The 20 Best Celeb Family Halloween Costumes

Halloween is one holiday that allows us to let loose, dress up as people, things or characters that we love without getting called crazy, and binge on candy without feeling guilty. The decorating, the costumes, the parties and being able to spend time with family and meet new people, all this and more is what makes this holiday so much fun.

The hardest part of it, though, is the costumes. Planning a Halloween costume is hard work. There is so many options to choose from. Witches, vampires, monsters, cute animals, and so on and so on. When it comes to celebrities, they seem to like to go all out for Halloween, especially when they have big families. One could say, the bigger the family the bigger the theme.

When someone has a family, Halloween becomes a lot more fun. There are so many different movies out there now that a family could do as a theme for Halloween. The Incredibles, X-Men, Star Wars, Alice In Wonderland, Nightmare Before Christmas, and the list just keep going.

Over the years, paparazzi have captured a lot of different families going all out with their themes. It is crazy what they will do to look the part. Keep scrolling to see different celebrities who went all out for Halloween with their families.

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20 Neil Patrick Harris And His Family (The Wizard Of Oz)

When it comes to Halloween, Neil Patrick Harris and his family really know how to go all out.

For those who do not know who Neil Patrick Harris is, he is an American actor, writer, producer, comedian, signer, and magician. Some roles that he is best known for is as Barney Stinson on How I Met Your Mother, Count Olaf on A Series of Unfortunate Events, and Doogie on the show, Doogie Howser M.D.

According to popsugar.com, Neil and his family decided to go as the loveable cast of the movie Wizard of Oz for Halloween 2012.

Neil chose to dress as the Tin Man, his husband David as Scarecrow, his daughter Harper as the sweet and innocent Dorothy, and his son Gideon as the sweet, but cowardly Lion.

Harper even had a little basket with a puppy dog inside. Can’t have Dorothy without Toto now.

19 Pink And Her Family (E.T. Characters)

For Halloween 2017, Pink and her family decided to dress up as the characters of the 1982 hit movie, E.T.

For those who have never seen the movie, E.T. was first released back on June 11, 1982. According to en.wikipedia.org, the film was based of an imaginary friend Steven Spielberg made up as a kid after his parent’s divorce in 1960.

The movie stars Henry Thomas as Elliot, Drew Barrymore as Gertie and Pat Welsh as the voice of E.T.

It is those three roles that Pink and her family chose to impersonate.

Now the question that must be on our minds is, how in the world can her daughter see out of the costume?

18 Alyssa Milano And Her Family (Despicable Me)

For those who may not know who Alyssa Milano is, she is an American actress best known for her role as Phoebe on the hit WB show Charmed that aired from 1998 to 2006.

According to Alyssa’s Instagram, it was in 2015 that she chose to dress up with her family as the characters from the movie Despicable Me and boy did they nail it.

An adorable movie about an evil villain who adopts three little girls from an orphanage with the intentions of using them to help him steal the moon. The more time he spends with them though, the more they change him, and he starts to care for them.

Not only do they have an adorable minion, Gru, Vector, and Agnes, but also Agnes’s most favorite thing in the world, a unicorn.

17 Jennifer "Jwoww" Farley And Her Family (The Adams Family)

For those who do not know who Jwoww is, Jennifer got her stardom when she appeared on the MTV reality television series Jersey Shore from 2009 to 2012.

It was on the show where she met her now husband, Roger Mathews.

According to en.wikipedia.org, the two had their first kid, their daughter Meilani, on July 13, 2013 and then their second kid, their son Greyson, on May 5, 2016.

In 2017, the couple decided to dress up along with their kids as The Adams Family, and boy did they nail it.

With Jwoww as Morticia, Roger as Gomez and their two adorable children as Wednesday and Pugsley.

16 Beyoncé And Her Family (Queen Aoleon, Prince Akeem And Imani Izzi)

Back in 2015, Beyoncé and her family decided to dress up as Queen Aoleon, Prince Akeem and Imani Izzi.

Who are they one might ask?

Well, these three characters are from the 1988 rom-com Coming to America, staring and created by Eddie Murphy.

According to en.wikipedia.org, in the movie, crown prince Akeem Joffer is being forced into an arranged marriage by his parents, King Jaffe and Queen Aeoleon. As one last attempt to find someone who loves him for him, not his status, he takes off to Long Island, NY with his friend to try and find true love. While there, they play the rolls of foreign exchange students to blend in.

15 Jared Padalecki And His Family (How To Train Your Dragon)

When it comes to the supernatural, Jared Padalecki is a natural.

For those who may not know who he is, Jared is best known for his role as Sam on the CW hit show, Supernatural. Going on 14 seasons now, Sam and his brother Dean have been battling the supernatural and trying to save the world from destruction.

In real life though, Jared is best known for being a dad to his three children, Odette, Shepard and Thomas.

According to Jared's Instagram, back in 2015, Jared and his wife Genevieve decided to please their kids and dress up as their favorite movie, How To Train Your Dragons.

One doesn’t need to have seen the movie to agree that their costumes are awesome.

14 Shakira And Her Family (Topo Gigio)

So, for those confused about who Topo Gigio is, do not worry, you are not alone.

For anyone who doesn’t know who Shakira is, she is a Columbian singer, dancer, and songwriter. If at one point in anyone’s life they have heard the song “My Hips Don’t Lie,” then they know who she is.

Now, the question on everyone’s mind right now must be, who, or what, is Topo Gigio?

Well, Topo Gigio is a the lead character in a children’s puppet show that use to air on Italian television back in the 1960s.

To be more descriptive, according to en.wikipedia.org, Topo is a soft foam mouse, with big dream eyes and is know for being extremely friendly with a childish personality. He was very popular over in Italy for many years, not only on TV, but also in magazines, animated cartoons, merchandise and even in movies.

13 Neil Patrick Harris And His Family (Star Wars)

Neil Patrick can add yet another Halloween theme to his belt. In 2015 his family and him chose to do a Star Wars theme and yet again, they nailed it.

According to the picture on his Instagram, Neil himself went as Obi-Wan Kenobi, his husband as Han Solo, and the twins as Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker, they look as if they could have stared in the movie themselves.

He captioned the picture: “A long time ago in a Halloween far, far away....”

To top it off, the way they all posed for the picture Neil posted on his page was the icing on the cake. They really know how to go all out.

12 Alyssa Milano And Her Family (Pokémon)

How adorable is Alyssa Milano and her family as Pokémon characters?

She can defiantly add a notch to her Halloween belt for this one.

According to Alyssa’s Instagram, she decided for Halloween 2016 to dress up as different characters from the hit show and game, Pokémon.

There is Eve, Charizard, Blastoise, Ash and even little Pikachu.

For those who don’t know what Pokémon has been around since 1996 when Japan released it first as a video game for the Gameboy. It would later go on to become a television series that is still going strong to this day and even a few movies.

11 Kourtney Kardashian And Her Kids (Power Rangers)

One doesn’t have to be a fan of Kourtney Kardashian to appreciate how far she goes when it comes to the holidays.

Those who are fans already have seen how her and her family love to decorate for all the holidays. Going all out with traditions, decorations and getting the kids involved.

For Halloween 2016, Kourtney and her kids decided to go all out and dress up as different power rangers.

According to hollywoodlife.com, she posted the picture of her kids and herself in their costumes in front of their house that was decked out in some spooky Halloween decorations.

10 Neil Patrick Harris And His Family (The Cirque du Soleil Show)

So, as already seen twice before, Neil Patrick Harris and his family are amazing when it comes to Halloween. The theme, the costumes, the makeup, the way they pose for the pictures, they really know how to nail it.

Well according to his Instagram, they did a Cirque du Soleil theme for Halloween 2017.

As mentioned previously, Neil Patrick Harris plays Count Olaf in the Netflix series, A Series of Unfortunate Events.

According to popsugar.com, he got the inspiration for this theme from the episode “Carnivorous Carnival,” that he was filming at the time.

Defiantly another notch for his Halloween belt. I wonder what they will do this year?

9 Natalia Morales And Her Kids (Star Wars)

How adorable are Natalie and her two kids in this picture?

For those who might not know who Natalia is, she is actually a journalist who works for NBC News. She works for the Today Show West Coast and sometimes appears on other programs like Dateline NBC and NBC Nightly News.

According to imagecollect.com, this picture was taken back in 2008 on Halloween day out in New York City. Natalie and her children were in costume for NBC’s Today’s annual Halloween show at the Rockefeller Plaza.

Natalie was dressed as Princess Lei, while her sons were Luke Skywalker and Yoda.

8 Angela Basset And Her Kids (Zookeeper And Her Animals)

For Halloween 2008, Angela Basset and her twins decided to dress up as Zookeeper and some animals, and they looked adorable.

For those who don’t know who Angela Basset is, she is an actress that has been in movies such as Green Lantern, Olympus Has Fallen, London Has Fallen, and she was Queen Ramonda in Black Panther.

For those American Horror Story Fans, she was even in a few seasons of that.

According to blackcelebritykids.wordpress.com, during Halloween 2008, Angela and her children were attending the AIDS Foundation’s 15th annual Dream Halloween Benefit in Santa Monica California when this picture was taken.

7 Neil Patrick Harris And His Family (Peter Pan)

Ok, I must admit, Neil Patrick Harris has nailed every Halloween they have ever participated in. David and Neil are masters at putting together a family theme, getting the perfect costumes, the make-up and everything else that goes into it. They really look like the parts they are imitating.

To be honest, this is one of my all-time favorites though.

This adorable picture was taken for Halloween 2011 when they decided to do a Peter Pan theme that year.

According to popsugar.com, David Burtka went as Peter Pan, while adorable little Harper was Tinker Bell, her twin brother was Mr. Smee and Neil himself was Captain Hook.

6 Nick Lachey And His Family (Frozen)

For Halloween 2016, Nick Lachey and his family decided to dress up as some of the loveable characters from the movie Frozen.

Nick’s wife Vanessa posted the picture of the foursome all dressed up in their costumes to her Instagram and captioned it:

“Happy "Frozen" Halloween! Love, The Lacheys”

Nick himself went as Kristoff, his son Camden was dressed as the goofy snowman Olaf, Vanessa was Anna and their adorable daughter Brooklyn was Elsa.

Vanessa was actually pregnant at the time when this photo was taken. It was only two months later that she would go on to give birth to their third son, Phoenix.

5 Jessica Simpson And Her Family (Braveheart)

Jessica Simpson and her family decided to do a Braveheart theme for Halloween 2012.

According to starcasm.net, Jessica had just given birth 6 months prior to the holiday. After gaining 40 pounds during her pregnancy, which experts think she actually gained double that, fans were shocked to see how good she looked dressed up in her costume. Her response to all the haters who had been body shaming her:

“I’m not a supermodel. My body is not bouncing back like a supermodel. I’m just your everyday woman who is trying to feel good and be healthy for her daughter, her fiancé and herself.”

I say she looked amazing.

For the occasion, her fiancé at the time, Eric Johnson, went as Braveheart, while she decided to dress up as a sexy bar wench to match and their adorable daughter Maxwell was dressed up as the cutest chicken in the world.

4 Kourtney Kardashian And Family (The Avengers)

Kourtney Kardashian And Scott Disick may not be perfect together as a couple, but fans have to admit to they are perfect parents when it comes to their children, and boy do they make the cutest kids.

For Halloween 2016, Kourtney and her family decided to do an Avengers them and boy did they nail it with some pretty awesome costumes and makeup.

According to popsugar.com, Kourtney herself went as Spiderman, or should I say Spiderwoman, and she had some pretty neat makeup done to create her own version of a superhero mask. Her daughter Penelope was dressed as Black Widow, Mason was Black Panther, Reign was Falcon, and Scott went as the one and only, Captain America.

3 Tamera Mowry And Her Family (Ghostbusters)

Tamera Mowry and her family decided to celebrate Halloween 2016 by having a spooky birthday party for her son Aden’s 4th birthday.

Those who might not know who Tamera is, she first made her acting debut back in 1994 when the hit ABC/WB sitcom Sister, Sister first aired, in which she stared alongside her twin sister Tia Mowry.

For Aden’s birthday party, the family chose to dress up as some characters from Ghostbusters, well everyone but Aden. According to the Instagram picture she uploaded, he did not want to wear a costume.

Tamera captioned the photo she uploaded:

“Thanks to all our family and friends who came to Adens' spooky 4th b day party. Ariah didn't want to wear her hat and Aden did not want a costume.”

It really is an adorable picture.

2 Jessica Alba And Her Family (Incredibles)

For Halloween 2012, Jessica Alba, along with her husband Cash and daughter Honor, decided to dress up as the Incredibles.

For those that don’t know, Jessica Alba is a famous American actress who first rose to fame at the age of 13. At the age of 19 her career really got started when she was picked as the lead in the Fox television series, Dark Angel, which she went on to win a Golden Globe for.

Jessica uploaded the picture of her little family to her twitter and captioned it:

“The Incredible's #HappyHalloween”

The only one missing was their youngest daughter Haven, who was at the time only a year old.

1 Tori Spelling And Her Family (Alice In Wonderland)

According to usmagazine.com, for Halloween 2012, Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott through their daughter Hattie a Mad Hatter themed birthday party for her first birthday.

Each member of the family dressed for the occasion in some pretty awesome costumes. Tory herself went as the Queen of Hearts, while her husband decided to channel his inner Johnny Depp and become the Mad Hatter himself. Their five-year-old son Liam went as a mini Mad Hatter, their four-year-old daughter Stella was dressed as Alice, their two-month-old son was the bottle of “Drink Me” potion, and the birthday girl herself wore a colorful rainbow tutu over polka-dot leggings.

Oh, and let’s not forget their adorable little dog who was dressed as the rabbit.

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