalkboard is seen often in pictures, but if you think outside of the box, you might find a way to start a trend with a cool idea. Try a message is a bottle, have little bottles delivered to family members with a scroll inside announcing the coming baby. There are coffee mug and puzzle pieces you can custom make to have the message you want.

You can even have baby items made and sent to your family members announcing your prospective due date. A new idea that’s gaining popularity is giving your family members a card, cup, or shirt that says they’re being upgraded to Aunt, Uncle, Grandma, Grandpa, etc.

1  Furry Baby Announcements

As an animal lover, these are absolutely my favorite announcements. Especially since pet owners see their furry friends as family members. Incorporating the fur baby in a photo or using them to deliver the good news is beyond adorable. It’s the perfect way to bring the joy of a baby and your four legged baby together.

However you decide to announce the good news. Remember to make it fun and sweet for you and anyone you let in on the exciting event. Be creative, be unique and above all else be happy!

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