The 'Baby Shark Halloween' Remix Is An Instant Classic

Just when ‘Baby Shark’ was starting to wear a little thin, here comes the ‘Baby Shark Halloween Remix,’ a Halloween version of "Baby Shark" that has been around for the past two years. The video is undeniably cute and even features a tiny ghost shark.

The original ‘Baby Shark Halloween’ remix was first released back in 2017, but it's back in time for the start of school and the inevitable countdown to the year’s most fun holiday. Instead of the usual "Do do do do do do do's," the Halloween remix goes, "Baby shark boo boo boo, boo boo boo boo boo ... "

This time around the shark family is ready for Halloween with Mommy, Baby, and Daddy shark dressed up in costumes. The sharks swim around and are joined by other trick-or-treaters like Pirate Shark, Cowboy Shark, and Princess Shark.

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Although the original tune was created by Pink Fong, the remix was made by Super Simple. Adults may quickly tire of the tune, but experts say the songs can help young kids learning language skills. According to speech therapist Laura Brown, "I have used them in my special day programs and have personally used them with my [3-year-old] son to encourage his language development. They are my [go-to] videos when I let him have screen time."

Brown encourages parents to watch the YouTube video with their kids and ask them questions to further their comprehension of what they're watching. Since debuting two years ago, the ‘Baby Shark Halloween Remix’ has become a massive hit online and is destined to become a holiday classic, at least among toddlers. So far the catchy Halloween version has nearly 77 million views on YouTube.

The original ‘Baby Shark,’ which has been viewed more than 3 billion times, may seem like a pop culture creation but actually it is believed to have originated as a campfire song where each member of the shark family is introduced with different hand gestures. Some say the song dates back to the early 20th century, while others believe it was inspired by the movie Jaws and popularized by camp counselors after the film came out in 1975.

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Despite its recent popularity, not everyone loves ‘Baby Shark.’ This past July, officials in West Palm Beach, Florida, were criticized for playing a continuous loop of the song throughout the night outside the Waterfront Lake Pavilion in order to deter homeless people from camping out.

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