The 22 Top Baby Names From Around The World

Baby names are something that takes a lot of time to come up with. Parents are responsible for giving their child the best name possible. Something they will go through life with. The one thing a parent wants to avoid is giving their child a name that doesn't age well.

Choosing a name is a lot of responsibility. As a parent, it is not uncommon to go through hundreds of names before finally finding the one that just sticks. There are a lot of factors that go into choosing a name. Either how popular it is, how rare it is, how unique it may be, or maybe how it relates to the parent in some way. For example, if the parent loves nature, it will relate to nature in some way, or maybe they like a certain season so they pick a name that has something to do with that season, or even a favorite food.

Now every country is different. While some names might be post popular in say Germany, in other countries it might not be as popular. A lot depends on the culture, the background and the uniqueness. Keep scrolling to find out what names are most popular around the world and in which countries.

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22 Liam

The name Liam is an adorable name for a baby boy. It means Strong-Willed Warrior and originates from over in Ireland.

According to babynames.com, the name Liam is actually a shorter version for the name William. The name is super popular in both the United States, as well over seas, but it is most use over in Canada.

The name even comes with some celebrity influences. Some famous actors named Liam are Liam Neeson, who has done movies such as Batman Begins, Silence, and A Monster Calls, Liam Hemsworth, who has done movies such as The Hunger Games Series and Independence Day: Resurgence. Then there is the lead singer of the British band called Oasis, Liam Gallagher, and then soccer players Liam Brady, Liam Miller and Liam Ridgewell.

21 Nolan

Mum Made Shoot for Toucan Box

The name Nolan is a perfect name for a little boy. It originates from over in Ireland but is most used in France.

According to babynames.com, the name Nolan means Descendant of the Famous One. There are a few celebrities with the name. Some baseball players include Nolan Ryan, nicknamed The Ryan Express, who used to pitch for the Texas Rangers, and then there is even Nolan Arenado, who plays third basement for the Colorado Rockies, and who could forget the loveable Nolan Gould, an actor who is most known for his role as Luke Dunphy on the hit ABC show Modern Family.

20 Faye


Faye is an amazing name for a little girl. The name originally came from over in France and has grown to be quite popular.

According to babynames.com, the name means Fairy or Elf, perfect for those parents who are in touch with either their nature side or who just love fairies and elves.

The name has some celebrity influence to it too. Faye Dunaway is an American actress who won not only an Academy Award, but also three Golden Globes, a BAFTA, an Emmy and she was even the first person to ever receive a Leopard Club Award, which honors film professionals who have done films that have left a mark on the collective imagination.

19 Aadya

The name Aadya is a name meant for a little princess. The name means Goddess Parvati, who is the Hindu goddess of fertility, love, devotion, divine strength and power. The name is very popular over in India, which one could probably guess is also where it originated.

The name does have some celebrity boosts, just none that we have most likely ever heard of. According to en.wikipedia.org, one famous actress with the name is Aadya Bedi, an Indian theater artist and Bollywood actress. She actually had a part during an episode of the television drama series Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

18 Muhammad

The name Muhammad is a favorite for Muslim parents with little boys.

According to babycenter.in, the name Muhammad is so popular around Muslims because it was the name of the prophet of Islam. The name means Praised, and originally was from an Arabic origin.

The name has some celebrity boost. One celebrity being Muhammad Ali, who was actually born Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr, but still gives the name a pretty big boost even as a nickname. Muhammad Ali was an American professional boxer who was nicknamed “The Greatest.” Muhammad was an amazing boxer, which is why he is known as one of the greatest boxers of all time, along with the most significant and celebrated sports figure of the 20th century.

17 Miguel

The name Miguel is perfect for a little boy. The name is most popular over in Brazil, where it originates, and means Who is Like God?

According to en.wikipedia.org, there are a few famous people with the name Miguel that gives the name a big boost. In sports there is the MLB player Miguel Enrique Andujar, who is a Dominican professional baseball player who plays for the New York Yankees as third basemen. There is also Jose Miguel Cabrera Torres, commonly known as Miguel Cabrera, or by his nickname Miggy, who is a Venezuelan professional baseball player who currently plays as first baseman for the Detroit Tigers.

In the acting business there is Miguel Jose Ferrer, an American Actor who was born in February 1955 and who died in January 2017. Miguel was best known for his role as the OCP Vice President Bob Morton in the 1987 film Robocop, as the voice of Shan Yu in the Disney movie Mulan, as Eduardo Ruiz in the 2000 film Traffic, and let’s not forget about his role as Vice President Rodrigues in the 2013 Marvel movie Iron Man 3.

16 Ximena


Ximena is a girl’s name that is most popular over in Mexico. The name is of Spanish origin and means Hearkening, He Has Heard.

According to en.wikiepedia.org, there are a few celebrities who give the name a boost. One being Mexian singer, songwriter and actress, Ximena Sarinana Rivera, who won a Grammy back in 2009 for her debut album, Mediocre.

There is also Colombian model and actress, Ximena Londono Cordoba, who began her career as a participant on the Spanish reality television show called Protagonistas de novela on RCN. She now hosts TNT’s Movie Club and Despierta American on Univision.

15 Santiago


Santiago is another popular Mexican name, but for a little boy. The name is of Spanish origin and means Of St. James.

According to ranker.com, there are a couple famous people with the name Santiago. One being Welterweight champion Santiago Ponzinibbio who is an Argentine mixed martial artist who fights in the UFC. There is also retired soccer player Jose Santiago Canizares, who while in his prime, was known as the best goalkeeper in the world. He started off playing for the team Real Madrid and ended his career with the team Valencia. There is also the actor Santiago Cabrera, who is best known for his roles as Isaac Mendez in the tv series Heroes and as Lancelot on the BBC drama series Merlin.

14 Lucia

The name Lucia is a popular name over in Spain. The name originates over in Italy and means Light.

According to nameberry.com, the name ranks number 185 on the popularity charts. It was even added on the list for cool girl names from Ancient cultures.

The name Lucia is the Latin version of the name Lucy and use to be only given to baby girls who were born around when the sun was coming up.

The name has a few celebrity boosts. Celebrities such as James Joyce, Mira Sorvino, Giovanni Ribisi, Mel Gibson, and many others all chose the name for their baby girls.

13 Hugo

The name Hugo is another popular name over in Spain. The name, like Lucia, originates in Italy and means Mind or Intellect.

According to nameberry.com, the name Hugo is the Lain version of the name Hugh and ranked number 418 on the popularity list. It was even added to the list of hipster baby names.

There are a few boosts to the name. One fictional boost being Hermione and Ron’s son Hugo from the Harry Potter novel series. There is also Hugo Strange who is a longtime adversary of Batman.

Some real life influences are Hugo Chavez, the late President of Venezuela.

12 Feng


The name Feng is a popular boys name over in China, where it originates, and means Sharp Blade or Win.

According to en.wikipedia.org, there are a few celebrity influences for the name. One being a Chinese rock musician and composer, Wang Feng, who actually has the name as a Surname, and is the founder and lead vocals of the band Baoija Street.

There is another celebrity named Feng Feng who use to be a football player but is now a Chinese assistant coach.

Then another is Feng Liming, a Chinese Slalom canoeist who has competed in the international level from 2002 to 2010. His last competition was in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, where he was eliminated in the semifinals, finishing in 11th place.

11 Zhang Wei


The name Zhang Wei is a popular boys name over in China, in which it originates. The name Zhang actually comes from a long line of Chinese kings. Emperor Huang Di had a grandson invented bows and arrows, in return he was given the name Zhang, which means Bows.

According to en.wikipedia.org, there are a few famous people over in China who have the name Zhang Wei. There is the author Zhang Wei, who is known for his novels such as The Ancient Ship and September’s Fable. Back in 2011 he actually won the Mao Dun Literature Prize, which is the highest national literary award a person can get, thanks to his novel On the Plateau, which is a 10-volume work that took him over a decade to finish.

10 Min-jun

The name Min-jun has a few different spellings, one being Min-joon. The name is most popular as a unisex name over in South Korea, which it originates.

According to en.wikipedia.org, the name became the most popular name over in South Korea for boys in 2004 and has been holding that position since then. Records showed that there was a total of 2, 641 baby boys in Korea with the name.

The name has been given quite a celebrity boost thanks to characters named Min-jun in a few popular South Korean television shows, one being the series that ran from 2013-2014 called My Love from the Star.

In 2010 it was reported that 552 men even changed their name to Min-jun.

9 Elsa


Ever since the Disney movie Frozen has debut, the name Elsa has become a very popular name for baby girls, especially over in Sweden.

According to babynamespedia.com, the name is of Germanic and Hebrew Origin. There is many different reasons as to why this name has become popular other than the movie. In the 1848 opera called Lohengrin, there was a heroine with the name Elsa, which is when it was first popularized. From 1965 to 1961 there was a real-life lioness called Elsa who had been raised in captivity and later released in Kenya. She has actually been mentioned in the Joy Adamson 1960 non-fiction novel called Born Free, the 1966 film that was made from the book, and the song in 1966 by John Barry.

8 Alessandro


The name Alessandro is a unique name for boys over in Greece. The name means Man’s Defender or Warrior and is the Italian version of the Greek name Alexander.

According to thinkbabynames.com, the name first came into play between 1970 and 1970. Since then, it was recorded to have reached number 616 on the popularity charts in 2006 but has dropped down to number 681 since then.

There have been many popular people throughout history with the name. One being Alessandro Di Michele, who is an Italian fashion designer who is responsible for all of Gucci’s collections and global brand images. There was also Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta, who between his birth in 1745 and his passing in 1827, was credited with discovering the electric battery and methane.

7 Federico


The name Federico is a popular name over in England. It is of Spanish and Italian origin and means Peaceful Ruler.

According to en.wikipedia.org, there have been a few famous people throughout history that have made this name jump in popularity. There was Federico Fellini, an Italian film director and screenwriter who is recognized as the greatest and most influential filmmaker of all time.

There was also Federico del Sagrado Corazon De Jesus Garcia Lorca, or Federico Garcia Lorca, who was a Spanish poet, playwright, and theater director. Federico gained international recognition as a member of the Generation of ’27, a group that was made up mostly of poets who are responsible for introducing tenets of European movements such as symbolism, futurism, and surrealism into Spanish literature.

6 Stephano


The name Stephano is an adorable little name for a baby boy. The name is of Greek origin, but is most popular in not only Greece, but also Italy. It has two different meanings depending on where the family is. For Greece, the name means Victorious, but for Italy the names me Crown or Wealth.

According to sheknows.com, the name Stephano is a Shakespearean baby name and in Shakespearean the name means The Merchant of Venice’ Servant to Porita. The Tempest’ A Drunken Butler.

For those who do not understand: Stephano is a character in William Shakespeare’s play, The Tempest. In the play, Stephano is a drunk butler to King Alonso. A man name Prospero rules over the island that Stephano lives on and it is Prospero that Stephano and his two buddies, Trinculo and Caliban, plan to murder. Stephano wants to marry Prospero’s daughter Miranda, but he refuses to allow her to marry down, so Stephano plots to murder Prospero, marry his daughter and then take control of all his assets.

5 Leonie


The name Leonie is an adorable little girl’s name that comes from Latin origin and means Lion. The name is so popular that is found most often on the Cool Girl’s Names list, the Rare Girl’s Names list, and the Unique and Unusual Girl’s Names List.

According to nameberry.com, Leonie is a form of a French and German girl’s name. There are a wide variety of different variations one could do for the name. Some including: Leona, Leonia, or even Leon, Leo or Lionel for a boy.

The name has different pronunciations too. Depending on how the parent wants to go about it, the beginning syllable could be pronounced as either lee or lay.

There is some celebrity boost to the name. Liam and Chris Hemsworth’s mother is named Leonie, and Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel named their daughter Leonie.

4 Jessamine

The name Jessamine is a sweet name for a little girl. It is of Persian origin and can be found most often on the list for Flower Names for Girls.

According to nameberry.com, the name Jessamine is typically heard over in England more than anything, but it has just started to make its way to the United States thanks to its successor Jess. There are different ways to spell the name, one being Jessamyn, just like the Quaker novelist Jessamyn West, who wrote the book Friendly Persuasion.

It has been recorded that Jessamine use to be a middle name parents chose for their little girls, but in the 1900s, it started to become more of a first name over in Britain, along with its other cousin flower names such as Yasmin, Yasmine and multiple variations of the name Jasmine.

3 Asher

Asher is a name made for a little boy. The name is of Hebrew origin and has multiple meanings such as: Fortunate, Blessed, and Happy one.

According to nameberry.com, the name has ranked #59 on the popular names charts and is often found on the list of Bible Names for Boys. It is in the bible that we learn that Asher was the name for one of Jacob’s three sons.

There are a few celebrity influences for the name also. Tv newswoman Campbell Brown and actress Embeth Davidtz chose the name Asher for their sons, there is now a rapper named Asher Roth, and there is even a character on Gossip Girl with the name Asher.

2 Constance


The name Constance is an adorable name for a baby girl. It is from Latin origin and means Steadfastness. It is actually typically found on lists for Old Lady Names. The name has taken a serious decline in popularity over the years, but in France it still ranks number 120 on the list for girl names.

According to nameberry.com, Constance is one of the subtlest of baby names, but still has a prim and proper image to it. It is thanks to its nickname Connie, that this name has been revived and become so popular.

There are a couple historical records of the name that may have given the name a popular boost. William the Conqueror’s daughter was named Constance, King Arthur’s mother was named Constance too in William Shakespeare’s play King John, and the name was constantly used in the seventeenth century by Puritans. Records even show that there was a young girl named Constance on the Mayflower.

1 Heloise


The name Heloise is another adorable name for a little girl. The name means Healthy and Wide and is of French origin.

According to nameberry.com, the name Heloise is an ancient name with an uncertain derivation. It has been questioned if it is a version of the name Louise, or maybe Eloise.

There are a few historical people with the name. The author of the book Household Hints was named Heloise, and it was said that in the twelfth century, the beloved French philosopher Pierre Abelard went on to marry a woman by the name of Heloise who during her time period was considered one of the most learned women of the Middle Ages.

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