The 25 Cutest Girls Name That End With "Elle"

Beautiful names have always been a fan favorite among parents to girls. The names that end in Ella, Elle, Bella or Belle are among the top. It is no wonder names that end in Elle are considered some of the most feminine and beautiful when considering that Belle means, “beautiful,” and Elle means, “she.” While both of these names are commonly known and maybe even overused, it is when they are combined with other names that they truly shine and bring out the femininity and beauty of the base name. The name Elle is one that is strong and bold but it creates a feeling of a femininity and sweetness when added to the end of another name.

Belle is the same, as one of the favorite Disney princesses, it is no wonder that Belle is so popular. Belle is all about beauty and it definitely brings that to the names it is added to, creating an Elle ending as well. The names on this list represent some of the most beautiful and unique options available for names with Elle endings, however, one of the best parts about the Elle ending is its flexibility. The Elle and Belle ending allow moms to create their own name, transform whatever base name they would like into something entirely new. So if they do not find what they are looking for on this list, don’t be afraid to go out and create it!

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25 Adabelle

Adabelle is a name that takes the classic Ada and adds the beloved Belle ending to create a most delicate and feminine name. Belle is French for beautiful so it is no wonder that it is a name that inspires femininity. The name Ada, however, is a name that comes from a German origin and means, “noble or nobility.”

The two components of the name Adabelle, Ada and Belle are names that have a long-standing tradition of popularity. Both names hold spots on Nameberry’s top 1000 names list. The name Ada is currently at number 321, and Belle is sitting at number 808. Belle adds a southern charm to the strong German Ada, while Ada grounds the girly and delicate Belle. These two names play off of each other perfectly to create a balance in the package of the beautiful feminine Adabelle.

24 Adorabelle

Adorabelle is a lovely name that is well, adorable. The name is definitely an accurate description of your new baby girl. A variation on the old classic Adora. The name Adora is Latin in origin and means, “adored.” This name in combination with the Belle ending gives you two pieces with mean adored and beautiful, perfect ways to describe your new love.

The name Adorabelle is a beautiful combination that takes a strong bold name that is not as well-known and a feminine sweet name which is kind of overused and creates something unique and beautiful that has a balance and strength to it.

23 Aristelle

Aristelle is another name that is a variation. This beautiful and posh sounding name is a variation of the shorter and sharper, Arista. Arista is a Greek name and it means, “harvest.” The name Aristelle takes its Greek cousin and smooths it out for a more feminine sound.

The name Aristelle has a flowing and smooth sound to it. The name is fierce yet it has a sound that is almost royal sounding like it should belong to a princess or duchess. The name Aristelle combines the Arista with the French name Elle which means, “She.” This firey name is all about fierceness and femininity.

22 Brielle

Brielle is a name that has gained significant popularity in the United States. The name is one of French origins and it is currently ranked at number 101 on the Nameberry’s girl’s charts. The name Brielle means, “hunting grounds.”

Nameberry explains that the name Brielle got its start as a Cajun contraction of Gabrielle. So even though the name has a fresh and modern vibe this beautiful New Orleans’s inspired choice is perfect for those who want to spice up the traditional Gabrielle. The name also happens to be a place name in a sense. Although the origin is not from the Netherlands they do have a seaport that bears the name. Brielle is a modern sounding name with quite a bit of history built into its lyrical sound.

21 Clarabelle

Clarabelle is another charming name that takes on a beauty of its own in its soft sweetness. The name Clarabelle has a Latin origin and means, “bright and beautiful.” The name is one that has a pure and sweet sound to it, this gives it a feminine charm that cannot come from stronger names on the list.

The name Clarabelle has not enjoyed much popularity in the United States despite being beautiful and sweet. It has been seen in Hollywood every now and again usually by means of a supporting character. The name does offer some spelling variations that help to spice up the classics, Claribell, or Claribel. There is also the option of Clarabelle if you want to spring for the Ella ending. This soft and sweet name is perfect for the bright and beautiful light of your life.

20 Karielle

Karielle is a variation on a traditional fan favorite Katherine. This name, however, takes the old school Katherine and brings to it a sass and femininity that is lacking from the formal name. Katherine is a traditional Greek girl’s name which means, “pure.” The name has endured for years with no signs of going anywhere and is currently ranked at number 105 on Nameberry.

Due to Katherine’s popularity, it is the source of many international variations and spin-off names. Karielle is one such variation. Karielle is a name that brings the traditional Katherine into a new era, making it more light and playful. The name may not have popularity in the United States yet but the rarity is part of its charm in contrast to the overused Katherine. Karielle is the perfect pure and sweet name to honor any Katherine in your life while giving your little one a fresh new name.

19 Rosabelle

Rosabelle is a combination name that brings together two short and simple, albeit beautiful names to create a longer more melodious one. The first name Rose is a nature name meaning the flower and it has a Latin origin. It is a name that is popular and has remained so for many years among parents, currently sitting at number 672 on the charts according to Nameberry. The name Belle is another name which has enjoyed years of popularity. Currently, at number 808, this French name is the short version of Isabelle and means, “beautiful.”

The name Rosabelle takes on a meaning of, “beautiful rose,” from a combined origin of Latin and French to create this beautiful mixture of a name. Melodious and sweet the name Rosabelle is sure to draw attention with its beauty and elegance.

18 Stelle

Stelle is attributed to being a variation on two different names. The first being Stella and the second Estelle. In either case, this short and sassy name makes the perfect substitute or stand-alone name with its bold sound and beautiful edge.

Stella is a name that has gained immense popularity currently ranked at number 42 on the name charts. The name is Latin in origin and means, “star.” Beautiful though it may be it is delicate and overused. Stelle solves that problem. Being a variation it can take the same meaning but it has a stronger edgier sound and it has yet to gain popularity so it still retains its uniqueness.

On the other hand, if you are using the name as a variant of Estelle, the origin is French however the meaning is the same, “star.” Estelle, however, is only currently ranked at number 791 on the name charts likely due to its older sound. The name Stelle is a great way to modernize this name while keeping the feel and meaning.

17 Ysabelle

Ysabelle also spelled Ysabel, is a Spanish twist on the crowd favorite, Isabel. Isabel is a name with a Spanish origin and it means, “pledged to God.” The name gets this meaning from the name Elizabeth, which Isabel is a Spanish variation of. Currently ranked at number 145 Isabel is extremely popular and commonly known, although not as popular as cousin name Isabella.

Ysabelle while having the same sound puts a spelling twist on the name that adds some uniqueness back into the common and well-known name. This allows for a balance between the comfort of knowing the sound of the name and the beauty and personalization of it is unique and different.

16 Zabelle

A more feminine look to the old-timey name Zabel, the name Zabelle keeps the same sound but adds a softer appearance. The name Zabelle is rarely heard in the United States but it is actually an ancient form of Isabel that has an Armenian origin.

The name Zabelle has a history as being the “Frenchified” version according to Nameberry. The name Zabelle also has a place in history as being the name of a 13th-century ruling queen of Armenia. In the modern era the name if overshadowed by Isabel and Isabella, however, this name is the perfect option if you are looking for a spelling variation or a cousin name which is unique and rare with a modern sounding edge but a history all its own.

15 Zoelle

This is a more modern combination name that is a combination of Zoe and Elle. Zoe is a stylish name that has gained extreme popularity in the United States. The name Zoe is currently sitting at number 41 on the name charts according to Nameberry. The name Zoe is a fan favorite that has a Greek origin and means, “life.” This bold little name is full of fire and sass. It is perfectly offset by the beautiful French name Elle.

Elle means, “she,” and currently holds enough popularity to rank number 373 on the name charts. These two names are all about life and femininity and the beautiful name Zoelle is feminine and sassy enough to embody it all.

14 Umbrielle

Umbrielle is a name that is exotic and mysterious. The name comes from the Latin language and it has a meaning that is as mysterious as it sounds. Umbrielle means, “one in the shadow.” Umbrielle is unique and is unlike anything parents use in the United States today. The name is one that is sure to catch attention.

The name Umbrielle is unique in an almost gothic way. The name does offer the spelling variation of Umbriel however it is not quite as feminine and appealing to the eye even if it has the same sound. This name has almost a Victorian, Tim Burton-esq feel to it that takes the more common Brielle and makes it something entirely new.

13 Sabrielle

Sabrielle is a variation of the more tomboy sounding name Sabra. The name Sabra is a name with a Hebrew origin which means, “prickly pear.” The name is a bold and strong sounding name but it is not particularly feminine or delicate sounding. The name is associated with prickly pears which Nameberry states are known for have tough outsides but soft and sweet insides.

When the tough and bold Sabra is added to the feminine French Elle it creates a name that is the perfect balance of strength and softness. It represents everything that femininity is and encompasses all the best parts of what a name can be and what it can represent. There is little room for spelling variation in the name, however, the nicknames Sab, Brielle or Elle are options with this name.

12 Sabelle

Another variation on the much beloved Isabelle, Sabelle takes the name and drops the I. Sabelle follows the traditional Isabelle path. Isabelle is a name of Spanish origin which is actually a variation of the name Elizabeth. The name means, “pledged to God.” While the name Isabelle has earned a great deal of popularity in the United States, the name Sabelle has not yet earned its place on the charts.

The name Sabelle is a great way to honor the Isabelles and Elizabeths in your life without having to use the over popular names. It also is a great option for those looking for a name with a religious meaning but that isn’t in the bible or that has a more modern and feminine feel to it.

11 Petronelle

Petronelle takes the short, sassy and curt name Petra and creates a longer more lyrical name. The root of this name is Petra and it is a name with a Greek origin. Petra is a feminine variation or Peter and it has a meaning of, “rock or stone.” According to Nameberry the name Petra is currently experiencing extreme popularity in Croatia and in Hungary. As for the United States, the name did rank in the top 1000 for a period of time. Between 1880 and 1951 the name Petra was in the top 1000 names in the United States without fail. The name reached its high in 1929 and has not been on the list since 1951.

The name Petra is combined with the French Elle to create the name Petronelle and combine two names short and seemingly simple names into what becomes an artistic and goddess-like name. The name is not one for flexibility but it does allow the nicknames Petra or Elle and it is another name that emits strength.

10 Reinelle

Reinelle is a variation on the name Reina. Reina is a name that is Spanish in origin and means, “queen.” The name Reina currently sits at number 711 on Nameberry’s top name’s list. The name is one that is full of power and strength. When the name Reina is combined with Elle you add even more girl power.

Adding the French Elle, meaning She to the Spanish Reina for Queen you get a beautiful name that is full of strength and represents one of the most powerful roles a woman could hold in history. Reinelle is the perfect name for parents who are looking for a way to give their future Queens a name with power and beauty in perfect balance.

9 Roselle

Roselle is a demure soft name that comes from a combination of Rose and Elle. Very similar to Rosabelle this name takes a simpler name combination using even softer sounding names to create this combination. Rose is still a flower name just like Rosa. Rose is Latin and means, “rose” it is a nature name. The name is in the top 150 names on the top 1000. The name Elle is a French name that means, “she.” The name Elle is in the top 400 names on the top 1000. Both names have a fair amount of popularity in the United States currently.

When the names are combined they create a name that is soft and sweet but beautiful enough to catch anyone’s attention in a crowded room. The name Roselle is the perfect name for your little flower.

8 Mehitabelle

The name Mehitabelle is a stunning name that comes from Hebrew origins. Unlike some names linked with Bible names list, this name is far from boring and uptight. This beautiful name is one that means, “God rejoices,” so the lovely religious meaning is still there for those looking for it but the sound and spelling create an atmosphere or exotic beauty that is unlike anything else.

The name Mehitabelle has not made it onto the top 1000 names list and it may be a name that is simply too complex looking to break into that much popularity. The name has however seen the spotlight in various forms including novels by Mary Higgins Clark and a short story by Mary Wilkins Freeman. The name Mehitabelle offers the spelling variation of Mehetabel which loses some of the femininity. It also has the nickname Hitty or Hetty.

7 Merielle

This beauty is a variation on the name Meriel. The name Merielle is an Irish variation on the name Muriel and it means, “of the bright sea.” The name Muriel tends to be viewed as old-fashioned or uptight, this updated variation on the name may just help this beautiful name overcome that reputation.

The name Merielle is the perfect way to take the name Mary and create something more feminine and romantic, while still honoring the namesake. The name Merielle is delicate and beautiful creating an elegant feel with a beautiful nature meaning. There are spelling variations available such as Merrill, Meriol, Meryl, Merielle, Merial and the nickname Meri.

6 Melibelle

Melibelle is a beautiful name that comes from a commonly known name, Melina. Melina, the root name is a Greek name that has a meaning of, “little honey.” The name is actually popular enough to rate at number 616 on Nameberry’s top name chart. The name Melina is one that has become popular enough to lose some of its individuality.

The name Melina when combined with Belle, however, has a unique and sassy sound that is fun and girly and extremely unique. The name Melibelle is one that you can’t help but smile when you say. Melibelle is bright and sweet and it is fitting that it is a combination of names meaning, “little honey,” and “she.” Melibelle is perfect for your sweet little baby bee.

5 Maurielle

Maurielle is a spelling variation on the French Maurelle. Maurielle has an impish meaning that inspires mischief and mystery. The name Maurielle means, “dark or elfin.” Maurielle is a name that has remained mostly off the radar which is fitting with its mysterious meaning.

While this beautiful name is not seen often it does have great potential and even some possible variation. The name Maurielle offers spelling variations of Mauriell, Maurielle or Mauriel. The name Maurielle is the perfect name for parents looking for something to add a little mystery without using a name that is overly complex or hard to say or spell.

4 Marielle

Marielle is a Dutch or French diminutive of the commonly known and loved name Mary. Mary is a Hebrew name which means, “bitter.” The name Mary has held popularity in the United States for years and even today holds a spot on the name charts at number 126 on Nameberry. The name Mary is a fan favorite and is one that is known by everyone.

The name Marielle takes the plain and simple Mary and creates something more lyrical and exotic. It turns the name into one that could belong to a Duchess or an Adventurer, it gives the name a story. Perfect as a way to honor someone in your life with the name Mary without having to repeat the name or settle for something without flare Marielle is a great choice to spice things up.

3 Mirabelle

Mirabelle is a French name that means Marvelous and this beautiful name is just that absolutely marvelous. The name Mirabelle is a beautiful name that is striking in how simple and understated yet absolutely gorgeous it is. The name has not made it onto the name charts in the United States despite its beautiful sound and the popularity of its cousin name Mira.

The name Mirabelle is one that makes an entrance into the spotlight every now and then, however, the fact that it has remained relatively unknown is a part of its charm and mystery. This is a name that could belong to a heroine in a story or a princess, a fortune teller or a writer. Whoever it belongs to is someone who is sure to be noticed for marvelous things.

2 Mirelle

Mirelle is a variation on two names, either sweet and fiery Mira or melodious Mireille. Mireille has a simple pronunciation, meer-AY. The name is French and means, “to admire.” The name Mira is a bit more complex. Mira, pronounced MEER-a is a name with an origin that is either Latin, Slavic, Arabic or Sanskrit. The name Mira means, “admirable, peace, world, female ruler or ocean.”

Mirelle works off these base names to create a combination with the French Elle that is a beautiful and flowing Mirelle. The name Mirelle comes together as a combination of so many backgrounds that it can be a little bit of everything, this is one of the best parts of the name. The name Mirelle is one of inclusion and bringing together the best parts of different cultures to create something unique and beautiful.

1 Corabelle

A beautiful twist on the simple crisp name Cora, Corabelle is a feminine name that is something that sounds like it is out of the Little Mermaid. The name Cora means, “maiden,” and it comes from a Greek origin. Currently, the short and sweet Cora sits at number 83 on the name charts on Nameberry. The name Cora has ties to Mythology which may be why mythical creatures come to mind at its mention.

Then the sweet and beautiful Cora comes together with the lovely French Elle the names form an elegant and regal name that is fit for a princess.

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