The 8 Most Wonderful Things About Being Pregnant

There are many amazing things about being pregnant, especially if it is your very first child. What you may feel amazing about having another life within you is something another mother-to-be may not feel. But generally, there are 8 wonderful things about being pregnant, which are:

8 Free Chauffeur and No Worries About Seating

Let’s say you are on a bus or train and it happens to be crowded. There is no place for you to sit and you badly wish to rest your weary legs after a long walk. Don’t worry; just get on the bus or train. There is sure to be someone who will offer his or her seat to you! After all, even those who can’t read can see the public sign clearly - the one that indicates giving priority to pregnant women.

Do you need to catch a taxi to reach somewhere real quick? Don’t worry about the waiting queue. You can rest easy that those waiting aren’t going to be mad at you for jumping the queue and catching a taxi before them - that is if there is no Samaritan who sees your protruding belly and decides to give you first priority on taking a taxi.

Now, if you happen to be at an event or a party, you can count on someone to carry a nice chair for you to sit on if there is none available. If you are like me and detest driving especially in a traffic jam or on a road where there are Formula One drivers or maniacs driving around, well, you can rely on your partner or someone else to accompany you and to even drive the car. Yes, enjoy the luxury and experience of having a free chauffeur to wherever you wish to go!

7 Other People Are More Solicitous Towards You

Whether it is your spouse, father, mother, friend, colleague or even a stranger, most people are bound to be solicitous. You don’t have to go out and buy your food – let your colleague do that for you. There will be volunteers who would ask you if you wish for him or her to buy your meal (whatever that might be; you are carrying a child and you have cravings, and yes, they understand that).

Unless your partner is deadly against you being pregnant, you can count on him to do many things including household chores for you. Here, it is best for you to make good use of your pregnancy and give him proper training so that he can continue to serve you even after your pregnancy. Considering how many men shy away from doing their part of the household chores, yes, now is the right time to train your spouse well. 

You can count on good co-operation and diligence – he is going to be a Daddy and you are carrying his child - he is amazed and reminded of this each time he sees your protruding belly. Make good use of this golden opportunity!

Let people pamper you

You're going through a tough time already what with all that nausea, lack of sleep and light-headedness, and dealing with things like household chores will probably be the last thing on your mind. If you have people around who are volunteering to help, don't say no. Let them handle things for a while!

6 Bonding with Your Life Partner

Having a child is something indefinable and precious. It is not just the mother-to-be who feels the joys of creation, but also the father-to-be. This is a special time when you bond with your life partner in a truly unique way – both of you have played a role in creating a life; there are no words to describe these feelings. His sperm and your ovum bonded together to create an embryo that displays its existence by kicking its legs or moving about doing God-knows-what in your stomach.

That was the moment of creation, the moment that you and your spouse became one with the Creator of the Universe, the life force of the Universe. A child has made both you and your spouse a true family, a unit by itself. 

Have fun while the two of you can

Once your baby makes an arrival, it won't be possible for you and your husband to spend much time with each other. Babies are very demanding what with all those diaper changes, all that breastfeeding and never-ending burping. With so much to do, you will not be able to give much time to each other so have all the fun in the world with each other while you can!

5 Great Opportunity to Nurture Your Body, Mind and Spirit

Some women fail to take care of themselves after marriage especially after having one or two children. This is the time when you can make some “me” time, which is indeed important for a healthy spirit, body and mind. Enjoy the bigger personal space that you have while you are pregnant. Take the time to nurture your emotions, body, mind and spirit in the ways that matter.

Remember that you are carrying another life within you that is connected to you. The baby can feel what you feel and be affected by it in a positive or negative way. Eat healthy food if you haven’t been doing so – it is for necessary for your own and your child's well-being. Drink lots of water and consume foods that are rich in antioxidants to flush out whatever toxins that might be present in your body. It is also the time to pamper your body - take nice, long spa baths and apply whatever lotions you want to have better skin.

You'll have glowing skin

That's right. One of the best side-effects of pregnancy includes having that beautiful glow on your skin. Make the most of this glow while it lasts - dress up nice, apply a bit of makeup and show your beauty off!

4 Blooming Effects of Pregnancy and Benefits After Birth

Now, if you have long been despairing about your lack of bosom (to put it nicely!), it is time to re-assure yourself. Most women go through various physical changes during their pregnancy. One result of pregnancy which usually happens during the third trimester is that of having bigger breasts for the purpose of breastfeeding. 

No, your breasts are not going to shrink in size once you stop breastfeeding or months after your child’s birth (not if you wear the right bra and take the necessary precautions to look after the appearance of your breasts during and after breastfeeding), so you can stop worrying about it.

Most women do experience bigger breasts permanently. For those who have been thinking of plastic surgery to boost their boobs, getting pregnant is a cheaper, safer and more effective way to go about things. Also, you get to hold and cherish a bubbling bundle of joy and energy every day – what can be more wonderful than this?

Other side-effects

Even without studiously using a moisturizer, don’t be surprised to see your skin look beautiful and blooming – one of the wonders of pregnancy. Many women also experience shinier and thicker crowning glory. Enjoy the experience of looking more beautiful and don’t forget to buy some lovely and suitable clothes to complement all these nature’s boons to look great.

3 Life’s Special Journey that Only Belongs to Women

Yes, some women may grumble as to how men don’t have to go through the hardships of pregnancy. But perhaps the hardships including all the vomiting, sitting and standing difficulties, discomfort, etc. are supplanted by the feelings of joys of carrying another life. Imagine a little heart beating within you; your very own creation. Remember, as Kahlil Gibran said, “Your child is not a part of you, but comes through you”. Indeed, your baby comes through you and is your legacy to the world.

Though you may not have a 100 percent impact on how your child grows up to be (a villain, saint or whatever), but there is some impact nevertheless. Biologically, it is undeniable that a child carries the physical characteristics of its father or mother or both combined. When you look into her eyes, you see your eyes, the same shade of blue – how remarkable can it be?

Motherhood is special

Motherhood is a journey that is part of nature, but not all are gifted to go through it. So enjoy the wonders of your pregnancy, the feel of another heart beating, another life pulsating within you, another life eating and drinking what you do. Yes, another life feels you, your emotions, etc., perhaps more so than anyone else at that time.

2 Talking to Someone Without Seeming Crazy Whenever or Wherever You Wish

Some of us have the habit of muttering to ourselves with or without intention. Now, with another life beating within you, you can talk to your child without any feeling of self-consciousness. What’s great about talking to your baby is that he can’t talk back to you and simply has no choice, but to listen. Unlike the wall, your baby is alive!

Imagine letting go of your emotions or feelings to another person, no matter how tiny that person might be inside you. Yes, you’ve got a great talking partner for nine months at the least. Enjoy the moment of connecting to someone else whenever or wherever you wish – your child is available as your talking partner 24/7. 

Bond with your baby

As time passes by, talking to your baby and connecting with him is going to go a long way in helping you bond with your bundle of joy. Sing to him and speak your heart out - it will totally be worth it as you will already share a special bond with him right after delivery.

1 Enjoying Free Gifts of Snacks, Meals, Drinks and More While it Lasts

Seeing how you are eating for two, don’t be surprised to get free snacks, meals and drinks from colleagues, friends and relatives – all done in good faith. Now that you are pregnant, you may find snacks, meals or drinks on your work table now and then, courtesy of your dear colleagues.

There are also bound to be people (yes that includes strangers) who give you free gifts, knick-knacks or whatever, if not for you then for your baby at the very least. It is a funny thing, but some people feel heartened to see a pregnant woman - and giving gifts makes them happy.

Don’t forget that pregnancy is a great time to heal your body. What you eat can help heal or strengthen your body and nurture your child. Hence, it is vital for you to be careful of what you eat. After giving birth, your body goes into the self-healing mode. Nature gives you the opportunity to self-heal your body and mind in various ways, so you need to maximize on this opportunity by eating right. If you are lucky enough to live in California, New Jersey and Rhode Island in the United States, then you get to enjoy paid maternity leave. In other U.S. states, you can apply for unpaid leave as is the case in Canada. Now, if you are lucky enough to live in countries like the UK, you get weeks of paid maternity leave.

It's motherhood all over again

I guess the most wonderful thing about being pregnant is to know that you are responsible for the creation and birth of another individual – it’s the feeling that you have been a part of the Universe’s creation process. To feel another being’s heart beating in rhythm to your own heart from within you, to know that a little being feels and knows you like no other are things that are indescribable. It is one of the greatest wonders of the Universe. 

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