The 20 Kinds Of Moms Everyone Meets

Wasn’t high school hard enough? Students were entering a new time in their lives, trying to make friends, and attempting to fit in all while making good choices. Yikes, there was a lot going on and they're so young! Many of people have probably realized in their lives that many events people encounter are just like entering freshman year all over again. For example, like the time someone gets a new job, joins a new adult sports league, or becomes a mom. Just like high school, moms are criticized, stereotyped, forced to make friends, and survive. It’s not very easy, except now they are older, brighter, and smarter. People understand their choices and have a better chance of making it to senior year without getting shoved in a locker!

When people begin to look past what is on the outside and look deeper into what's on the inside, they will be amazed what each mom can teach them. Forget about the size, shape, color, or clothes she is wearing and choose to find the positives in each person. Like I said, this isn’t high school anymore. Parents are older and wiser than the 15-year-old, clueless freshman they once were. Step back from the stereotypes, judging of others, and accept others for more than what is on the outsides! I promise, after embracing each type of mommy, everyone will have a powerful tribe and become even better parents!

20 The Stay-At-Home Mom

Patience. The stay at home mom will teach you patience. Some mom’s dream about being a stay at home mom, while mom’s at home may wish they could escape their house for the day. The job of a stay at home mom is full time and not easy. They do it all while somehow entertaining, caring for, and parenting little ones as they scream and run around the house. They don’t yell when milk is spilt and they just take a deep breath when they clean the bathroom for the 3rd time that day. They are patient.

The stay at home mom is the neighbourhood watch. She has seen you cry in your car before you head into the house. She has seen you chasing after your dog in your bathrobe at 5am, and she has seen you leave the house looking the a movie star. The stay at home mom is the best type of friend. She knows you, she sees you, and she gets you. She will teach you how to be patient with life. So, look past the baggy eyes, because the stay at home mom will always have a warm cup of tea waiting and open ears to listen.

19 The PTA Mom

The supermom of the school. The mom that somehow can transform a school gym into Hogwarts and bake 8 dozen homemade cupcakes all in the same day. The PTA mom will teach you generosity. This type of mom donates all her time, strength, care, and love into giving to others and expects nothing in return. She doesn’t want an award or flowers. She lives off the smile and happiness of others. She will never say no to taking on another project and is always willing to give you a hand with whatever you need.

This PTA mom is one you want in your tribe. Yes, she may have cake batter stuck in her bun and paint crusted on her hands, but if you see beyond the craziness you will learn to be more generous.

18 The Soccer Mom

We all know a soccer mom, right? The one who is screaming louder than the rest. The mom who is running up and down the side lines. The lady who is the carpool mom every single time. That’s the soccer mom. I am not talking about the mom who only cares about her child’s success or the mom who snickers with the other parents about how “Melissa” isn’t playing well.

The soccer mom is cheering whether her kid is on the bench or field. She is there rain or shine providing support for her kid and the team. She doesn’t realise it, but she is teaching her kid passion. She shows up for the team and her child. If you embrace this cheering, jumping, loving mom, you too will understand passion. It will bring you so much more joy to life and make those rainy sporting events memorable.

17 The Party Mom

There is something about a way a person carries themselves that makes them even more beautiful. That is confidence, and the party mom is full of it. It's a vibe she wears very well. The way she so quickly determines the restaurant for mom’s night out. How she can turn a boring welcome back school kick off into the highlight of the summer, or how she can show up in a white shirt and jeans and rock it.

The party mom makes you want to be around her more. Don’t judge her for having that extra glass at dinner and taking a cab home because if you look beyond party girl you will find a women with confidence. One who loves herself, he family, and life. Embrace this mom, be her friend, and start gaining confidence in you!

16 The Working Mom

Stiletto heels, a pencil skirt, a blouse perfectly ironed and tucked in, one hand on the phone and the other hand walking her kid into school. You know the stereotype right? The working mom. The successful one that we are all jealous of. But have you ever thought about how exhausted this mom is? It crushes her that she has to miss the school play and can’t come to the Halloween school parade.

The working mom is what we see as success, but what really is success? This mom will teach you exactly that. Success doesn’t have to mean a huge bank account, a white picket fence, or a Louis Vuitton bag. Each person has their own definition of success. You will learn what is means to determine what success means to you from this powerful mommy.

15 The Helicopter Mom

We are often afraid of the helicopter mom. The mom that we see as all up in her kids business. We think she knows too much and that often pushes us away from being her friend. You are wrong about this mom. If you look past her hovering over her kid as he unpacks his backpack you will realize she is not crazy. She just cares. She cares too much about others.

She wants life, events, and things to go smoothly for people around her because she is warm-hearted. You can’t fault someone for caring, and having a friend who truly cares about you is pure gold. This mommy friend will honestly take responsibility for your wellbeing and happiness in life. She will solve the world's problems for you if you just let her in.

14 The Free Spirited Mom

Embrace your weirdness. It is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Get comfortable in your own skin and my goodness, love yourself! The essential oil buddha loving mom is the best. If you don’t have a free spirited mom friend, go get yourself one. This friend will help you learn the humor in life. She won’t care who is watching, where she is at, or what she is doing. She fears nothing. She will put fries up her nose at a five star restaurant, and she will pull out her own stevia packets at Starbucks. She will teach you to be you. There is nothing more powerful than someone who can be themselves. You will pee your pants laughing with this mom. She will be the fresh air and the extra giggle you need each day.

13 The Teacher Mom

All hail the teacher moms! Seriously, being a mom is hard enough. Try being a mom to 29 emotional, energetic kids all day and then come home to take care of your own. They must drink some special water to show up every morning ready to love a group of kids, which aren’t even their own, and then drive home to laugh with their own.

The teacher mom will show you love. These teacher mom’s would take a bullet for someone else’s kid because they truly love them. They love to watch them grow, learn, develop, and succeed. The craziest part is each child is so different, yet they love every single one down to their toes. Her kind heart if her best accessory.

12 The Perfect Wife-Mom

Oh, how we admire this woman. Baking in her Lilly Pulitzer apron while sipping on a glass of bubbly. Dinner is always homemade and ready the moment her man walks through the door. From the outside, she looks like Kelly Richards from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. What we fail to see is she is more than Betty Crocker in the kitchen.

She shows grace and that is why she is the perfect wife. Grace is giving someone what they don’t deserve. That is how she keeps the relationship flowing. Instead of nagging her husband for forgetting to put the toilet seat down, every single day, or constantly leaving his dirty socks on the couch each night, she shows grace. She continues to love and care for her household even when they make her want to rip her hair out!

11 The Overdramatic Mom

We all mess up and we all make mistakes. One of the toughest things in life is learning how to forgive. The overdramatic mom is the one who thinks her kid is going to get some rare germ from the gum he ate off the floor. Or the mom who thinks because her kid won’t get into college because he got a C+ in gym class in 4th grade. Yikes, right? When we are over dramatic, we tend to make a bigger deal of something than it is causing us to panic, yell, or snap. This results in reflection and usually having to apologize.

The overdramatic mom is queen of reflection. Her “sorry's” are not fake. They are meaningful and strong. Someone who can truly apologize for a mistake, own up to their wrong doing, and reflect on their choices understands how it feels to mess up. This mommy truly gets what forgiveness means to someone and how it feels to be forgiven. Watch her heart as she maneuvers through life because this mom will show you that forgiveness is the key to happiness in life.

10 The Fitness Mom

Is she seriously doing another Pilates class today? If you couldn’t tell she was fit under her head to toe LuLuLemon outfit, just go check her out at the gym. This lady is a gym rat, cardio junkie, endorphin loving, fitness mom. It takes more than motivation to get yourself to the gym each day. It takes commitment.

The fitness mom not only will help you fit back into your college jeans, but she will teach you commitment. She will teach you to stop breaking commitments you make to yourself because a commitment you make to yourself is the most important one. Once you learn commitment you will become a goal digger! Plus, endorphins make you happy and happy friends are the best friends.

9 The Single Mom

The single mom is my favorite. She is the one who is up for anything. Coffee, hikes, late nights, a barre class, whatever. You name it, she is ready to show up! She usually is sporting some stylish outfit, possibly in hopes to catch someone’s eye. She is beyond organized because this tough cookie is running the show on her own.

The single mom is light hearted about life, she knows how to play the cards she has been dealt. When she has the chance to let her hair down, she is beyond fun. She will not waste a minute of that precious time reading a book because time can not be replaced. She will use that time to go on wild adventures. Join her thrilling adventures and get your heart racing!

8 The Organic Mom

Oh yes, you know whose kids belong to the organic mom! The ones who are carrying their green smoothies and are vegans by the age of five. It is easy to roll your eyes at this type of mom, but sister, there’s no shame in her game! She is pushing healthiness into her kids life, bodies, and minds.

The organic mom will teach you kindness. They don’t argue or tell you that your kids should drink almond milk. They don’t shove chia seeds down your throat, and they don’t give you a dirty look when you are holding your processed McDonald’s McMuffin. They are kind to others and to the environment. They have a gentle, almost fragile way about them. Their voice is soft and their words are sweet. I’m not saying you have to eat kale salads with her, but invite her into your village because she will bless your world with kindness.

7 The Rookie Mom

First off, new mommies, you are doing a fabulous job! Being a rookie mom is not easy. It consist of lots of reading, many tears, no sleep, and days without a shower. With all the hurdles in their way, new mommy’s are determined to be the best they can be. Determination is fierce.

New mommies have this fire inside them. It is incredible to watch them. They will pick up extra night shifts just to start a college fund for their baby. They will lose sleep just to make sure their baby is happy. It is a quality you want in your life and around you. Don’t stare at the new mommy while her kid is screaming on the floor. How about go over there and give her some praise or even a “keep your head up” smile? This determined mommy will keep going even when things are in her way!

6 The Veteran Mom

She’ll tell you how it is. There is nothing wrong with someone who is honest! The veteran mom the one who has raised all four kids, shipped them off to college, and is an empty nester. The one who knows all the tricks in the book. The veteran mom is loyal. She will take you under her wing and raise you like her own. She will be loyal in telling you when you made a bad mommy choice, and she will be honest when you are crushing it.

Either way, she will stick by your side and make sure you return back to the nest in one piece. She will teach you what a loyal friend acts like and won’t cut corners. When she is mad at you, she will love you even more. She will keep the fridge full and beds freshly made incase one of her kids happen to ever knock on the door.

5 The Fun Mom

Don’t you just hate when your kid comes home from a friend’s house and you find out that the mom took them to the movies and the arcade? Great, now you owe her money and your kid is always going to want to play at her house. Stop. Why are we hating on a mom for making your child's life fun? You don’t owe her money, and you don’t need to try to compete to be more fun!

The fun mom chose to do this activity with your child. She loved watching her kid run around and laugh with yours. She loved watching their faces as tickets flew out of the pinball machine. This mom is full of joy. She thrives on people's happiness. Instead of bashing this mom for being the fun mom, try setting up a playdate together. She would be delighted to have a friend join her! The simple pleasures that bring her joy will amaze you.

4 The Mary Poppins Mom

Everyone needs a lady with a full bag of tricks as their wingman. Has your kid ever scraped his leg at the park and you realized you forgot the band-aids? How about the time your kid blew out his diaper at the restaurant and you left the diaper bag at home? Not fun moments to relive! The Mary Poppins mom will bring peacefulness into your life.

She will put your life at ease. The Mary Poppins mom is the one who is always there to rescue you. She’ll have an extra granola bar to keep your kid happy, a fresh shirt to throw on after falling in the mud, and a kleenex for you at graduation. She is kind, sincere, and helpful. She somehow has everything you need, at the right moment, at the right time.

3 The Quiet Mom

The listener. The quiet mom is the one who sits back and listens during the parent meetings. She is the watcher. The one who is observing everything around her at the dinner party. She is the trustworthy friend who will always be loyal to you. She is beyond intelligent.

Usually so smart you wish she spoke up more at meetings because her knowledge and thoughts are so rich. As your friendship grows, you will learn this wonderful quality she possesses. You can trust her with your secrets. You can trust her to watch after your kids and you can trust that she will always be there for you. She will never talk bad about you or anyone else for that matter.

2 The Total Mess Mom

Complainers are the worst. We are all tired. We all have split ends and roots that should have been colored last month. We all forgot pyjama day at school and we all have forgotten to pick up our kids from soccer practice. The hot mess mom has done all of these and more. She is spastic, always scrambling to be on time, and usually rocking her shirt inside out. The one thing about this mom is she never complains.

She is always positive, looking on the bright-side, or finding something good in every situation. Negativity is not good for our minds or life. Being around the hot mess mom means you are in for some wild rides, but I can promise you your mindset will be happier. You will approach things in a more positive manner. Let this ray of sunshine rub off on you!

1 The Strict Mom

Often, we misread or misinterpret conversations. We hear a different tone then something was intended to be or we replay the conversation differently. When we do this, we are losing the intention of the message. Take out the tone, the voice you hear, and listen to the meaning of what was said. The strict mom is often faulted for nagging, yelling, demanding, and coming off rude. She doesn’t mean that.

Her messages are her wanting you to have a better life than she did. She has hope for your future, for what is to come, and your life. She values your success and all you do. If you look past her not allowing her kids to hangout with that group, or go to the movies because they have a C in a class, it is because she has hope for them. A better life, a better future; hope.

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