The 10 Mom-Types You Are Bound To Meet

We come across all sorts of mothers in our life, but here's a look at the 10 types of moms that you are bound to meet at least once in your lifetime:

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10 Perfect-got-it-all-together Mom

You did it, you got to take a shower this morning, and maybe you were even able to brush your hair (and your teeth!). Just when you think you got it together, here comes the perfect-got-it-all-together mom. A glance at her and you are ready to crawl back into bed. How does she do it?! How does she have the time?! Suddenly, you feel like a slob. 

Perfect-got-it-all-together moms are not just perfect in their looks, but in their stuff too! She has the best stroller, the perfect car, the nicest handbag, and the list could go on and on. Her children appear to be treated perfectly, as you never see her wipe a runny nose with her sleeve, they always seem to have the right drinks and snacks and are in all kinds of activities. But guess what, not-so-perfect mom (aka, YOU!), the best kids are the ones who do not have a perfect mom, so whip your hair into a bun, throw on some yoga pants, grab some goldfish and enjoy watching your children at the park.

9 Teacher Mom

Even if you are a new mom, that does not necessarily mean you are seeking the advice of anyone willing to hand out their know-isms. Teacher mom will provide you with all the unsolicited advice you never asked for, and in her heart of hearts, this mom truly believes she has all the answers, and even worse, that you plan on listening to her advice. Teachersmoms are probably not even educators in real life but seem to have an unrelenting desire to impart their wisdom onto their fellow mothers.

8 Crunchy Mom

Hippie, earthy, granola, are all different terms used to describe the crunchy mama. This type of mom likes things to be all-natural. Crunchy moms usually have home births or births with no pain medications, breastfeed (sometimes for an extended period of time beyond what society usually accepts), baby-wear (also usually well past a society-acceptable age), cloth diaper, bed share, may be anti-vaccinations, eat all natural, may home-school, and have an overall natural living. 

Many of us moms praise some crunchy moms, but sometimes this type of mom will find other types of parenting unacceptable. However, we may all have a little crunch in us, since, as mothers, we do want what is best for our children, and usually would prefer our children eat healthy snacks instead of Cheetos, again.

7 Cellphone Mom

You might start to believe that cell phone mom's' smartphone is actually glued to her hand. The woman never puts her phone down! You have seen her laughing as she scrolls, and she'll probably be doing it at the most inappropriate times (baptisms, crossing the street with her kids, PTA meetings, etc). 

You may not want to bother trying to engage cell phone mom into a conversation, as eventually she will lose interest when her phone beeps. The best you can do is to be mindful of your own relationship with your phone, especially when you are in the company of someone you like.

6 Desperate Mom

Desperate mom really, really wants a cool circle of friends, and if you are cool-worthy enough, you may see her gravitate towards you. Suddenly, you are her best friend. You get invited to coffee, play dates, girls nights. She will talk your ear off. But watch out, the second she spots someone cooler, she will drop you like a bad habit.

5 Energy Mom

Did she just drink a gallon of Red Bull or are you just way out of shape?! Energy mom's, well, energy, is off the charts. While you wear yoga pants for the comfort, this mom type usually wears them because she actually does yoga, and running, and other exercises that just make you feel tired thinking about them. You give energy mom credit, but sometimes wish she would just sit down and relax like the rest of us. 

Wish for just a slice of this mom type's energy? Little things, such as drinking water, can up your energy some, and you can certainly do that wearing your yoga pants.

4 No Rules Mom

Her baby bites your baby, her toddler smacks your toddler, her preschooler pushes your preschooler, and her kid spits at your kid. And all she will do is, nothing. You cringe when you discover a no rules mom in your midst. This mom type does not appear to care what her child is doing, whether he or she is hurting another child, climbing dangerously, or stuffing an entire sandwich in his mouth, none of it seems to bother her. It does not come as a surprise to you that no rules mom's children often turn into bullies. The best you can do is to steer clear of this mom type and her children.

3 Helicopter Mom

Good grief, mom, just let your kid play! A helicopter mom is the opposite of the No Rules Mom. This mom type typically enforces too many rules and hangs all over her children, barely giving them space to breathe. Helicopter moms earn their title because they act as a helicopter would- they hover. They do not allow their children to learn from their mistakes or suffer any pain.

A helicopter mom may want what is best for her child, but instead, she ends up creating dependent, worried kids. All moms get nervous and worry, especially with your first child. But it is very important to take a step back to allow your child to learn and grow independently. It may be hard, but it is for the best, which is what you would love to say to a helicopter mom.

2 Just a Mess Mom

We know this mom, in fact, we would all be lying if we didn't say we were this mom from time to time. Just a Mess Mom is the mom we all secretly love inside because she is far from perfect. She arrives late or just in the nick of time to important events (usually in a frazzled state), she sticks her hands in her pockets to find used tissues and a half eaten sandwich, she may have a dirty diaper in her purse, sometimes she has no clue what day or time it is, and her clothing may resemble pajamas. This mom type may irk you at times, but deep down you love her because you know she gets the overwhelmed feeling you get too. 

1 Your Doppelganger Mom

This is the mom you have been searching for, the one you needed when you met all the other mom types. This mom will remind you of yourself. You will recognize this mom type from the instant she makes fun of a crunchy or helicopter mom. You will feel elated to meet her because now you will feel less alone. Chances are, this mom type will become a lifelong friend if you are lucky enough to find her.

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