The 25 Trendiest Names That Are Moving Up Fast

Names are a very interesting subject to talk about. This is not the case all the time, but under the usual circumstances, names can give a person an idea of what someone is like. For instance, a name may reveal something like a person’s background, social class, and whether or not his or her parents are very traditional or non-traditional. After all, parents do choose names.

Additionally, a man or woman’s name is often the first part of them that leaves an impression on someone else. This is a part of what makes names, and mostly first ones at that, a very big deal.

Sometimes when it comes to deciding what their child will be called for the rest of his or her life, mothers and fathers think it is best to stick with a name that is already well loved, a tried and true classic. Other times, new parents want to pick a name that will be unique, as every child is, as well as something that will assist others in remembering the person.

No matter what route new parents decide to take when naming their kid, there are plenty of choices out there. From traditional to unique, these names are sure to leave a great lasting impression.

25 Lincoln

Some trendy and super stylish names that are being used today are new, and some are old classics that show no signs of fading away anytime soon. Lincoln is one of these, as it does have quite the history.

Inside of the United States of America, this name has increased in popularity every year since 2009. It has been fairly popular in the states for awhile now.

Outside of the U.S., it has been a bit different. Canadians began using the name between the years 2006 and 2010, stopped for a bit, then started again near 2012. Since then, Lincoln has become quite popular there as well.

24 Eleanor

Some names for little girls and boys are absolutely stunning, and may never actually go out of style. Eleanor appears to be in this category.

This name has been used for many years consistently. However, it became quite popular between the years 1885 and 1937. Eleanor recently saw another spike in popularity, as it has been moving up on the list of names given to those born in the United States since 2015.

This name may sound familiar, as one famous woman named Eleanor was Eleanor Roosevelt. Fans of The Beatles may also recognize this name because of their song “Eleanor Rigby.”

23 Reagan

Sometimes a name brings to mind one or two certain moments in time. Since Reagan has been around for awhile, this is one of those names.

Reagan is a name that can be used for both girls and boys, and it currently is trending with parents who live in the United States. This name is of Irish origin. A famous person who shared this name was former president Ronald Reagan, so it seems fitting that the meaning of Reagan is “little ruler.”

22 Dove

Sometimes we come across a name that seems brand new, only to find out it has been around for quite a bit of time. One of these names is Dove.

In fact, Dove has been pretty study on the list of baby names in the United States of America for a little while now. It is primarily used for boys.

This name is of American descent, and it means something along the lines of “bird of peace.” Dove is also often used as a surname.

21 Gigi

Most of the names we hear on a daily basis tend to have some sort of history. Some people chose names from history, some parents name their kids after loved ones, and some name their children after places they have been, or places they want to visit in the future.

Then, there are names that do not have much of a history, but they have a ton of spunk and personality. This is where Gigi comes in.

Gigi is a name of French descent. Any kids who are given this name will share it with model Jelena “Gigi” Hadid.

20 Kiernan

This name is not exactly something many of us hear a lot, and, for some, that is the reason they are attracted to it. Though, it has been in the spotlight in recent years due to actress Kiernan Shipka, who starred as “Sally Draper” on Mad Men.

This name is primarily used for boys. It has a Celtic and an English background. The Celtic meaning for Kiernan is “little dark one.”

Kiernan was at its peak popularity in the year 2008, but it has since seen a few highs and lows. However, in 2015, Kiernan began to rise in popularity again.

19 Halston

This name certainly is trendy, and it is fitting for a child that that has a flair for style. One of the reasons why it is such a great name for kids with a creative side is because of fashion designer Roy Halston Frowick, also just known as Halston.

Halston is primarily used as a name for newborn little boys. But, on occasion, new parents find it is a fitting choice for little girls as well. Similar names include Halsey, as well as Halstead.

18 Samira

Sometimes, the way a name is spelled can be very misleading. Samira happens to be one of these names. Despite its’ spelling, the pronunciation of it is sah-MEER-ah. Perhaps the spelling is part of the charm of this name.

This is a name of Arabic origin. Also, in its’ culture, Samira means “evening conversationalist.” Samira began being used in the United States of America in the 1980’s, and has had some high points of popularity, as well as some low points. Since 2015, it has been on the rise again.

17 Maisie

This is quite a cute name for little ones. Maisie is a name of Scottish origin, and the meaning of it is “pearl.”

This name is the Scottish diminutive of Margaret. Additionally, Maisie has been around quite a bit in film, television, and books. The Light That Failed by Rudyard Kipling and What Maisie Knew by Henry James are both books that feature a character with this name.

Those books are not the only thing bringing this name to light. Any child named Maisie shares his or her name with Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams.

16 Rebel

There are certain names that are just cool enough to be used for both boys and girls alike. This is because they are equally popular amongst both crowds, and they are flexible enough to be unisex.

This is where the name Rebel comes in. Usually, it is a name used for young boys. However, girls are using it as well. A great example of this is British actress Rebel Wilson, who is best known for her work in the Pitch Perfect film series, as well as the movie Bridesmaids.

Rebel is a name with Latin origin. The meaning of it is “the rebellious one.”

15 Zendaya

Speaking of names that are currently seeing a spike in popularity due to famous people, Zendaya is trending right now. Today, one of the well known people who has this name is actress and singer Zendaya Coleman.

This name is of African origin. The meaning of it is “to give thanks.” Furthermore, this is the name that is currently sitting at the 999th spot on the list of names given to babies in the United States. Zendaya comes from the Shona language of Zimbabwe.

14 Saoirse

When it comes to names made popular by certain celebrities, there is certainly no shortage for new parents to choose from. One name that is definitely getting heard a bit more around the world than it used to is Saoirse.

Pronounced sear-shaw, this is one of those names that looks different than it sounds. Saoirse is a name of Irish origin, and “freedom,” and “liberty.”

This name is currently growing in popularity. This is likely due to Irish actress Saoirse Ronan.

13 Tavi

Once and awhile, there are times when one hears a name they did not know existed previously. For some, one of these names is Tavi. It is a very memorable name that won’t soon be forgotten.

This name is one that some should recognize, as it belongs to writer, actress, and journalist Tavi Gevinson. At age 15, Gevinson was named one of The 25 Most Influential Teens of 2014 by Time magazine.

Tavi is an English name, and the meaning is “eighth.” This name has been going up in popularity in the United States since 2013.

12 Ansel

There are a few names out there that automatically make one think of an artist. Ansel falls into this category.

This is a name that began in German culture. It is mostly used for naming little boys, and the meaning of Ansel in its original culture is “with divine protection or follower of a nobleman.”

Ansel is a name that has been around for a very long time. Its’ peak was in the year 1893, when it took the 540th spot on the baby name list.

Perhaps this name is so connected with art because of its history. Ansel Adams was a photographer, and Ansel Elgort was the son of a different photographer who was inspired by Adams.

11 Alden

Some names we know and love have been fairly popular for awhile, and are great as both first and last names. Alden is one of these.

This is a name that has been used for girls and boys. However, it is primarily used to name male babies, and it is sitting in the 818th spot on the list of names given to babies who are born in the United States.

For those who like this name but would like something different, there are a few names to pick from. Asher and Aiden are quite similar to Alden.

10 Asa

Some names seemed to be spread all over the map, while others remain a bit more local and unique to one area. Asa is this type of name, as it has seemed to stick around in the United States of America, but not many other places.

This is a name that is mostly for naming little boys. However, some girls are also being given this first name as well.

Asa was ranked among the top 2,000 baby names in the United States in the late 1800’s. The popularity of this name took a nosedive in the early and mid 1900’s, however it saw another spike in popularity near the year 2000, and has stayed fairly popular in the U.S. since then.

9 Armie

Lots of new mothers and fathers tend to seek out new, and sometimes previously unheard baby names for their newest addition to the family. For those looking to do this, Armie seems to be a good fit.

This name is extremely rare, though it has seen some popularity due to it being used by actor Armie Hammer. But aside from this actor, Armie is usually a name given to little girls. In some cultures, this name means “man,” or “pledge.”

8 Daveed

Many names are rich in culture, and they are therefore very attractive to parents looking for such a name for their child. Daveed fits into this group of names nicely.

Daveed is a name of Hebrew origin, and it is primarily for males. This name is a different version of another primarily male name, David.

Daveed is a name well known in the entertainment world, even with it being very rare. Daveed Daniele Diggs is an actor, rapper, and vocalist.

7 Audrina

Audrina is a name that has an English background, and the meaning of it is “noble strength.” It is a variation on the classic girls’ name Audrey.

This name has been around for awhile, but it seems it was most famous when it was the name of a person featured in a reality television program. Audrina Partridge was a popular cast member of the television show The Hills.

There are also plenty of names that are similar to Audrina. Audra, Amelina, Adelina, Anelise, and Aubrie are some of them.

6 Hannibal

There are a lot of names out there that were originally last names, yet they were altered to make them good first names as well. Hannibal is one of these names, as it has served as both a first and last name for a very long time.

This name has an English background, as well a German background. Alternate versions of Hannibal are Anabel and Amabel. Amabel is a named that comes from a Latin word meaning “lovable.”

There are quite a few names similar to Hannibal. Hansel and Annis are a couple of them. The meaning of this name is “grace of Baal god of fertility and fortune.”

5 Kit

Kit is a name that sounds fitting for both boys and girls. Primarily, though, it is chosen as a name for newborn little boys.

This name is one that has found its way around the world. Kit has Greek, American, and English backgrounds. The meaning of Kit is something along the lines of “carrier of Christ.”

Despite this being a great first name on its’ own, Kit is also a nickname. Kit serves as a nickname for both Christian and Christopher.

4 Nash

Nash is a pretty popular name for newborns, and it is a name that is given mostly to baby boys. Unlike some other names, Nash is one that originated in the United States, and the meaning of it is “dweller by the Ash tree.”

This name has been used quite often in recent years. It has been used since the early 1900’s, at the very least. In 2016, the popularity of the name Nash has been going up and has not slowed down yet.

3 Kyrie

When it comes to fun names that are good for little boys as well as little girls, this might be a good choice for some parents. Kyrie has only recently been used much, as it used to be a much more rare name, at least in the United States.

However, it is certainly more popular among girls and boys now. Perhaps the rise in popularity has a little bit to do with professional athlete Kyrie Andrew Irving, who is a basketball player.

2 Niall

There are just some names that are truly great for the future leaders of the world. This particular name is one of those.

In the United States, the name Niall was used in the early 1990’s, but nit much after that. However in 2015, it began being used again. Outside of the states, Niall has been around for a long time.

This name is one that has an Irish and Gaelic history. The meaning of it is “champion,” which it why it is a great choice for new babies. Additionally, the name belongs to singer Niall Horan of the band One Direction.

1 Zayn

Zayn seems to be very popular name these days. That is possibly because, like Niall, Zayn is also the name of a member of the band One Direction. The band member in question is Zayn Malik.

The popularity of the name Zayn in the United States has been continuously on the rise since approximately 2010. Furthermore, it seems as though it is as popular a choice for naming little girls as it is for baby boys. Currently, Zayn is sitting at the 341st spot on the list of names given to children born in the United States of America.

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