The 25 Most Popular Gender-Neutral Names

Gender-neutral names are names that parents can give their babies regardless of their gender. For the longest time, particular names were reserved for a certain gender; but with time, parents decided to mix things up and adopt baby boy names for girls and vice versa.

Sometimes, a certain name can be adopted the way it is or the spelling of the name can go through slight alterations to suit the new gender. A common practice is to change one letter in the name. For example, the ‘y’ in the name Andy can be replaced with an ‘i’ to show a difference in genders. Andy is a boy’s name while most people consider Andi to be a girl's name. Changing the spelling of the name helps people tell the gender of the baby.

There are several reasons parents would want to give their child a gender-neutral name. Parents may have sentiments towards a particular name and may want to keep it in the family. In such a scenario, the child has to adopt the name and eventually the name becomes available to all genders.

In cases where parents want to choose a name of their soon to be born baby even without confirming the gender, choosing a gender-neutral name would be ideal. The parents could also be expecting twins that they would like to have similar names but with slightly different spellings, here also, gender-neutral names would be great.

Here a just a few hip gender-neutral names many parents would love their children to go by.

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25 Kyle

Via: pinterest

This adorable Scottish name comes from southwest Scotland. It means a narrow spit of land. Kyle has been in use as a surname and as a given name. Its use as a surname began in the 15th century but as a given name, it began in the 19th century. Kyle’s popularity grew slowly until it reached its peak in the late 1980s.

Kyle is still very popular in the US and over the years, parents have given it to both boys and girls. Its gender-neutral qualities make this name attractive to many soon-to-be parents who do not want to find out the gender of their baby before it’s born. Famous people who go by this name include American actress Kyle Chavarria, American basketball player Kyle Lowry and American actor Kyle Steven Gallner.

24 Peyton

Via: pinterest

This adorable name is of English origin meaning rustic or peasant. Peyton has been in use since the 18th century. It began as a popular boy’s name thanks to the first president of the continental congress, Randolph Peyton. In the 1990s, the name was still popular among boys but thereafter parents started giving it to their little girls.

Both genders have made claims to owning the name since the beginning of the 21st century but recently, Peyton is now in use more as a girl’s name. It is still very popular and celebrities like football players Peyton Manning and Peyton Hillis have managed to keep it a gender-neutral name. Other notable bearers include American actresses Peyton List, Peyton Ella, and Peyton Elizabeth Lee.

23 Kennedy

Via: twinloveconcierge.com

This unisex given name is of Irish origin. Back in the 1960s, Kennedy started out as a boy’s name thanks to President John F. Kennedy. Although this name went through a slight decline in the decades following the 60s, towards the 1990s parents fell in love with it, though as a girl’s name. These days, parents are choosing it for both their boys and girls. Both genders can also go by its adorable nickname, Ken.

Kennedy has been skipping from one gender to another when needed and has still managed to remain a popular name choice. It’s trendy and classic and is a perfect choice for either gender. A few famous Kennedys include American actress and model Kennedy Trawick, American fashion journalist Kennedy Fraser, and English violinist Nigel Kennedy.

22 Taylor

Via: nameberry.com

This lovely sounding name, Taylor, has been in use in America for a very long time now. It was a surname before gaining popularity as a given name. Taylor is of English origin derived from the occupation, Tailor. It has a charming nickname, Tay. For centuries, this name has been a boy’s name.

In the 1980s, Taylor got favor as a girl’s name. It climbed up the charts quickly and overtook its male counterpart. Today, a few boys still go by Taylor but it’s more popular as a girl's name. Celebrities like Bryan Cranston and Garth Brooks have daughters named Taylor. Singer Taylor Swift is arguably the most popular Taylor today.

21 Chris

Via: pinterest.com

The name Chris is one of those perfect gender-neutral names that parents of both boys and girls will love. It is of Greek origin meaning Christ-bearer. This name’s popularity as a unisex name emanates from its use as a nickname for Christine, Christopher, Christina, and Christian.

Chris is now a standalone name for both genders although it is more of a nickname for girls whose names start with the prefix Chris- and as a standalone name mostly for boys. Famous bearers of the name include singer and actor Chris Brown, Comedian Chris Rock, and English singer and songwriter Chris Martin.

20 Riley

Via: stocksy.com

Riley is a common name for babies of either gender. It is of Irish Gaelic origin meaning valiant or wood clearing. The name Riley has been around for a long time and it's popular as a boy's name. However, girls started going by this name from the 1990s. Parents are still considering it for both genders but it is slowly favoring more girls than boys.

Riley is a sweet sounding and friendly name. It has variations for both genders like Rylee, Ryleigh, and Rylie. Popular Riley’s include American football player Riley Biggs, American actress and model Riley Keough, and American actor Riley Smith. Riley is simple yet perfect for both genders.

19 Jessie

Via: greatshirts.com

This stunning gender-neutral name comes from England and Scotland and it means God is gracious. Jessie is a popular name for children of either gender across America, though it tends to favor the girls a bit more than the boys. Normally when parents bestow a unisex name to girls it becomes slightly unattractive to parents of boys, hence the significant drop as a boy’s name.

Jessie has also been in use as a nickname for Jessica before it became a given name in its own right. A few notable bearers include American country pop singer Jessie James Decker, American football player Jessie Bates III, American writer Jessie Redmon, and American football player Jessie Armstead.

18 Hayden

Via: pixabay.com

Hayden is a remarkable name that parents exclusively gave to their little boys, until the mid-1950s. By the 1980s, Hayden was popular as both a boy's name and a girl's name. Hayden’s popularity in the US peaked in 2007 favoring boys over the girls. It has continued to remain a cool name for both genders and more and more parents love it.

Parents choosing other similar sounding names like Aiden, Jayden, and Kayden have influenced Hayden’s recent popularity. A few notable bearers include American actor Hayden Byerly, Australian TV presenter Hayden Turner and Canadian musician Hayden Desser. Hayden has variations like Haydn, Haden, Haidyn, and Hayden.

17 Alex

Via: pinterest.com

Alex, as a standalone name, has always been very popular as a boy’s name. It has been in use as a diminutive for Alexander and Alexandria. Alex has been a popular choice among parents who like short yet strong names for their kids. It is such a sweet and energetic name for either a little boy or girl.

These days, Alex is one of the most evenly divided names between both genders. Many famous people have been born to the name, like, Australian-American soccer player Alex Ruth, American Actress Alexandrea “Alex” Martin Dean, English actress Alexandra Elizabeth “Alex” Kingston and British boxer Alex Arthur.

16 Drew

Via: pinterest

The name Drew has been in use as a surname and as a given name. It is of both Scottish and English origin and means manly or warrior. For the longest time Drew has been used as a pet name for Andrew. Usage of the name began a while back. Arguably, this name became so popular in the 1980s owing to its establishment as a gender-neutral name.

It fell of favor as a girl’s name in 2005 but made a comeback thanks to the lovable actress Drew Barrymore. It is however still more popular as a boy’s name. Parents who are looking for strong masculine names for their girls or boys should definitely consider the name Drew. Famous Drews include American singer and actress Drew Sidora and American actor Drew Fuller.

15 Jordan

Via: pinterest.com

This exquisite name comes from the River Jordan in the Bible and means flowing down. Jordan is ideal for both genders, though is more popular as a boy’s name. It has always been a boy’s name until a few girls started going by it in the 1980s.

Basketball player Michael Jordan is arguably the most famous Jordan and maybe the reason why Jordan is more popular for boys. However, American singer Jordan Sparks also inspired parents to use it as a girl’s name. Parents will love this name for their kids. Many famous basketball and football players go by this name thanks to Michael.

14 Parker

Via: youtube

The name Parker finds its roots in England. This occupational surname means park keeper or gamekeeper. Parker has always been a popular gender-neutral name in America. It was a popular boy’s name in the 1990s though from the early 2000s parents started giving it to their baby girls. In recent times, Parker is more popular for boys but girls are slowly catching on.

Charlie Parker is a famous jazz musician who goes by this name. Other bearers include American professional golfer Parker McLachlin, American actress Parker Posey and American actor, Parker Stevenson. This name is modest, fun and edgy, it will make a great choice for both genders.

13 Sam

Via: babycenter

This stunning name has been in use as a nickname for Samuel, Samson, and Samantha. As a name on its own, Sam has been a boy's name for the longest time, until parents started adopting it for their baby girls. Sam is of Hebrew and English origin and means told by God.

To date, Sam is considered gender-neutral. The name feels neither distinctly masculine nor feminine so it definitely works for either sex. It has been adopted by celebrities like American actor Sam Shepard, TV personality Sam Brody Jenner, English singer Sam Smith, and American ice hockey player Samantha “Sam” Faber.

12 Blake

Via: wallpapercave.com

Originally from Old English, Blake was mostly used as a surname. It is now being used also as a given name. Blake, which means black and white, is a gender-neutral name in America, which has been more successful as a boy’s name. This is because it has been a popular boy’s name since the 20th century and only gained fame as a girl’s name in the 1990s.

Two famous people who have enhanced the name’s popularity for both genders are American actress Blake Ellender Lively and Country singer legend Blake Shelton. Other popular Blakes include American director Blake Edwards and English poet William Blake.

11 Quinn

Quinn has always been used freely on both genders. This Irish name means chief. Quinn started out as boy’s name and later appeared on the charts as a girl’s name. There are now more girls named Quinn than boys. Quinn has variations like Quin, Quinne, and Quynn.

Parents looking for a Q name should consider Quinn. It is strong and not too masculine or feminine. A few famous Quinns include American actress Quinn Louise, American journalist Quinn Norton and American football player Quinn Nordin. Quinn has also been popularly used in the fictional world for both male and female characters.

10 Justice

Via: pinterest.com

This strong and powerful name has popularly been used as a gender-neutral name across the United States. Although Justice has French and Latin origins, it is also a borrowed word from the English language meaning fairness or judge. Despite it being unisex, Justice seems to be growing in popularity amongst little boys.

A notable bearer of the name is American actress Victoria Justice. Celebrity actors Nate Parker, Justin Harley and Jensen Ackles daughters carry this remarkable name. We are sure many parents will love and choose this name for their little ones especially since justice is meant to be equal. Justice has variations like Justisse, Justis, and Justyce.

9 Casey

Via: pinterest.com

This splendid name is of Irish-Gaelic origin meaning vigilant or brave. Casey’s use began in the 1800s as a boy’s name. It debuted as a girl’s name in the late 1960s but has never gained much popularity at the time. Casey’s variants are many; a few of them include Kacey, Casi, Kacee, and Kaisey.

American country singer Casey Beathard, American actor Casey Affleck, Australian tennis player Casey Dellacqua and American actress Casey Wilson are some of the famous Casey’s. Casey will be a great name for either a boy or a girl. To whatever gender it is assigned, one thing is for sure, it will remain a popular name.

8 Skyler

Via: gorzavel.com

This beautiful moniker is given to nearly equal numbers of boys and girls. It is originally from the English language meaning sky or scholar. Skyler’s use in America as both a girl's and boy's name began in 1998. Its variant Skylar is also unisex. Skyler has an adorable nickname option, Sky. Any little boy or girl with this name will grow up loving it.

Some famous bearers of this name include Canadian professional soccer player Skylar Thomas, American actor and comedian Skyler Stone, American animator Skyler page and American actress Skyler Elizabeth Day. Actress Elisabetta Canalis and Dutch soccer player Richard Witchge daughters also go by this beautiful name.

7 Logan

Via: opsgram.com

Logan can be traced back to its Scottish Gaelic roots. It means little hollow. Famous Logans include American actor Logan Bartholomew, American character actor Logan Ramsey and Miss USA 2012 Logan West.

Logan was quite popular as a surname before it began being used as a first name. Logan was used as a boy’s name exclusively until the 1990s when it debuted as a girl’s name. It has emerged as a popular unisex name throughout the years, but from the 21st century, it is strongly preferred for males and still is up to today. This Scottish name is trendy, strong, and perfect for either gender. Its diminutives, Logy and Logie, also sound cool.

6 Sawyer

Via: youtube

Sawyer is one of those truly androgynous unisex names that works equally well on boys and girls. It's of English origin meaning who saws wood or a mischievous little boy. Sawyer was a popular surname but its use as a first name began in the 1990s. Its popularity peaked in 2005 thanks to James Sawyer, who was a character in the TV series Lost.

American filmmaker Steven Spielberg and wife Kate Capshaw chose it for their son. Other Sawyers include American singer and songwriter Sawyer Christopher Fredericks and YouTube star Sawyer Hartman. American pro wrestler Jacob Southwick uses Sawyer as his ring name.

5 Charlie

Via: littlebabylife.com

Charlie is a popular gender-neutral name in English-speaking countries. It’s originally from the English language meaning free man. Usage of the name began in the 19th century. Charlie has been a diminutive for names like Charles, Charley, Charlene, and Charlotte for a long time.

It may have been preferred more for boys than girls but more and more parents are picking it for their girls because it is also gender fluid. Notable Charlie’s include American actor Charlie Sheen, American TV journalist Charlie Rose and English footballer Charlie Austin. Charlie is a warm, friendly and charming name that any little girl or boy will love to go by.

4 Finley

Via: pinterest

This remarkable name is of Scottish Gaelic origin meaning fair hero. Its use began in the early 20th century as a male name. It fell out of favor for a while then made a comeback in 2005 but this time for females. The following year it re-emerged as a boy’s name making it a gender-neutral name.

Over the years there have been more girls going by the name Finley than boys. This should however not make parents shy away from using it for their boys, as it is gender neutral. Many celebrity babies have been born to this name like daughters of singer Lisa Marie Presley and Actress Angie Harmon

3 Morgan

Via: eskayalitim.com

Morgan has Welsh origins and means sea circle. It is a unisex name but it’s frequently used by girls in America but in the UK the opposite is true. Morgan was a popular boys name for centuries before parents started using it for girls in the 1970s. Even so, it works very well for both genders.

Morgan will be a great choice for parents looking for a popular gender-neutral name for either their daughter or son. It commands strength and respect, which are good qualities to have in a child. Famous Morgan’s include American actress Morgan Fairchild, American professional golfer Morgan Pressel and American actor Morgan Freeman.

2 Aubrey

Via: 123chipunagar.blogspot.com

Aubrey is a popular unisex name. Its origin is French and it means ruler of the elves. Aubrey’s use as a boy’s name began centuries ago. However, in the 1970s when parents began picking masculine names for their girls, Aubrey, became popular as a girl’s name.

Aubrey is a lovely sounding name that easily rolls off the tongue. It is now used more for girls than boys. A few celebrities go by this name, like; English actor Aubrey Morris, American actress Aubrey Dollar and American baseball player Aubrey Huff. We hope Canadian rapper and singer Aubrey Drake Graham will restore back the name’s fame as a boy’s name.

1 Andy

Via: twinstuff.com

The name Andy appears on both the male and female naming charts in the United States. It is from the English language and means manly. For the longest time, Andy has been used as a nickname for Andrew, Andre, Anderson, and Andrea but is now a unique name on its own. Its variations include Andi and Andie.

Andy has been popularly used in the US as a boy’s name until some folks started picking it for their girls making it a unisex name. A couple of celebrities who go by this name include TV personality Andy Cohen, American actress Andie MacDowell, British actress Andi Osho and comedian Andy Lee.

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