What do you get when you mix Jay with Aiden? You guessed it—Jayden. Instead of Brayden, Hayen, or Kaden, parents everywhere are adopting Jayden for their sons.

It’s a Hebrew name that means thankful or God has heard. Jayden got as high as #5 on the boy’s name chart, but in

2015, it maintained a top 20 spot in the U.S. It also holds the #20 spot in Canada, and #21 in The Netherlands.

In 1994, Jayden cracked the top 1000, and its popularity eventually skyrocketed. The name was given a further spike when Hollywood A-list couple Will Smith and his wife Jada named their son Jaden. Other famous parents who chose this name for their sons include former tennis stars Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf, and actor Christian Slater.

Other spellings include Jadyn, Jadon, and Jaiden. So, if you’re looking for a variation on Jay or Jason, Jayden is a beautiful alternative.

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