The 25 Latest Jaw-Dropping Names

They say that the more modern a name is, the more outrageous it is! Nowadays, millennials are setting the standards for baby naming by coming up with all sorts of funky sounding names.

It’s now the trend to take inspiration from anything and everything when coming up with a moniker for a new bundle of joy - things, verbs, everyday items, animals- practically anything! Celebrities especially seem to be giving their children increasingly unusual names. Just look at the last three Kardashian-Jenner kids to be born. They were all given incredibly unique, out-there names that traditionally aren’t names at all (Stormi, Chicago, and True, to be exact).

We’ve come up with a list of 25 of the most outrageous, modern names to gain popularity in the last few years. Most people will probably be surprised by some of the entries, and begin to see a pattern in some of the baby naming trends. At the end of the day, there are certainly no rules when it comes to picking a name for a child. All it should be is something personal and heartfelt, and also a name that mom knows she, her partner, and her child are going to love forever. But easier said than done, right?

25 Moxxi

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If you want an edgy, rocker-ish sounding name for your baby girl, then consider this unique name, Moxxi.

This name is a variation of the mainstream, Persian name Roxy, which is shorthand for Roxanne and translates to mean ‘dawn.’ Yet, the double-x spelling of the name Moxxi gives it a distinctive spelling that people will remember (and adds to the rock n’ roll vibes we get from the name).

We can only imagine a little girl with this name will have just as fiery as a personality to match!

24 Fox

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A newer trend in baby names is taking inspiration from animals- think of Busy Philipp’s daughters Cricket and Birdie.

Fox is one animal name that’s gaining popularity and we can see why. Foxes are very intelligent, cunning animals that at the same time represent youth and energy. These are for sure qualities all moms would love their little boys to encompass.

Even more, 3-letter words are known for their immediate edginess and ease with which they roll off the tongue. This name is cool and suave without being too out-there.

23 Pharoah

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Names like Prince and Kingston have been popular for decades, but now parents are thinking outside-the-box when it comes to finding new royalty-inspired names. Some parents have gone so far as to call their little boy Pharoah in order to have a baby name with aristocratic flare.

Of course Pharoah is referring to the ancient Egyptian rulers that are now buried in the Pyramids. Being named after something so iconic and important means your kid will have big shoes to fill, but we’re sure they’ll love the attention that follows them with such an iconic name.

22 Heiress

If you know that your little girl is a princess, then why not consider calling her Heiress?

There are some millennial mamas who’ve been jumping on the royalty-inspired names by calling their daughter Heiress. This honestly seems like something Paris Hilton would do if she had kids, given that it’s pretty over-the-top and dramatic.

But we can’t help but love how boujee this feminine name is. If you really want your little girl to live in glitz and glamour (or at least have the name to pull it off), then we guess this is a cute baby name choice.

21 Lux

Simple, three-letter names have been all the rage recently. They’re more commonplace amongst girl names, with ones like Ava and Jen being the most popular. You’ll be more hard pressed to find a three-letter boy’s name. But, if you’re interested in something short and sweet, then definitely consider the modern name Lux.

Lux originated in Latin, and translates to mean ‘light.’ Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry actually named her third son Lux last year, proving how popular this unique moniker is getting. And, the best part is that this name is totally unisex, so you can use it on your baby girl if you so prefer.

20 Iva

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We all know that Ivy is a popular name after Beyonce and Jay-Z named their eldest daughter Blue Ivy. So, if you’re looking to twist things up with this name, then we suggest this more unique variation: Iva.

This three-letter name is absolutely precious. It has a delicate, feminine sound to it. Yet it’s still edgy thanks to ‘v’ being the only consonant include in its spelling. This pretty name is considered a variation of the name Ivana, which translates to mean ‘God is gracious’ in Russian.

19 Crash

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If you really want to think outside-of-the-box when it comes to your baby boy’s name, then you’re going to like this option: Crash.

These word name obviously has no symbolic meaning outside of the verb it refers to (‘to crash). But boy does this name ever sound movie. This name has a sense of edginess to it as well as boldness due to its uniqueness. You’ll be squeezed to find another kiddo with the same name as yours if you go with Crash.

Just make sure to make him always wear a helmet when he’s riding a bike… you don’t want him to take his name literally.

18 Dove

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Some brave parents have dared to name their kiddos after birds throughout the years. Nicole Richie and Joel Madden’s son is named Sparrow, while actress Busy Philipp’s daughter is named Birdie. Now, the new thing is calling your baby girl Dove.

Dove literally refers to the beautiful, white bird of the same name. it’s got a very ethereal, angelic sound to it that’s perfect for anyone wanting a name that’s distinctly feminine and mystical.

As of now, there are no celeb babies with this beautiful moniker. But, there is a Disney star named Dove Cameron who you may have heard of, so this name is definitely on the rise!

17 Bexley

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Another popular baby name trend is using places to inspire new monikers. Of course, you’ve likely heard of people being named Asia, London, Ireland, and of course Paris (Paris Hilton, duh).

One name that’s getting more attention now than ever is Bexley. This moniker was inspired by the area of Greater London of the same name. There is also an affluent suburb in Columbus, Ohio that shares the name Bexley. This name sounds similar to other popular girl names like Kinsley, Ainsley, and Paisley, so it’s a perfect pick if you’re hoping for something just a wee bit different.

16 Eternity

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You’ve probably heard of the name Destiny being used before. And, if you haven’t, then you’ll be surprised to know that it was Miley Cyrus’ original first name! But now there’s a new fortune-inspired name that’s gaining popularity amongst millennials: Eternity.

The word eternity means forever and always. This name is gorgeous if you want to symbolize how you will always love your new baby for all of eternity. Eternity has a distinct delicate and feminine sound to it, which is perfect for any mama looking to go really girly with their baby name.

15 Oceana

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Nature-inspired and woodland names are all the rage at the moment thanks to Hipster culture. But you might be surprised to learn that Oceana is an actual name that’s been given to a baby girl recently!

This name obviously means ‘ocean,’ and is a great option for any parents looking to express their love for the sea or coastal life through their child’s name. We love that the name has been blended with the name ‘Ana’ to make it feel more like a first name, rather than straight-up using the word ‘ocean’ as a name. ‘Ana’ means grace, so it’s a perfect addition to the end of any name.

14 Barat

So, we’re not sure if parents who’ve given their baby boy this unique moniker are just huge fans of Borat, or if they didn’t see the connection there!

At first glimpse, it’s hard not to be reminded of Sasha Baron Cohen’s iconic (and often misbehaved) character, which we’re not sure serves as great inspiration for naming your child.

But aside from that odd resemblance, it’s easy to see why millennials are being drawn to this striking B-name. It’s definitely not ordinary, yet it still has an aristocratic flare to it without having any meaning in particular. ‘Bar’ is also an adorable nickname option!

13 Treble

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Music-inspired names are no rare sight, with monikers like Lyric and Melody being popular for some time.

But a new musical name that’s taking off in popularity is Treble, as in the treble clef you see in written music. In music, treble can also refer to frequency or range. Having such a unique yet educational name would definitely make your little girl at least a bit interested in music.

This name is an awesome choice for any parents who want to celebrate their love of music through their child. Since it rolls of the tongue with such ease, it could easily be used as a middle name, as well.

12 Monet

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The trends lately have been to name babies after commonplace words or places. But evidently some people have been looking to art for inspiration!

Monet as a first name is one unusual moniker that has been growing in popularity amongst millennials. The moniker is obviously a nod to famed French painter Claude Money, who helped found the impressionist movement and created some of the most famous landscape photos around.

We definitely recommend being an art buff if you’re going to choose this name. Then again, even if you’re not into art, perhaps giving your kid an artistic name will inspired both of you to get to know your creative side.

11 Legion

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Legion is another word-inspired name that’s starting to shake things up amongst baby boy names. This name has a commanding presence due to legion’s relation to the military. While it comes across as a bit edgy and out-there, there’s still a sophisticated air to the name that makes it work.

The word ‘legion’ refers to a unit of things or something great in number. We can’t help but think of all the adorable nicknames that can come from this masculine moniker, including Leg, Leon, and of course Leo!

10 Wizdom

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Usually parents think they’re the wiser one out of them and their kids, but calling your kid Wizdom might make you think twice. Yes, some parents have actually taken the word ‘wisdom’ and made it into a name by replacing the ‘s’ with a ‘z’ (which is totally optional, too). Plus this name can totally be used with either gender!

Using words as names is a newer trend, but we have to admit we love seeing gorgeous words with even more beautiful meanings getting used in a different way as names. Wisdom can be define as having good judgement or knowledge, which is something all mamas want for their kids.

9 Chi

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It was just earlier this year that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed their third child via surrogate, daughter Chicago. For short, everyone in their family (and the media!) has been referring to the new baby as Chi, making this three-letter name official trend amongst baby name choices.

‘Chi’ itself is a word. It’s the 22ns letter of the Greek alphabet and it’s also the twenty-second star in a constellation. So, whether you choose this baby name because you love the Kardashians, you like the astrology reference, or you just like how it sounds, we think this is an adorable, modern name for your baby girl!

8 Tycen

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Chances are, you’ve heard of the name Tyson before- after all, several celebrates sports this handsome first name, including Mike Tyson and Tyson Fury. If you like this name but want to give it a bit of a spin, then consider the millennial-made version, Tycen.

This unique name is pronounced the same way as Tyson; all you’re doing is replacing the ‘s’ for a ‘c.’ This helps the name to stand-out a bit more, and match more recent trends of baby names. To top it off, Tyson has an edgy meaning, translating to ‘firebrand.’ Any boy with this name is going to have a lot of attitude and spunk!

7 Gwinia

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Names like Gwen and Gwyneth have been in the top baby names for decades, thanks to stars like actress Gwyneth Paltrow and pop icon Gwen Stefani. If you like the sound of these G-sounding names, then we suggest giving it a twist and opting for the ultra-modern name, Gwinia.

This name has a similar ring to Gwen and Gwyneth, but it almost sounds more feminine and delicate thanks to the ‘ia’ at the end. While the exact meaning of Gwinia is unknown, Gwen translates to mean ‘white’ and ‘circle,’ while Gwyneth means ‘blessed’ and ‘happy.’ So, we’re sure Gwinia means something just as beautiful.

6 Queenie

We’ve already established that royalty-inspired names is a huge trend among millennials. But this is the name if you want your daughter to be recognize as the Queen she is (heck- maybe you should change your name to this!).

More and more millennials mamas are calling their little girls Queenie. This is a quirky way to call your kid ‘queen’ without flat-out saying it, and since naming her princess isn’t socially acceptable yet. We bet any little girl named Queenie is going to have a big personality to match the reputation that will follow her with this cute.

5 Woods

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Nature-inspired names like Forest, Hunter, and River have been popular for some time, but millennials are beginning to look for other options. Woods as a first name has been gaining traction as a popular boy’s name in 2018.

Wood is obviously referring to the material of the same name, which comes from the trunks of trees. This is a great baby choice name for anyone who consider themselves a nature lover, and wants to celebrate this passion through their child’s name.

With such an outdoorsy-inspired moniker, you can be your son will love exploring the great outdoors with such a masculine name behind him.

4 Kale

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So, you probably already know that there’s a kale obsession going around amongst millennials. But, evidently this health kick is so crazy that some young mamas have taken to calling their baby boys ‘kale’- seriously. This has actually been documented on social media!

Quite literally, kale does refer to the leafy, green vegetable of the same name. But we have to admit that it does have a cool sound to it. You might prefer this name if you want a name similar to Kallum or Kalen. But we’re betting you’ll also have to be a kale lover to support this baby name.

3 Bond

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If you or your partner are a fan of James Bond, then you probably should consider Bond as a potential baby boy name. This name instantly has tons of pop culture references and can pay tribute to dozens of actors, considering that Bond movies have been released for decades (and are still going strong).

If you give your son this suave name, you can be sure he’ll be one of the coolest kids around. We guarantee people will want to talk to him when he’s older just to learn the history of his unusual first name. And, can you really imagine someone with the name Bond not being freakin’ awesome?

2 Dynasty

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When you have kids, a part of you think about the legacy you’ll be leaving them with- whether that means the lifelong memories or stories, or maybe a fancy car or house. Some people are taking all of this to heart and calling their kids Dynasty to signify that they’re carrying on the family name.

Dynasty follows the trend of other word names. It can literally be defined as the line of hereditary rulers of a country. Your children really are your dynasty, in a sense, so this does sound like an appropriate name when you think about it. It’s also on board with royalty-inspired names.

1 Peaches

Believe it or not, fruits are actually having a moment when it comes to baby names- and they have for a while (Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter it named Apple!).

Peaches is probably one of the well performing fruit-inspired names out there. Sir Bob Geldof even named one of his daughter Peaches. This fruity moniker has a feminine, delicate flare to it. We can only imagine a girly girl sporting this adorably unique name.

The one problem we’d have with this name is deciding if all of our kids have to be named after fruit because the first one was!

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