The 20 Most Tricky Moments Of Pregnancy

Having a baby is a lot more tricky than it seems.

It's not as easy as going about normal life for nine months and — poof — a healthy baby arrives. Without even getting into all of the medical things that a woman's systems goes through and the crazy experiences that some women have to go through to bring a baby into this world. It's hard enough for everyone to navigate the every day life of being pregnant.

Things can get tricky from the very beginning — when a woman has to figure out if her period is late and, if so, if it's been long enough to take a pregnancy test. Then women have to figure out how to hide their pregnancy symptoms from their friends and co-workers for a few weeks when all they want to do is run to the bathroom, either to "go" or to throw up.

The tricky moments keep coming, like when mom has enough of a baby bump to make it impossible to fit into her jeans but not enough of one to keep maternity pants up and when she wants to help the husband get the joy of feeling the baby move but she feels like she is playing Frogger while trying to find the right spot. Some of these moments are embarrassing while others can be hilarious

Here are the 20 most tricky moments of pregnancy.

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20 The Moment You Try To Figure Out The Calendar

There are some women who track their menstrual cycles like clockwork. But there are many others who have an idea when their period will arrive, but they don't have their calendars marked. Many times, it can take a few days or even a week to know for sure that they have missed their period, and that is when things get tricky.

Lots of women start to consult their calendar and figure out when their period began last month. They try to figure out if they are usually on a 28-day cycle or maybe give themselves a couple of days of leeway. Most of the time, home pregnancy tests are less accurate the closer it is to the date of the missed period, so that can lead moms to the tricky task of trying to get back to the calendar. And for those who might have had multiple partners, the conception date is definitely something they try to figure out on the calendar. It can be tricky, and you might have to consult with a doctor to figure everything out.

19 When You Have To Rush To The Bathroom

Most women stopped wetting their panties sometime around the age of 3 or 4, but unfortunately, pregnancy can throw them for a loop like never before, and they might have to break out into run to get to the bathroom on time. The symptom of sudden urge to urinate can happen before a woman even knows that she is pregnant, so that could mean she finds herself stuck without even knowing why.

It's hard to be an adult out in public with a sudden urge to go to the bathroom. You still have to walk at a realistic pace and try not to walk funny, and then when you get to the bathroom you might have to wait in line. When you are eight months pregnant people expect the bathroom to be a problem, and many times they will let you cut in front of them. But in the first trimester, the urge is brought on by an increase in hormones, and no one else realizes what's going on until things go past the point of no return. It's tricky, and for a while you might want to wear a pad just in case.

18 Going On A Stick

Pregnancy tests are tricky. It can be pretty hard to read the symbol, especially if you are in the first few days after your period was due. But first, women have to figure out how to pee on a stick. It might seem easy, but it's not as easy as you would think. And of course, it works best if you do it first thing in the morning, when you aren't at your best.

Some tests have cups that you can pee in and put the test in there, but many just ask that women go directly on the stick. You aren't supposed to use the urine that comes out first, but if you aren't careful, you can splash it all over yourself. And many women have ended up going all over their fingers on accident. Another tip to remember is to put the stick on a piece of toilet paper instead of getting pee on the counter while you wait for the results.

17 Morning Sickness Madness

Just as awkward as it is to run to the bathroom to use the bathroom, many moms-to-be have to figure out how to do the same thing when they need to throw up, if they are dealing with morning sickness. Plus, some women have to deal with it creeping up on them at work or in other really tricky situations.

Most women don't have the more severe forms of morning sickness, so they can figure out how to manage it so they can battle back the nausea. Over the weeks of the first trimester, many women figure out that if they keep a little bit of food in their stomach, they can keep themselves from throwing up. The trick is different for each person and each pregnancy — sometimes each day — so there can be a lot of trial and error in the process.

16 The Social Media Announcement

This item on our list is a truth for the digital age. Millennial parents have a whole new worry with what to post on social media, and the truth is that it can be pretty tricky to navigate such a public announcement. For one, people love to make things more epic than ever, and that can take the entire first trimester to plan.

Most moms wait until the end of the first trimester because the possibility of miscarriage is reduced greatly at that point. Many women also have to consider other family members and friends, who might be going through a hard time in their lives at that point. They announcement has to be something that will make people as excited as mom and dad, but it's hard to top what goes on in some people's IG feeds these days.

15 When Your Jeans Don't Fit

You would think that having a baby bump would make getting dressed harder, but the trickier time comes when that bump is just starting to grow. It can happen as late as 20 weeks or so for first-time moms, but experienced moms might feel their bump start to pop out within two months. The worst is when you can't fit into your jeans, but your maternity clothes fall off.

There is a trick that can help in that can't-button-your-jeans stage. Loop a rubber band through and connect both sides to the button. It keeps the pants up and gives mom a little room to breathe. That in-between stage is also tough on women who feel like they just look a little fat, not pregnant. But pretty soon the bump will grow and it will be even more obvious there is a baby on the way.

14 Telling The Boss

Some women have great relationships with their boss, but even then, it can be hard to talk about certain physical things. That's especially true for women who have male bosses, but even with women, it can be a little hard to talk about pregnancy, since it not only has a lot of physical things but also a big impact on the workplace.

Many women worry that their boss will treat them differently when they are pregnant, and some wonder if their career path will have an impact. Moms-to-be might feel left out of certain projects that are a critical stage around the time that they will be going on maternity leave. Plus, many women think that they will be thought of as weak because their body might be a little more vulnerable. Navigating the situation can be tricky, but women need to be honest and speak up for themselves if they think that they are being discriminated against because of their condition.

13 Going In A Cup

You only have to pee on a stick once (although many women end up taking multiple tests just to be sure), but once you start going to the doctor for your pregnancy, you are tested again and you have to urinate in a cup — at just about every appointment.

Peeing in a cup can be just as tricky, especially since medical tests require you to follow directions to get a clean capture. That requires you to use a wipe to clean yourself down there, and then you have to let a little urine go out and then stop it and go into the cup. If you have to go badly, the process can be really intimidating. And you need to be really careful not to overfill the cup. Afterward, we have three words for every woman who is stuck in this tricky situation — wash your hands!

12 Deciding On Testing

Pregnant woman in hallway

Becoming a mom means making a lot of decisions that could have a long-term impact on the baby. That starts when she is pregnant with the many tests that you have to consider for the baby. There are a number of screenings that involve blood tests, ultrasounds and more, and they can all reveal some health information about the baby at different stages of development. Some can determine if the baby has a neural tube defect or a genetic condition such as Down syndrome.

Most of the screenings are harmless, but amniocentesis, which involves getting a sample of amniotic fluid from the uterus through a long needle, has some big risks. The procedure can cause contractions and may even cause miscarriage. Some women think that the ability to plan ahead for a child with special needs outweigh the risks. It's a tricky situation, and only a mother knows what is right for her situation.

11 Helping Dad Feel The Baby Move

Many dads have a hard time feeling as excited about the pregnancy as the mom, and part of that is because they don't get the benefit of feeling the baby growing inside of them. Many moms want to share that experience by trying their best to help him bond with the baby. That includes trying to help him feel the baby move, but that's a lot trickier than it seems.

It can be hard for a woman to feel the baby move herself for a little while, especially if it is her first pregnancy. And she has to be pretty far along for the kicks to be felt on the outside of the body. Kicks happen fast, so the moment that a mom feels them and directs the dad's hand there, all too often the baby is off to the next area. It can be really hard to let dad feel that precious little kick, but it can be fun trying.

10 Somehow Not Stressing Too Much

When they are pregnant, women all want to be as healthy for the baby as they can. While there are lots of factors that impact the baby's health, the mom's own health, diet, habits and exercise are very important, and most moms are all too keenly aware of that. Between that and the financial, work and other concerns during pregnancy, it can be a really stressful time in a woman's life.

Unfortunately, doctors know that stress isn't good for the baby, and they will pass that along to moms, making them worry about stress, which just makes it worse. Some women even develop clinical depression or anxiety while pregnant because of the rush of pregnancy hormones. Moms should try to relax and do all that they can to destress, and if that means talking to the doctor about it, they shouldn't be ashamed of asking for help. It can be a tricky situation, but stressing over stress doesn't help the situation at all.

9 Figuring Out The Registry

Having a baby can be really expensive. The hospital bills alone can be really tough for some families to manage, but then there are all of the diapers and clothes and other items that the baby will need in the first year. Luckily, most family and friends are so excited about the birth that they want to gift moms and dads with some of those supplies. Many women end up with a few showers for their first baby, and the mom is expected to put her preferences on a registry so that she gets some items that she wants.

Figuring out the registry can be tricky. Moms have to weigh out their most important needs, research the safest and most functional items for their situation and add on some fun things as well. We recommend putting a few higher cost items such as the baby stroller and swing on the list, but moms and dads might want to buy the crib and car seat themselves. Registries are great, but many friends and family members buy off the list. If you have a big preference, it might be OK to exchange the gift for the one that would work better for you, but be sure to be very appreciative to the giver either way.

8 When A Stranger Says You're Huge

There is something about a baby bump that makes people think that they can say anything to a woman. They can make comments that no one would ever dare say to a friend, much less a stranger, but people lose all inhibitions, and that can make for some pretty sticky situations for women.

One of the worst is when a total stranger goes up to talk and says that you are huge or says you look like you could bust when you still have a few months to go before the due date. All too often, people say it looks like twins, when ultrasounds and doctors have assured you that you just have one baby inside. It's enough to hurt the break an already fragile, hormonal mom-to-be, and for some women, coming up with a comeback can be terribly difficult. Usually, strangers wouldn't have the gall to put someone in such a tricky situation, but it seems like fair game during pregnancy.

7 One Word: Hemorrhoids

There are a few pregnancy symptoms that go beyond the expected. While things like morning sickness might be gross, everyone knows that they are a sign of a healthy pregnancy, so it can be easier to be forgiven. But hemorrhoids are an entirely different situation. They are swollen blood vessels inside the rectum (that is the butt hole, in case this conversation wasn't uncomfortable enough).

Hemorrhoids can be the nightmare that no mom wants to mention, since they can get worse with the common problem of constipation, and that means that some women experience itching, pain and even bleeding. It makes every bathroom trip even more scary. Dealing with hemorrhoids can be tricky, since you can irritate them simply by wiping up after a bathroom session. This is probably something you want to talk to the doctor about, so you can figure out the best way to take care of your painful, embarrassing situation without having to ask your friends.

6 The Great Name Debate

Naming a baby is a huge responsibility, and both mom and dad can feel the pressure. Unfortunately, they aren't always on the same page when it comes to preferences. Sometimes it can be really hard to find any common ground — if the mom picks her top 100, a dad might be lucky to like a half dozen names on the list.

On top of that, there are some parents who have to weigh family obligations, such as continuing on a family tradition. It's really tough for a person to battle the in-laws when a baby is on the way, and sometimes strangers and even friends can say negative things about your favorite name. It can be very hard to navigate the landscape, and some people choose to keep their favorite names a secret just so they don't have to add that stress on to the situation.

5 Third Trimester Bedtime Fun

Just because a woman is having a baby doesn't mean that couple doesn't want to continue to have an private life. Things might get put on hold for a bit after the delivery, but in the third trimester, sex is fine — although it might be a little tricky getting into a position that is comfortable.

There are a few restrictions that moms-to-be need to keep in mind when they do the deed, including that they can't lay on their stomach and they even need to limit their time on their back. It can be a little hard to figure out how to get comfortable, maybe on your side or on your knees. Some dads can feel uncomfortable too. It's definitely something that couples need to work through together, but we hope that they all figure out how to remain close during this critical time of life.

At the end, it can also help start the labor process, and that can be great news for some women, if they can figure out the trick of getting it on when there is a baby bump in the way.

4 Figuring Out Who Will Be In The Delivery Room

Welcoming a new family member is amazing — sometimes, the entire family wants to be there to greet the newest little member. But understandably, most women don't want to have a crowded delivery room, so she might end up in the tricky situation of navigating family dynamics on who will be in the delivery room.

Some women just want their spouse in the delivery room, although if they are not romantically involved with the father, that can create a hard decision as well. While some women want their mothers by their side, others cant imagine that helping them have a calm experience. The in-laws are an entirely more complicated debate. Some family members might have their feelings hurt if the mom says she doesn't want them there, but we believe that moms should have the final say in who witnesses the birth, no matter how tricky the situation is.

3 Kick Counts Questions

At the end of pregnancy, women are told they need to count the baby's kicks so that they are doing their own check on the baby's health any time that they want. While kick counts are a great idea, they can also be very tricky, and they can end up making moms feel even more nervous.

Moms should try to feel 10 kicks within a two hour period, but that rule can make a mom panic if her baby is sleeping. She might need to try a sugary drink or something to get the baby to move around before she panics and heads to the hospital. If you aren't feeling the baby move in a while, it is a good idea to get the situation checked out at the doctor's office or the hospital, but figuring out when it's a problem and when it's just a period of rest can be really tricky.

2 When You Are Overdue And Overwrought

As tough as pregnancy can be for nine months — between the morning sickness and the round ligament pain and the heartburn — things get a lot tougher when a mom passes her due date with no contractions in sight. A woman can feel overdue and overwrought, with her belly putting strain on her back and her bladder like never before, heartburn keeping her up all night and the stress of worrying about labor driving her crazy.

Babies very rarely arrive on their due date, and it can be pretty hard to wait the situation out. While the pregnancy as a whole might have gone fast, those last few weeks or days can seem like an eternity, and it's tricky getting through them.

1 Figuring Out When To Go To The Hospital

When you are nine months pregnant, there are new and different pains coming on every day. It can be hard to figure out when labor is in progress and it is time to start heading toward the hospital — and Braxton Hicks contractions can make the situation even trickier.

Many women can feel early labor pains for a while. They can start to feel pretty intense, but then ease up for a while. That can last for days before it is time to go to the hospital, but more than one woman has gone to the hospital only to be sent home until things progress further. The contractions need to be consistent around every 10 minutes before the hospital will admit a woman. She might have to walk around the block a few dozen times, try spicy food and other natural labor enhancers before it's really time. That is the one last tricky situation a pregnant mom-to-be has to conquer before the craziness of labor and delivery.

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