The 20 Best Gifts for Any Mother This Coming Mother’s Day

As a child I always thought it was important to make my mom breakfast in bed on mother’s day. My siblings and I would get up insanely early to make toast--and when we were a little older eggs, which we’d pile onto my toy tea set tray, and carry upstairs, and wake our still sleeping mother to give her our gift, and gratitude.

She’d smile, say thank you and eat the probably poorly cooked eggs (I asked her about it, and she remembers nearly throwing up sometimes—to her credit I didn’t know that as a child), and then get up.

Now that I’m a mother myself, I realize the vital flaw with our plan. I don't want breakfast in bed, especially if I’m woken up to eat said breakfast, and my lovely smiling mother probably didn't either. I would much rather my child and husband let me sleep in, if I’m really lucky without the limbs or body of any child, husband or cat sprawled across me.

And once I’ve woken from this blissful slumber, if my children so desire to make me the ever important mother’s day breakfast, then and only then can they do so.

To help you find a good gift this year (or to give you some ideas for a gift you’d like that you can not-so-subtly suggest), here are 20 different gift ideas for moms that go beyond flowers and chocolates (although if I got either of those things I wouldn’t be too upset).

20  First-Time Mom

Time to Herself – Perhaps the best gift you can give to a first-time mom is a chance to have some time to herself to have a bath or read a book.

19 First-time Mom

Clay Imprints – She might also enjoy a clay imprint of her child’s feet and hands. You can even make the clay yourself from ingredients in your kitchen.

18 Nerdy Mom

Board Games – If your mother is a bit of a nerd she might enjoy a new board game or table top game like X-Wing or Eldritch Horror (both of which are awesome). TableTop by Geek & Sundry is a great Youtube channel to check out to learn about different kinds of unique games. You could even take her to a board game café to try some out.

17 Nerdy Mom

Comic Books – Maybe you could do some sleek sleuth work and find out if there was a comic book hero that your mom really loves, or really loved as a child and head to a comic book store to pick up a copy of it.

16  Sporty or Athletic Mom

Tickets to a Game – While her sporting event of choice might not be happening on Mother’s Day, you can still surprise her with tickets to it.

15 Sporty Mom

– If your mother loves a sport like tennis or karate she might like a lesson or two to help her get better at it and improve her form. You could even give her a video lesson.

14 Mom with Too Much Stuff

Outing – Depending on the weather you could go on a canoe ride, to the museum, for a picnic in the park, or to a butterfly gallery.

13 Mom with Too Much Stuff

Edible Arrangement – You could get your mom a gift she can eat like a fancy fruit basket or cupcake bouquet.

12  Artsy Mom

Craft Supplies – Any artist or craft-lover can always use more supplies. Whether it’s paints, yarns, scrapbooking supplies, she’s going to love it.

11 Artsy Mom

Trip to an Art Gallery – Perhaps your mother would like the chance to simply meander through an Art Gallery.

10  Nature-Loving Mom

Plants – Specifically of the kind she can grow. Perhaps she loves plants but is super forgetful when it comes to watering so you could get her a cactus or orchid.

9 Nature-Loving Mom

Sponsor an Animal – She’ll get the satisfaction of knowing she’s helping a species survive and if you go through WWF she’ll also get a cute stuffed animal of your choice, poster, certificate, and reusable bag.

8 Book Loving Mom

Books – Obviously. Hardcopy or digital is up to you.

7 Book Loving Mom

Book Accessories – Maybe she’d like an e-reader of some kind, a homemade bookmark, lap desk, or book light.

6 Music Loving Mom

Concert Tickets – Like the sporting event tickets, the event doesn’t have to be on Mother’s Day, but you can give her the tickets then so she’ll have something to look forward to.

5 Music Loving Mom

Thumb Piano – If woodworking is your thing you could make her a thumb piano yourself. You could also get her a different kind of musical instrument.

4 Science-Loving Mom

Molecular Mixology Kit – She can make her own cocktails and learn a bit about molecular gastronomy at the same time.

3 Science Loving Mom

Caffeine Equation Cup – If you don’t have time to wait for it to show up, you could always make your own with a white cup and a sharpie.

2  Stressed-Out Mom

Trip to the Spa – She can have a massage, get her nails done, and generally unwind.

1 Stressed Out Mom

Homemade Lavender Milk Bath – Or you could make her a milk bath so she can relax right at home.

There you have it, 20 different ways that you can show your mom that you love her this Mother’s Day without forcing her to hide how poorly you cooked her breakfast in bed.

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