The 25 Prettiest Baby Girl Names

Every new and expecting parent wants to find a name that perfectly matches the beauty of their child—not just the outward appearance but also the loveliness that radiates within. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder but there are pretty names that are beautiful to all ears.

Pretty names for girls not only sound lovely, they are also ladylike. They bring to mind a beautiful girl with a sweet smile. Since we want the best for our daughters, we tag them with beautiful names. But these monikers are not only given in the hopes that she has a pretty face. It’s so much more than that.

A gorgeous, little lady is one with a beautiful heart. Her presence is the creation of love--a reminder of the gift bestowed upon us. She’s a one-of-a-kind miracle. No doubt she will be amazing and brilliant, just like you. Any girl who shines inside and out deserves a name just as pretty.

If you’re drawn to feminine names, we’ve rounded up 25 lovely options for girls. Each has a gentle sound that your little sweetie will appreciate when she grows up. These names are so beautiful, you’ll wish you were having triplets just to use more of them. Good luck narrowing it down to one.

25 Lily

The first name on this list is a botanical name. Like Violet, Iris, Daisy, and Ivy, Lily is a floral name with a timeless quality. But this century-old name is the most popular.

Lily is an English name that means pure, which is why the flower is a symbol of purity. It’s one of the most popular names in Australia and New Zealand, but it’s really blooming in the U.S. and the U.K. Lily ranks 13th in America, 12th in England and Wales, and 10th in Scotland.

Celebs that share the nature-inspired name include actress Lily Tomlin and British singer Lily Allen. Celebrity parents are digging the name, too. Just ask Fred Savage, Chris O’Donnell, Kate Beckinsale, and Greg Kinnear; they all have daughters named Lily.

If you’re looking for a baby’s name with a little more sophistication, try Lillian or Lilith. Or, use it as a nickname for Emily or Elizabeth. But we think Lily is as pretty as your daughter is bound to be.

24 Claire

One of the prettiest names in existence is Claire. It’s short, sweet, soft, and feminine. It just flows gracefully. And while it’s classically beautiful, the name fits any age group.

The origin of Claire is French, meaning clear and bright. It has an element that imparts nobility, and yet it’s a friendly-sounding name; talk about a name that ticks all of the right boxes!

Silent film actress Clara Bow and modern actress Claire Danes made it a household name. And fans of the ‘80s John Hughes movie The Breakfast Club will associate the name with Molly Ringwald’s character, Claire Standish. The name has also been used on countless TV shows, from Lost to Modern Family.

With its feminine quality, Claire is a beautiful name. And if you appreciate a name that can’t be made into a cutesy nickname, Claire ticks that box, too. Even if you use the alternate spellings of Clare or Clair, your little girl will thank you.

23 Paris

Paris, the cosmopolitan capital city of France, has a rich history and a romantic language. The city has played an important role in literature, film, cuisine, art, and fashion. It’s historic, yet modern; iconic and beautiful. The chic city has lots to offer, including inspiration for a baby name.

Not only is Paris a place on the map in France, it’s also a popular town and city name in the United States—23 locations to be exact. The residents of Texas, New York, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and several other states can visit Paris without leaving the U.S.

Pop culture has given the name a big boost. Famous bearers include socialite Paris Hilton, and daughter of the late King of Pop, Paris-Michael Jackson.

Yes, Sydney and London are nice, too, but we choose Paris. It’s classic, yet contemporary. Plus, it’s a well-known name, yet it’s virtually one-of-a-kind. How many names have that special combination?

22 Ashley

The sweet name Ashley is a long-established last name from English origins. The name meaning dweller near the ash tree meadow. So, it’s not only a surname, it’s also a “locational” name.

People may find it odd that the name Ashley began exclusively as a boy’s name—at least, that’s how it was in the 1880s. Although it’s had a position on the girl’s name chart for decades, it’s had a long history as both a masculine and a feminine name.

In the ‘80s and ‘90s, Ashley soared to the height of popularity for girls. The luxurious brand Laura Ashley has given the name a lift, imparting an element of class in the name. In the last decade, though, parents have turned to the similar-sounding name Ashlyn. For boys, the name has evolved into Asher, Ashton, and Ash.

Famous namesakes include country singer and actress Ashley Judd, actress Ashley-Olsen—the twin sister to Mary-Kate, and from High School Musical fame actress Ashley Tisdale.

21 Jasmine

What’s prettier than a sweet fragrance? Jasmine is a tropical plant in the olive family that is known for its fragrant blossoms. Scented oils, perfumes, and teas are made from the sweet-smelling petals and dark leaves. As an aromatic and delicate flower, it was only a matter of time until Jasmine became one of the prettiest girls’ names around.

From the Middle Eastern name Yasmin, the name Jasmine embodies beauty and sweetness. In Persian, the centuries-old name Yasamin means gift from God.

This name enjoyed fame in the early 1990s due to the success of the animated film Aladdin. The character Princess Jasmine gave the name a spirited and strong-willed identity. In recent years, it has declined in popularity but it remains a lovely name for a baby girl.

There are several offshoots for Jasmine, including Jazz, Jazzy, Min, and Minnie. Jasmine and all of its variations are as wonderful as the bouquet of the flower.

20 Ava

Looking for a beautiful name that exudes elegance? This old-fashioned name might be the perfect moniker for your modern baby.

When you hear the name Ava, the beautiful and graceful Ava Gardner comes to mind. Although the actress was a star in the 1950s, parents are having a renewed love affair with the name today. Perhaps this rebirth was inevitable, considering the name’s meaning; Ava means life or like a bird.

From Latin origins, Ava is a variation of Eve, one of the oldest names in recorded history. Eva is another spin-offs but Ava is the graceful go-to that we love.

This palindromic name leaped to the top of the name charts after Reese Witherspoon and Hugh Jackman chose the name for their daughters. Currently, the name ranks 4th, comfortably sitting near the top of the girls name chart. Because it’s so pretty, Ava is expected to hold a top 10 position for years to come.

19 Hayley

Hayley is as pretty as a meadow of hay, which is exactly where this beautiful name originates. Its roots go back to England where it began as a surname. People may find it odd that the name Hayley was once considered a boy’s name. Although traditionally for boys, it evolved into a unisex name. Today, girls named Hayley far outnumber the boys.

Hayley zoomed up the name chart in the 1960s during the run of the hit 1961 Disney movie The Parent Trap. The name’s meteoric rise was thanks, in part, to actress Hayley Mills and her portrayal of two twin sisters.

Famous parents agree it’s an awesome name for a girl. Among the celebs who have chosen Hayley for their daughters are hip-hop artist Eminem, and actors David Hasselhoff, Stephen Baldwin, and Jeff Bridges.

Other spellings include Hailey, Hailee, Halle, and Haylea, with the cute nickname, Hales. No matter how you spell it, Hayley has a feminine sound and a nature-inspired sweetness. It’s understandable why parents love this beautiful name.

18 Olivia

Oliva is wildly popular in the United States, the U.K., Canada, Australia, and Scotland. The name has catapulted to the top of the ranks in recent years but oddly enough, it’s historically-rich.

It’s a Latin name and the feminine form of Oliver. In ancient Greece, olive wreaths were awarded to the Olympic games winners because the olive tree was a symbol of peace and fertility. Once William Shakespeare introduced Olivia in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, the name was really off to the races.

Hollywood helped popularize the name with actress Olivia de Havilland, co-star of the 1939 classic movie Gone With the Wind. In the 1970s, English/Aussie actress and singer Olivia Newton-John gave the name a further spike when she co-starred in the hit musical Grease. Then in the ‘80s, her hit song “Physical” continued the love of Olivia.

It probably doesn’t hurt that Olivia comes with a bunch of cute nicknames, such as Olive, Liv, and Livy. Although the name has been around since the 18th century, Olivia is as fresh and youthful as ever.

17 Amelia

Because it’s charming and delightfully feminine, Amelia has zoomed up the baby name charts. New and expecting parents could also be looking for alternatives to the super-popular Emma and Emily, but we think the popularity is due to the romantic and pretty sound.

It’s a German name that means hard working, much like the female pilot we all associate with the name, Amelia Earhart. She gave the name major visibility after she became the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Sadly, during her flight around the world, she disappeared over the Pacific Ocean and was never found.

Another famous namesake is Amelia Driver. Who is Amelia Driver, you ask? She’s the English actress better known as Minnie.

Amelia is a top girl’s name in the United States, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Scotland, and Poland. But it doesn’t get any higher than Britain, where the name is currently number one. We don’t see the name Amelia fading away anytime soon.

16 Camille

When it rolls off the tongue, Camille sounds as soft as cashmere and silk. It’s delightfully feminine, and yet North Americans may find it odd that Camille is considered a unisex name in France, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. In France, the double L is pronounced with a Y sound; both women and men pronounce it kah-MEEY. In English-speaking countries, however, the name is pronounced kah-MEEL.

From Latin, the name translates to young ceremonial student. Despite the obscure meaning, the name became wildly popular in 1936. This was due to the film of the same name starring Greta Garbo, based on a novel by Alexandre Dumas.

This underused name is the middle name of socialite Nicole Richie and Will Smith’s daughter, Willow. Other famous namesakes include sculptor Camille Claudel, and male painter Camille Pissarro.

Though it has a classic vibe to it, Camille is far from dated. It’s just waiting for a comeback.

15 Niamh

Pronounced neev, this Gaelic name is a brilliant moniker. In fact, the name literally means bright and radiant—a fitting name for your future little girl.

Niamh remains one of the most popular girls’ names in Ireland because it has a long history in folklore. The sea god Manannan had a daughter who was a beautiful princess. She was referred to as Niamh of the Golden Hair.

Traditional names are safe and familiar, which is why so many parents are attracted to them. But names like Niamh are memorable. It’s a lovely name that no one could forget. But if you find this name too off-the-wall, keep it in mind for a middle name.

There is one aspect you may not love about Niamh; you’ll need to sound it out to almost everyone who reads it—that is, unless, you spell it Neve. If constant correction isn’t a deal breaker, this is a lovely name for a baby girl.

14 Victoria

Looking for a pretty name with grace and a little glamor? Victoria fits the beautiful bill.

From the Latin word meaning victory, Victoria is a traditional name of ancient Rome. She was the goddess of victory. Although the name was used throughout Europe, it wasn’t visible in America until Queen Victoria’s rule in the 19th century. Queen Victoria was the second-longest reigning British monarch in history, ruling from 1837-1901. A Canadian city and an Australian state are two of many geographical areas that bear her name.

Famous Victorias include former pop star and wife of David Beckham, Victoria Beckham, Disney actress Victoria Justice, and actress Victoria Spelling, also known as Tori.

The name also brings to mind Victoria’s Secret, the retailer that sells lingerie, women’s fashions, and beauty products. Plus, the Victoria’s Secret fashion show displays some of the most beautiful supermodels in the world. It’s not a bad association to have once your little girl grows up.

13 Poppy

Flower names are blooming right now, and Poppy is the pick of the crop. This short and sweet girl’s name comes from the stunning poppy flower, which is usually a beautiful, bright red in color. Poppy in Latin literally means flower.

The poppy is a symbol of remembrance for military veterans and soldiers who lost their lives in battle. It is also associated with peacefulness, as we remember in the film The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy and her friends become sleepy while running through a poppy field.

This upbeat name is rising in popularity in the U.K. and Australia. Although it hasn’t quite caught on in the U.S., floral names are prominent in Poppy Montgomery’s family. The Australian-American actress has four sisters: Daisy, Lily, Marigold, and Rosie. And Montgomery’s daughter is another flower child named Violet.

With a name like Poppy, your little girl is sure to have a beautiful character to match.

12 Everly

What do you get when you add a pinch of Eva, a dash of Emily, and a handful of Beverly? You get the English surname Everly. The name is also spelled Everleigh and Everley.

According to some, Everly means wild boar in a woodland clearing. Others say the name means from Ever’s meadow. A name inspired by Mother Nature may seem like a hippie throwback, yet Everly has a timeless appeal. Although the name sounds classic, it’s very new as a first name. In fact, it didn’t appear on the girl’s name chart until 2012.

By the time Channing Tatum named his daughter Everly in 2014, the name had jumped 727 positions. Currently, it’s #122 on Nameberry, making it one of the fastest-rising girls’ names in recent years.

You can’t say this name without thinking of the iconic singing duo The Everly Brothers. Any association with these sweet songsters is a good one.

11 Mia

Mia is a multicultural name. It’s also short and sweet, and distinctly feminine. All of these traits make Mia a popular choice for parents, which is probably why the name is 6th on the girl’s name chart.

Its origins are Latin. Meaning mine or wished-for child, the name is a short version of Maria. This would make the pronunciation MEE-a as opposed to MY-a, but the sound of your daughter’s name is a personal choice.

In terms of popularity, you can’t disregard the impact of famous people with the name. Born Maria, actress Mia Farrow starred in the classic horror film Rosemary’s Baby. And actress Mia Sara is better known as Sloane Peterson in the ‘80s John Hughes film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Famous parents agree it’s a pretty name for a baby girl. Among the celebs who have chosen Mia for their daughters are English actress Kate Winslet and blogger Perez Hilton.

10 Willow

The name Willow means slender and graceful. In Celtic tradition, spiritual leaders considered the willow tree a vessel for water. Trees and plants that were connected to water were known to enhance psychic and intuitive energy. They were revered as symbols of enlightenment.

The willow tree is one of the few trees that is flexible but strong. Its branches can bend without snapping. The tree adjusts to meet challenges. It is resilient and beautiful. It not only survives but flourishes in the most difficult conditions. Symbolically, the willow tree offers a message: continue to grow and reach high, regardless of where you are planted.

This botanical name is popular in Australia, the U.K., and Canada, and continues to climb the charts in the U.S. In terms of popularity, you can’t disregard Tinseltown’s impact. It is the name given to the daughters of actor Will Smith, actress Michelle Monaghan, and singer Pink.

The name Willow is ethereal and earthy. It has an exquisite sound that will make a lovely name for any young lady.

9 Bijou

Bijou may not be as popular as her gemstone cousins Crystal and Pearl, but this may be a plus if you prefer unconventionality. This inviting, Parisienne name is derived from the French word for jewel. Along with Ruby and Jade, this name is as pretty as a precious stone. You can also spell the name Bijoux, but no matter how you spell it, it’s a lovely-sounding name.

This French name could be tricky for Anglophones. People who are new to the name may say bee-ZOO instead of the correct bee-SHOE. Prepare yourself because you may have to spell and pronounce the name repeatedly. This could be the reason why the name hasn’t found mainstream success.

We love Bijou because it’s luxurious and eccentric. The French accent makes it sound magnificently vintage. It’s full of spirit and French flair. If you’re looking for a perfect and precious name for a baby girl, offer this one to your little gem.

8 Quinn

With its distinctive Irish lilt, Quinn is a smart name in more ways than one. The name means wise, derived from the Gaelic surname O’Cuinn. Quincy and Quinton are other variations of the name.

The name’s popularity rose for girls in the mid-1990s, partly due to the TV series Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. Quinn has also been a character in countless TV shows, from Zoey 101 to Glee. Aside from television, the name Quinn has found its way into mainstream titles. The Mighty Quinn is a 1968 folk-rock song written by Bob Dylan, and it’s also a 1989 movie starring Denzel Washington.

Namesakes with the surname include actors Aidan Quinn and Anthony Quinn. As a first name, many famous parents have chosen this name for their sons, including actresses Sean Young and Sharon Stone.

Although it’s a unisex name, Quinn is a pretty moniker for girls. You don’t need to repeat it, and others will understand the name immediately. And yet, it’s not your everyday name. A child named Quinn will stand out for the right reason.

7 Ariadne

At first, this name may seem too mature for a baby but say it a few times. The name has a timeless quality that would suit a girl of any age. While Ariadne is not a run-of-the-mill name, it’s distinctive and quite memorable.

Ariadne was a Greek goddess who married Dionysus. Pronounced air-ee-AHD-nee, the name means most holy. Mythological names such as Athena are rare but they are making a revival. Surprisingly, Ariadne is more now more popular than Ariana.

Since 2010, this name has seen a rapid growth in part to the Christopher Nolan blockbuster film Inception. The female lead, played by actress Ellen Page, was named Ariadne. She was a wise and strong architectural grad student.

You probably won’t find this name on a ready-made personalized souvenir. On the plus side, it’s a name that is unique while feeling familiar. Plus, you may appreciate a name that can’t be shortened into a cutesy nickname. Ariadne checks all of these boxes.

6 Emma

Talk about a girl’s name that is huge. Year after year, Emma continues to have a stronghold at the top of the girls’ names list. Currently, it’s number one in the United States.

It’s a German name that means universal. The meaning seems fitting when you think about Emma’s popularity. Actress Emma Stone was actually born Emily but prefers to use the streamlined version as a stage name. Still, along with Emma Roberts and Emma Watson, she is a young, high-profile actress giving the name visibility.

The TV show Friends also helped the name’s popularity when Rachel and Ross named their daughter Emma. Since 2002, the name has gained momentum and hasn’t looked back.

The only downside is that Emma is an uber popular, with millions of other girls having the same name. But there’s an upside: studies show that common names are more successful and more desired. Because it’s charming and delightfully feminine, we don’t see Emma fading away anytime soon.

5 Sophia

What’s old is new again; this adage perfectly explains the phenomenon of the name Sophia. Meaning wisdom in Greek, Sophia is a winner among parents and celebrity parents alike.

Stateside, Sofia may not be as popular as her twin sister Sophia but it’s the preferred spelling for Europeans. Sofia ranks first in Italy and holds the top 10 spot in Denmark and Spain. Several celebrities preferred this streamlined version for their daughters, including actress Felicity Huffman, and actor William H. Macy.

The great aspect of the name Sophia is that it’s both trendy and classic. Names like these are historically rich and are always in fashion. 100 years from now, they will still be popular. Perhaps that’s why timeless names are re-emerging on birth certificates everywhere because they never go out of style.

There’s an attractive quality to the name Sophia. It’s a pretty name that will stand the test of time.

4 Rose

There is something lovely about the name Rose. Much like its flower sisters Lily and Daisy, Rose is experiencing a comeback on popular name charts.

Rose is one of the most popular floral names. Like the flower, the name Rose reminds us of various emotions. The white rose signifies innocence, yellow represents friendship, pink means elegance, and red is the romantic symbol of love.

The name Rose has a classic vibe to it. Flower names had its heyday in the early to mid-20th century. In the 1990s and 2000s, Rose became more popular as a middle name. But the name still has flower power. It’s a first name staple in popular culture, as in Betty White’s character on TV’s The Golden Girls, and Kate Winslet’s character in the film Titanic.

Time-honored names like Rose will never sound trendy, and they will never feel outdated. It’s a short and sweet name of nature, steeped in traditional charm. It may sound old-fashioned but it may be the perfect name for your modern baby. A Rose in the family will be loved for generations to come.

3 Anais

Do you like the name Anna but dislike how familiar it is? It’s a pretty name, but let’s face it—almost everyone knows, at least, one Anna. Consider Anais as an elegant alternative.

The French say ah-nah-EES. You can also say ah-NYE-is, ah-NAY, or ah-NAYS. No matter how you pronounce it, Anais has a je ne sais quoi you can’t deny. It’s a unique name that is extraordinary and distinctive.

The name means grace. In ancient mythology, the Iranian goddess Anahita was a symbol of fruitfulness, healing, and knowledge. Greece and Italy took the name and formed it into Anaitis, which eventually stemmed into the French version Anais.

The association with Anais Nin, the American writer born in Paris, definitely gives the name some art cred. It’s also a popular brand of perfume. With an airy, feminine sound, and a timeless charm, it’s a wonder why this name has gone into hibernation.

2 Peyton

The unisex surname Peyton is from English origins. Thanks to former football player Peyton Manning, the name’s popularity has grown in recent years for boys. Still, the name ranks higher for females. Peyton is #77 for girls, #260 for boys, and the alternative spelling Payton is #153 for girls. As a female name, you can also spell it Paityn or Paiton.

In Old English, the name means farm of Paega or royal. It’s a place name in Suffolk, England. It’s also an English variant of the name Patton, and an Irish variant of the name Patrick. We think Peyton has a southern-sounding flair such as Beau--another name rooted in the deep south. Say Peyton with a charming southern drawl and you’ll see what we mean.

The name is no stranger to pop culture. Peyton Place was a 1956 best-selling novel, a 1957 film starring Lana Turner, and a 1960s TV series starring Mia Farrow, which was also America’s first primetime soap opera.

1 Bella

If you’re looking for a pretty girl’s name, it makes sense to begin your search with a romantic language. The word itself means beautiful in Italian. For those who find it odd to give your daughter a name that means pretty, think of it as the Scottish name Bonnie or the French name/word Jolie. It can also mean a beautiful personality, not just a physical appearance.

Historically, many European queens have been named Isabella. It’s an old Italian and Spanish version of Elizabeth. Today, it’s a superstar name. In terms of pop culture, it’s a name from the Twilight saga. As soon as Kristen Stewart portrayed Bella Swan, the name seemed to appear out of nowhere. It’s no doubt that the movie Twilight had an effect on Bella’s meteoric rise to name-fame. Or maybe it’s popularity is due to the beautiful –ella ending.

With a bunch of adorable offshoots, including Belle and Ella, Bella is a simply bellissima!

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