The 8 Most Common Types of Dreams During Pregnancy

Some say we dream to let go of bad memories. Others say dreaming unleashes our creativity. There are many theories as to why we have visions during sleep, and why dreams and nightmares multiply during pregnancy.

We all dream. In fact, we have several dreams every night, lasting between 5 to 20 minutes each. Not everyone remembers their dreams, but expecting mothers have a gift. Not only do most pregnant women have many vivid dreams every night, but they tend to remember them. The reason for this has to do with a soon-to-be mom’s new lifestyle and sleep patterns.

People tend to remember only the last dream they had before waking up. Sleep is often interrupted for expecting mothers. Because of trips to the bathroom, leg cramps, and trying to find a comfortable sleep position, pregnant women wake up more often. As a result, they are prone to remembering their dreams at the end of each sleep cycle.

Wild dreams are more common when you’re sleeping for two. Naturally, pregnant women have a lot on their minds. Since dreams reflect your thoughts and feelings, the worries of daily life intensify during pregnancy. There’s a constant concern for the child in the womb, and hormones further heighten these feelings.

The first step to decipher your dreams is to record them as soon as you awaken. Keep a journal and a pen beside your bed, and write down even the smallest detail. Pay attention to people, animals, colors, numbers, and emotions. After you’ve made a note of all of the visions in your head, compare them to our list of 10 common dreams during pregnancy, and what they mean.

8 Dreams About a Little Girl or a Little Boy

Psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud viewed dreams as the gateway to the unconscious mind. His study of dreams uncovered that your state of mind could be understood by analyzing the involuntarily images in your dreams. These images are significant in meaning, and can say much more than one word could describe.

As the due date approaches, delivery is naturally a growing concern. It is common for pregnant women to have dreams of childbirth, specifically giving birth to a particular gender. But is this a sign of things to come? It’s possible, but not probable.

If you’re pregnant, and envision a little girl, there is a possibility the dream is a premonition that you’re having a girl. The girl in the dream can also represent you at a younger age. You are reminiscing about your younger self, or channeling your inner child. Dreaming of a little girl could also be your honest vote of your preference in gender.

Is your subconscious predicting the gender of your baby?

Again, dreaming of a little boy could be your intuition into the gender of your baby. The boy in the dream could also embody the power you’re gaining in your family and in your new role as a mother.

A 1999 study from John Hopkins revealed that 55 percent of pregnant women correctly predicted the sex of their babies using any method, including dreams. There is a 50-50 chance in predicting the birth of a boy or a girl, so a random guess would have virtually the same result. There are other cases of people reporting precognitive dreams, but these are usually uncommon events.

Dreams are presented through a symbolic language. There are rare occasions when they are literal, but most times, they are metaphorical. You can begin to unlock the mysteries of your dream by examining everything and everyone as a symbol. You know yourself better than anyone else, so you are your own expert in deciphering your dreams.

7 Dreams About Baby Animals and Aliens

The dreams of expectant mothers are likely to be chock-full of feeling. Moms-to-be are on the verge of emotional and physical life changes. With so much in mind, the subconscious works to deal with the impending responsibility. Analyzing dreams can uncover your deepest emotions, and repressed feelings, such as guilt, excitement, or fear.

Birthing animals

For some women, the nearest they have come to parenthood is having a cat or a dog. Caring for a newborn can be daunting, but looking after a pet is a somewhat simple task. This is why pregnant women often dream about giving birth to a cat. Not only is it a “trial run” for birth with something familiar, but a cat is relatively the same size as a baby. It’s your brain’s way of practicing for the delivery day in a way that is recognizable.

Talking animals

If you have ever imagined a talking animal in your dream, this is a symbol of wisdom. The animal is you, offering knowledge to yourself. This dream is reminding you to listen to your intuition, and trust your gut feelings.

Birthing aliens

However distorted, giving birth to an alien is a common dream for pregnant women. This dream could mean you feel like a host for the foreign entity in your body. After all, the baby’s first ultrasound somewhat resembles an alien being.

Some women misinterpret this dream. They fear that they will deliver a baby with birth defects, but the alien is merely a symbol of a newborn. Dreaming of birth is the internal plan for the responsibilities of motherhood.

The interpretation of this dream is similar to that of giving birth to animals. It’s a fear of the unknown. You don’t yet know your child, and you don’t know how you will care for this little one. The alien in this fantasy may reveal a fear of being totally in charge of a defenseless being.

6 Dreams About Forgetting Your Baby

Having bizarre dreams during pregnancy is quite normal. Disturbing tales can be worrisome, but even nightmares can be helpful if you pay attention to the message.

Forgetting your baby somewhere is a terrifying thought, which is why this nightmare is common among pregnant women. Dreaming that you’re not able to remember where you left your newborn can be interpreted in one of two ways.

Taking care of a newborn is a tough job. Becoming a parent of a wrinkled little person who is 100% dependent on you is exciting, but also a little scary. A dream of losing the baby is a classic anxiety of feeling consumed with the pressures of impending motherhood. This dream can also suggest a fear that you are too immature, and not emotionally ready to take care of a child.

By analyzing these dreams, you can be mindful of your jitters, and work to resolve your fears.

This “forgetting” nocturnal adventure doesn’t mean you will be a bad mother. The idea of forgetting your newborn is an underlying fear that has materialized into a dream. Maybe you worry that you don’t know how to take care of the tiny being in your womb. Perhaps you doubt your maternal abilities. Pregnancy is 10 months of unpredictable situations, so fear is a natural response.

Dreams are designed to recapture balance in your emotional life. It’s the sanctuary where you can release all of your worries and frustrations. We tend to disregard, doubt, and repress our emotions in everyday life. Dreams allow us to let our guards down, providing safe havens to express our true feelings. 

5 Dreams About Falling

Within 10 months, moms-to-be undergo radical changes. During this transition period, everything is developing. Physically, emotionally, and hormonally, everything is changing. Even dreams are affected. This is why some pregnant women feel tired during the day, even though they get enough sleep at night. Vivid dreams can impact the quality of your sleep.

The “falling” nightmare is particularly common among pregnant women. When you fall, you lose control. This panicky dream reflects the uncertainty of what’s to come. Deep down, the anticipation of motherhood may be an overwhelming feeling. Feeling a loss of control may be due to the infant that has “invaded” your body. It’s a feeling of vulnerability. 

The “falling” dream can also be explained as a fear of loss of freedom or worries that you might somehow fail as a mother.

Researchers have found that nightmares are actually beneficial to expectant mothers. The study showed that women who experienced disturbing dreams during pregnancy had lower incidences of complications during labor. Their delivery times were also shorter.

The study concluded that through nightmares, repressed feelings were brought to light. As a result, fewer pregnant women were in denial of their hidden fears, and more women were able to let go of their anxieties. When they occur, it means you’re trying to deal with an unresolved issue. You may feel like this dream is a bad omen, but think of nightmares as a potential lesson.

If you’re concerned about your dreams, talk to a close friend or even your doctor or midwife. This may help you break the recurring spells. Remember, they are just fantasies. Don’t let your dreams keep you up at night.

4 Dreams About Giving Birth to Twins

Dreams about delivering multiple children are complex to decipher. Old wives tales would say this dream is a maternal premonition. Yet many women who have dreams of birthing multiple children deliver only one child. This is not necessarily a prophetic dream.

Giving birth to twins

If you are expecting one child, dreaming of twins may reflect the growing goose bumps you’re having over the impending childbirth. The fear is that taking care of a baby is easier said than done. Perhaps you’re already becoming overwhelmed with the thoughts of the demands of parenthood. You’re dreaming of multiple children because you’re concerned about the many challenges you’ll face.

Sometimes the “twins” dream doesn’t have anything to do with the delivery of children. One twin in a dream can represent the other side of you. In this analysis, the second baby is your inner child. There is a potential for you to develop to overcome personal difficulties.

Perhaps you have an agonizing decision to make and you don’t know which way to go. The conflict is depicted as two babies, each one representing one side of the argument. In this scenario, ask yourself what you have been debating in real life.

Giving birth to triplets

Dreaming of triplets could have an entirely other different context than dreaming of twins. Three is regarded as a creative number. Depending on your beliefs, triplets could symbolize a trilogy, as in the father, mother, and child, or the past, present, and future.

Symbolically, triplets could signify the possibility to evolve in different ways. Three babies may represent a struggle to use knowledge from the past, by applying it to the present to prepare for the future.

3 Dreams About Your Baby Being Hurt

Dreams are sensitive to the state of your mind and body. While your brain works overtime, and the due date approaches, you’re sure to expect more and more bizarre dreams. Many expectant moms report dreams of harm coming to their little one. Once again, this isn’t a bad omen, but rather a deep-seated fear that is bubbling over into dreamland.

In this dream, your competency as a good mother is in question. Perhaps there’s a lot on your plate, and you’re unsure if you can handle a baby on top of all of your other responsibilities. This is just a nightmare, and not a genuine reflection that you’ll allow harm to come to your child.

In fact, this is a sign that your nurturing and protective side is kicking in. For a first-time mother, being a parent is a new concept, and taking care of a child is a new experience. Fears for the baby’s safety will begin long before birth. It’s your unconscious preparing you as a caregiver for a delicate human being.

Nothing bad will happen to your baby, roll over and start a new dream.

The visions in a dream can sometimes be spooky, and seem all too real. Try to remember that regardless of the intensity of the nightmare, it doesn’t mean that there will be some kind of problem with your pregnancy. Bad dreams are not prophecies of doom. They’re merely visual breakdowns of your emotions.

While dreams and nightmares are normal during pregnancy, don’t stress too much about them, but don’t totally ignore them either. These dreams will reoccur, especially if you feel uncomfortable communicating your feelings out loud. If you suspect something is wrong, speak with your doctor. Medical professionals value a mother’s intuition, and they can easily check any issues that your dreams may uncover.

2 Dreams that Depict Infidelity in the Relationship

Disturbing as it may be, pregnant women often dream about their partners cheating on them, or cheating on their partners with an ex-lover. Dream analysts say your sixth sense is probably not kicking in on this one. It’s yet another classic manifestation of a common pregnancy fear.

Your partner is cheating on you

Dreaming that your significant other is having an affair can be unsettling. Although you know it’s a dream, it can seem all too real to the point where you may start to doubt your relationship. But this dream is less about your partner and more about you.

“Being cheated on” dreams can be explained in a few ways. The first explanation could involve your insecurity about your changing looks. You may be feeling unattractive as many pregnant women do. They fear that having a baby will forever change their physiques. The fear is that you will no longer be attractive to your partner, and dread that their interest in you will fade.

Another explanation could be a fear of abandonment. You worry about the pregnancy, the delivery, and what is down the road for your family. You may wonder if your better half will be around for you and your baby in the future.

This dream may concern you, but don’t torture yourself or your partner over an incident that hasn’t actually happened. The fears presented in your dreams are worst case scenarios, and your brain is attempting to resolve these internal conflicts.

You are cheating on your partner

The dreams in which you are the adulterer don’t indicate that you desire an old partner. It may, however, represent your ambivalence to motherhood. New obligations may have you feeling confined. Dreaming of a former romance embodies the days of abandon and freedom. You’re reminiscing about your past self when life was carefree.

There’s no need to feel guilty about hooking up with an old flame in your dream. In reality, these dreams emerge to bring closure to the past. The fantasy allows your brain to open up to a new kind of love that parenthood will usher in.

Dreams about an affair are seldom about cheating, but it’s a good idea to share whatever feelings you’re having with your partner. You can benefit from your dreams if you reflect on the deeper meaning, and then confront the issues.

1 Dreams About Water

All of our lives began the same way, in a watery environment in a womb. Expectant mothers often dream about water because water is connected to pregnancy in more ways than one.

The fetus is surrounded by amniotic fluid, a watery cushion that protects the baby. Plus, when your “water breaks,” it’s the onset of active labor. Also, water can be cleansing, like a rebirth or a new life. Or, dreaming of water could be simply due to your constant need to urinate. Some dreams will be more significant than others.

Water is quite significant to your pregnancy

Dreaming of waves in an ocean could have polar opposite meanings. For instance, this dream could reflect your fear of your water breaking in an unsuitable place. Or, since you are bearing a child, water could symbolize your connection with nature. How you interact with the water is the key to interpreting your dreams.

Does the water help you stay afloat, or is it a strong current? Are you calm or are you drowning? Your true emotions can be deciphered through the mood of the dream.

Worry during pregnancy can be hard to diagnose. Interpreting your dreams can help you pinpoint what’s on your mind. Dream analysis can also encourage you to discuss your feelings with your partner. Consider it free overnight therapy. Sleep tight.

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