The 15 Things We Love And Hate About Having a Newborn

From the moment she finds out that she is expecting, a soon-to-be mama undergoes a whirlwind of emotions. On the one hand, she is excited, hopeful, and completely overjoyed. She has a life growing inside of her, and that life has so much promise. The expectant mama wonders if it will be a boy or a girl, what type of personality the little one will have, who he or she will look like, how that little person will change the world…

There are so many joyous feelings that come with expecting a new baby. However, on the other hand, an expectant mom also has feelings of worry. How will the baby impact her life? How will she impact the baby’s life? Will she know what to do and how to do it?

Yes, a soon-to-be mama certainly has a lot of mixed emotions. And, as her due date draws closer and closer, those emotions intensify. It’s totally normal for new moms to have tons of different emotions, and it’s totally normal for those emotions to be a mix of positive and negative.

Once the baby comes into the world, many women realize that a lot of the feelings that they had while they were expecting were spot-on… Those wonderful thoughts and feelings become a realization, but so do some of those worries and negative thoughts. In other words, having a newborn is amazing, and it sucks a little, too at the same time.

So, for expectant moms who are wondering how life will change after having a baby – and a bit, well, crappy, too, here’s a look at 15 of the best and worst things about having a newborn.

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15 Love: Instantaneous Love

Honestly, the only way to really describe the feeling a mom will have when she meets her newborn for the first time, is love at first sight. It’s truly a love that she has never experienced before. Yes, a mom may be head-over-heels in love with her partner, but the love that she will feel for her newborn is beyond compare. It’s all-encompassing, and it’s instantaneous.

As soon as her little one is placed in her arms, her heart will swell with so much love and adoration. It’s love that is like no other. Without a doubt, the overwhelming love is, hands down, the best thing about having a newborn.

It doesn't hurt knowing that the love mom feels in this moment is one hundred percent reciprocated by her baby. That in those precious first moments love is all she feels radiating out of every pore of her being.

14 Hate: The Sleep Deprivation

OK, now it’s time for a wakeup call. While having a newborn is certainly amazing and wonderful, there are definitely some things that are, shall we say, less than enjoyable (to put it mildly) that come along with having a newborn.

Yes, yes, everyone knows that having a newborn = no sleep. In fact, expectant moms are exhausted from hearing everyone tell them to save up on their sleep before the baby arrives.

Despite how often expectant moms may hear it, and despite how prepared they think they are, there really is nothing that can prepare them for the sleep deprivation that comes along with having a newborn baby. It is literally an exhaustion that she has never experienced before.

Sure, expectant moms have been exhausted before, but the type of exhaustion that they experience when the baby arrives is on another level. In fact, that sleep deprivation can be so bad that it can lead to depression, headaches, irritability, confusion and memory impairment. So, new moms, make sure your coffee pot is working!

13 Love: That Newborn Smell

Everyone says that newborns have this incredible smell, and guess what? – It’s true!

Newborns have this absolutely amazing smell. It’s kind of hard to explain, but for the sake of trying, it’s kind of like the freshest scent in the world. It’s an odd mixture of powder, lavender, baby soap and milk…

It may sound weird, but it really is an incredible smell. In fact, the smell of a newborn is so amazing that mamas of newborns will often find themselves just sitting there, basking in that glorious aroma. And, when their little one grows up and that scent is gone, mama will wish that she had bottled up that smell so she could savor it forever.

And mom also has an irresistible smell to her little one, in fact husbands have been known to calm their babies with a t-shirt or some clothing that mom loves to wear because her scent is what calms the baby in her absence.

12 Hate: A Constant Loop

Having a newborn baby is kind of like the movie Groundhog Day. It’s the same thing, day in and day out, over and over and over again, for weeks, and it seems like it’s never going to end!

Every three hours or so (and that’s a generous amount of time) the baby is going to wake up, cry, need to be fed, changed, rocked, soothed… And when she finally gets settled and falls back to sleep, and just as mom starts to drift off to sleep herself, BAM! That alarm clock (err, baby,) is ringing again, and it’s the same old routine that follows.

Being on a constant loop can make a new mom feel like she is going a little bonkers, but new moms, when you start to feel that way, just remember… that loop won’t last forever, so chin up!

11 Love: The Awe

Certainly, there have been times in a new mom’s life that have left her in awe – her wedding day or a trip to a breathtaking location, perhaps, however, there is nothing that is more awe-inspiring than a newborn. Every time she picks up her little one, hears him coo, looks into his eyes, watches him sleep…

Pretty much every time a mom looks at her newborn, she is going to feel this overwhelming rushes of amazement. And who could blame her?

It’s just unbelievable to grasp the fact that she has created this tiny, perfect, beautiful little being; that he came from her womb. The tiny toes and fingers; the little nose, the sweet cheeks; it’s simply incredible for a mom to look at her newborn and think, “Wow! He came from me!”

10 Hate: The Isolation

Yes, a newborn certainly makes a mom feel completely fulfilled. In fact, she may feel like there is nothing else in life that she needs other than her baby… However, there are times when that feeling of completeness will subside, and a new mom will feel like she is totally isolated.

She can’t go out on dinner dates with her friends like she used to, she can’t make plans at the drop of a hat, and friends seem to stop coming by as frequently once the newness of having the baby finally being here arrives. All of these things can make a new mom feel isolated.

She spends her days with a tiny little human that can’t communicate, yet completely and totally relies on her for everything. Her social life goes from in-depth conversations about the meaning of life with friends, to discussing the color of poop and when the last time was that the baby ate. It can feel pretty lonely.

9 Love: The Wonder

There is so much wonder that comes with having a newborn baby. New moms can’t help but wonder what their little one will grow up to be, how they will change the world, what types of experiences they will have. Heck, even trying to envision what they will look like when they grow from that tiny little, helpless newborn into a toddler, than a kid, than a teenager and then an adult brings so much wonder to new moms.

That new little life has so much potential, a newborn literally has a blank slate that so much is waiting to be written on. The wonder of the possibilities and how that blank slate will be filled up is just completely incredible. It's very humbling knowing that everything the baby will be comes not only form you DNA, but from all the little things you fill them with over the years.

8 Hate: Not Knowing WTF Is Going On

Before the baby arrives, it seems like taking care of him will be pretty self-explanatory, and for many expectant moms, it may even seem like a walk in the park. What is so difficult about feeding a baby, changing diapers and swaddling, right? Wrong!

Newborns may seem pretty simple, but they are downright complex. Though their needs are basic – eating, changing and sleeping – that doesn’t mean that fulfilling those needs is easy. When the baby has been fed, changed, burped, rocked and cuddled, yet still won’t settle down and continues to cry relentlessly, new moms will find themselves wondering… WTF IS GOING ON?!?!

In these moments, all new moms feel a sense of frustration that they have never experienced before, and it can be downright unnerving. Hang on, mamas! This too, shall pass.

7 Love: The Snuggles

Perhaps the best feeling in the world is snuggling with a newborn baby. Whether she is lying on her mama’s chest and sleeping, or she is cradled in her mama’s arms while she is eating, newborn snuggles are just the best. Some moms spend the first few weeks nesting at home with their little one and just enjoying every second as they watch the baby sleep, eat, and sleep some more.

That light heaviness of the weight of the baby, the sound of her breathing, the little coos, the warmth… Pretty much everything about snuggling with a newborn is incredible. Snuggling create such a bond between mama and baby, and for mama, those snuggles will be moments that she will often reflect on as she watches her child grow, moments that she will cherish forever.

6 Hate: The Selfishness

No, we aren’t talking about moms being the selfish ones, we are talking about the newborn's selfishness, not that they can help it.

It may sound crazy and a little unfair to say that newborns are selfish, but there really is no other way to describe them. They always put their needs first, and when they don’t get what they need, they cry and cry and cry…

Sounds a little dramatic, sure, but when a new mom is so darn tired that she can’t even form a coherent sentence and all she wants to do is get a few hours of undisturbed sleep, or take a shower without having to worry if the baby will wake up, yeah, it can seem like they are being a little bit selfish. Sorry, but it’s the truth!

5 Love: The Perfect Excuse

OK, all of the mushy, sappy stuff aside, there are other reasons why having a newborn is incredible, and many of those other reasons aren’t sentimental. For example, one of the greatest, non-sappy things about having a newborn baby is that moms always have the perfect excuse.

When mom is invited to a social event that she really doesn’t want to go to, yet feels obligated to do go, she can pull out the old, “We can’t find a sitter,” or, “The baby is having a really difficult time when I leave him” excuse. It may see lame, but be honest, there are many times when people don’t feel like doing something, but can’t think of a good excuse to get out of it.

Having a newborn is the absolute perfect excuse for getting out of those things that moms just don’t feel like doing.

4 Hate: Loss Of Freedom

Before having a baby, it’s easy to just get up and go on a moment’s notice. Want to take an impromptu trip? Sure! Want to run to go out to dinner with the girls and gab all night? No problem! Want to grab a quick cup of coffee from a convenience store? No big deal!

Yeah, that all changes when the new baby arrives… There is a definite loss of freedom that comes with having a newborn, and that loss of freedom and independence can be infuriating. Now, there is no such thing as ‘on a whim,’ new moms have to plan everything out, and they need to make sure that they baby is always included in their plans.

Even just grabbing a cup of coffee from a convenience store, something that used to take less than 5 minutes before, is a big production when a newborn is in tow.

3 Love: Tiny Clothing

Why is it that tiny things are just so darn cute? Miniature houses, tiny flowers, and baby shoes. Am I right? Obviously, tiny newborns themselves are cute, and what may be even cuter than a newborn (if that’s possible,) is the tiny clothing that they wear.

Miniature socks, onesies, tiny shirts, pint-sized cargo shorts (seriously, what newborn needs all of those pockets on a pair of cargo shorts? – Not a single one!

But, those pockets are so stinking adorable! Baby clothing is not only tiny and adorable, but it’s also fun. Bright colors, bold prints, fun designs, interesting patterns, footie pajamas, and the little, pint sized clothing is just so sweet that it is absolutely insane! It’s hard for a mama not to turn into a ball of mush when she sees all that itty, bitty clothing.

2 Hate: Constantly Being Needed

After a long, hard day at work, going home, kicking off the shoes and putting the feet up while vegetating in front of the TV is delightful. Most people take this type of scenario for granted, and when a newborn comes into the picture, new moms realize just how good they had it when they were able to kick back and relax whenever they wanted to.

After the baby arrives, spending a rainy day cuddled on the couch under a blanket while pigging out on junk food and binge watching Netflix is a fleeting dream. Sure, the opportunity to have these types of moments may arise, but they are short-lived.

Why? – Because newborns constantly need something; they need to eat and be changed, they need to be rocked and cuddled…

They just need their mamas, and constantly being needed can be a bit of a drag.

1 Love: Feeling Complete

Though she may not have realized she was missing something in her life before, when she holds her newborn baby, a mom suddenly realizes that there was, indeed, something missing all along… It was her baby.

Newborns make their moms feel whole. It’s as if there was a missing piece of a puzzle, and it has finally been found and put into its right place. Even if mom thought that the puzzle was complete all along. Having a newborn makes a mom feel so at ease, so content, so fulfilled.

It’s like having a fresh ray of sunshine that shines just for her, or a flower that blooms each and every day, just for her. Newborns make their moms feel whole. They make families feel whole. Even siblings can't resist the new addition once they come home.

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