The Baby’s Best And Worst Feature According To Their Zodiac Sign

I absolutely love reading about my zodiac sign and my horoscope, when I can remember. While I know that it is impossible for it to be 100 percent true, I do find that much of the time it is freakishly close to the truth. From the characteristics to what my year is going to look like, my zodiac sign actually says a lot more about me than I’d think.

I also like reading about my little one’s zodiac sign as well to get insight on how he will be and the characteristics he will have or already has. It turns out, though, that the little one’s zodiac sign can tell moms more than just the kind of temperament their little baby boy or girl will have or if they will be more serious versus creative.

The time of year a child is born can actually provide insight on the kind of features they will have. While, again, the zodiac predictions are not written in stone, they do hold a bit of truth in some cases and that can definitely be the case for a young baby.

Here are the best and worst features of a child based on their zodiac sign.

12 Aries

People that are born between March 21st and April 19th fall into the Aries zodiac sign. I am an Aries so I know all too well what you should expect when it comes to your little one. This fire sign lives up to its name with a feisty attitude and do-anything demeanor. Your spring baby will come out of the womb with a facial bone structure that people go under the knife to achieve.

Their face totally plays into the strong Aries attitude. However, on the flip side, Aries babies can have very prominent features that take a while to grow into. Their lips, brows, nose, and chin can look almost too strong for their delicate little face. But don't worry - it’ll look much better as they grow into adults.

11 Taurus

Born between April 20th and May 20th, the Taurus zodiac sign is an Earth sign. People born under this zodiac are usually grounded, practical, and quite realistic. Physically, babies that are born under this Earth sign typically have big, captivating, all encompassing eyes that just suck you in. When it comes to babies and small children, beautiful eyes just melt my heart.

While your little one will be making all the hearts swoon with their big eyes, Taurus babies are also thick, sturdy, wide framed little ones. This can make dressing them a bit difficult. Their compact frame can be difficult for them as they get a little older and learn how to walk and move around. But, with general activity that children enjoy doing anyway, they will be as perfectly healthy as any other zodiac sign.

10 Gemini

Little ones that fall under the Gemini zodiac sign are born between May 21st and June 20th. Wee babes that are a part of this twin sign can be affectionate and sweet while also being indecisive and quite nervous. Your new baby will likely grow up to be tall and strong which, whether you have a boy or girl, beautiful height is always a total plus.

While they will be tall and stand out easily among a crowd, your little Gemini is likely to have a high, prominent forehead. Between their height and the prominent and high forehead, there’s no telling which will be more noticeable. However, there are plenty of well known beauties with large foreheads that rock them with pride and look great doing it. Tyra Banks likes to refer to her large forehead as a "fivehead" because it's so big - and girlfriend is still gorgeous!

9 Cancer

Image result for babies big cheeks

Your little Cancer sign baby falls between June 21st and July 22nd. They are naturally loving and highly affectionate babies that will blow you away with their imagination. Those same emotions can make them quite moody and insecure. Your little water sign’s best feature is, without a doubt, their beautiful high cheekbones. Most people envy a perfectly structured face and cheeks that no plastic surgeon can replicate.

Your little one will be born with them. On the other side, your little one isn’t likely to be born with the best head of hair according to their zodiac sign. Cancers typically have quite thin hair so your babe might have just a few thin strands for the first couple of years. But don't worry, with awesome cheekbones they'll be able to distract from flyaway hair or rock a really cute hat.

8 Leo

One of the fiercest signs in the zodiac, Leos are born between July 23rd and August 22nd. They are typically creative and cheerful people with a bit of stubbornness and arrogance as well. Much like the lion that represents the Leo sign, your summer baby born under this zodiac symbol will have a mane that is thick, shiny, and absolutely beautiful. You might even have hair envy and massive heartburn during your pregnancy.

Your little one’s less than stellar feature will likely be a thick, prominent nose that will certainly take some growing into as they get older. And noses only keep growing, so if it's big on your baby - just wait till they're an adult. On the good side, their thick and gorgeous mane will make their thicker nose seem like it fits perfectly on their face. At least everything will match!

7 Virgo

Virgo babies are born in the late summer months between August 23 and September 22nd. They are naturally loyal and hardworking which is a wonderful aspect of any child. Children born under this earth sign have distinct physical features that go hand and hand with their personality of being shy and analytical. One of the best features of a Virgo baby is their ability to hold on to their youth for a long while. Virgo babies are known for looking younger than they are so when your little one is a rambunctious toddler, they will still have that innocently young face of a 1 year old. And you can bet they'll be asked for ID at bars well into their 30's.

On the down side, Virgo babies do not have any stand out features. They tend to not stand out as far as their facial attributes go and can easily blend in with the children around them.

6 Libra

Another sign that is close to my heart as my son is born under it, the Libra sign is born between September 23 and October 22. They are gracious, social and diplomatic which is clear by the balancing scale that represents them. They can also be indecisive and run at the sight of confrontation. As far as their features as children, they tend to have the perfect set of lips that are not too full or too thin, which is nice especially in a time when lip injections are almost the default.

When it comes to the worst feature, your little one may have an issue with weight control as they grow up. While childhood weight control is definitely not the worst feature a child could have, or even a terrible one, it is definitely something you can easily keep an eye on and help control with a balanced diet and outdoor play.

5 Scorpio

This water sign, born between October 23rd and November 21st, is a passionate, resourceful, and brave person by nature. They can also be distrusting, jealous, and secretive. When it comes to the physical traits of your little one, Scorpio babies have piercing eyes that practically draw a person into them. It’s not necessarily the color or shape as much as it is just the intensity of them. This is a feature that will carry them through adulthood as a prominent, beautiful part of their face.

On the other side, since Scorpios have such intense features, they can be a bit too intense for your little ones. In fact, your little girls may have to deal with intense masculine features like a strong build and a sturdy, sharp jaw line. Don't worry - they'll grow into them in time.

4 Sagittarius

Generous and idealistic, the Sagittarius zodiac sign is a fire element born between November 22nd and December 21st. Little Sagittarius children love to explore, travel, and enjoy their freedom though they can be impatient and a bit harsh. Your cold weather baby will have a natural height that ranges taller than most people, which is one of their greatest physical features. I’m tall myself, and it took some getting used to, but I absolutely love it.

Your Sagittarius baby is another zodiac sign that will have to watch their diet as they get older as unwanted weight gain can become a pesky issue. Again, weight gain isn’t a terrible issue and can definitely be monitored with a balanced diet and plenty of childhood outdoor play. Putting the focus on health and active living will make avoiding unhealthy weight gain a breeze.

3 Capricorn

Your little Earth sign, born between December 22nd and January 19th, is a naturally calm, self controlled and responsible Capricorn. They can also be a bit of a know it all and quite unforgiving. As far as their physical appearance, your little Capricorn has lucked out. If you have a baby boy, they will likely grow up to have a sturdy, muscular body type that is strong and stocky. For your baby girl, she will likely have a well proportioned, fit figure.

On the less than gleaming side of your little Capricorn's features are their unpredictable teeth. Capricorns can either have a nice set of teeth or crooked teeth that will cost you a fortune in braces, retainers and surgeries. Either way, that poor characteristic can definitely be remedied with the right dentist on hand.

2 Aquarius

Unlike the sign’s element of air, the Aquarius zodiac sign is independent, progressive and quite original. In that same breath, they can also be relentlessly uncompromising and aloof which aren’t the best qualities. Aquarius babes have a naturally athletic type of build with beautifully long legs that will definitely be the envy of anyone they come across. I would be jealous, that’s for sure. Their long legs go quite will with their tall body frame.

The not-so-flattering feature for an Aquarius baby your little one can also have a thick neck that can come across as masculine for your baby girl and overly prominent for your baby boy as they grow up. Luckily, their athletic build and tall frame will overshadow their naturally wide neck. No one will realize they have a thick neck when they can't stop staring at their impressive long legs.

1 Pisces

A true water sign, your Pisces baby has a birthday that falls between February 19th and March 20th. Their natural disposition is compassionate, artistic, and incredibly intuitive; almost psychic like. They can also be overly trusting and fearful. Your little water baby’s most stand out feature is their glowing smile that will definitely be a showstopper. A quick flash of that smile will have everyone flocking around them. Who can resist a smiling baby?

While your little one will start out with a sweet, youthful face, you might notice that they have an older appearance that is a bit weathered sooner than they should. While this may be likely, their big and glowing smile will completely offset any aging or weathering that may pop up over the years.

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