The Best Age To Get Married And Have Kids Based On Mom's Horoscope

Everyone decides to marry at a time that is right for them and have a child when they feel ready to cope. However, the birthday of each partner can be significant in determining the best age to settle down and marry. Horoscope signs have specific characteristics, some are loyal, some love their freedom, and analyzing the star sign of a potential partner can help establish the optimum time to settle down.

According to Cosmopolitan, this analysis can help us to determine when we are ready to marry and start a family. It can help us work out why relationships might have failed in the past and what we can do to give ourselves a better chance of happiness in the future.

Many people swear by astrology and have their birth charts analyzed to see which partner would be ideal for them and which to avoid. They are avid in asking partners about their star sign and keen to know what characteristics of that sign they display. Lonely hearts ads often mention the star sign of the person posting the ad and will often request a particular star sign to respond.

However unsatisfactory this may appear to the cynics, it is worth investigating the science of the theories before making a decision. There do appear to be certain traits that signs display and if we avoid an unfaithful or needy partner, astrology could provide important clues.

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20 Aries - Don't Rush Into Things

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Those born under the sign of Aries can be impulsive and rush into things too quickly. They can be prone to snap decisions and forget to pause when they should think things through. Therefore, it is best to wait until at least thirty to avoid making a decision that might later be regretted.

Otherwise, they can rush into marriage and divorce a couple of times before they get it right, so it is ideal for them to wait, however, they may get swept away in the romance of the moment.

Aries love excitement and thrills and anything that threatens to remove that will not be appealing to them, so marriage may seem like a dampener on that fun. However, when an Aries falls in love they will convince themselves that it should be forever, so they can jump into a serious relationship. Therefore, it is best for an Aries to wait until at least mid-thirties to settle down to avoid an impulse marriage that may tie them down before they are ready.

19 Taurus - Wait Until Your Mid-Thirties

Taureans tend to be sensible in their decisions, they look for security and like stability. They are more likely to wait until they find the right person who suits them and meets their needs. They will be likely to think things through and take their time, so mid-thirties would be the best age for a Taurean to marry.

Once they do marry, they are loyal and committed and thrive in a married environment. However, they can convince themselves that a relationship is better than it is because they want it to be so. However, they tend to be quite unadventurous so may not be seeking too many thrills before settling down and having children in the early thirties would be a good age. By that time, they should be sure of themselves and the consequences of their actions before committing.

A Taurean man is a good solid life partner and will stay loyal and want to provide a happy home. A Taurean woman wants to create a happy home and adores children. She too can be loyal, dedicated and patient enough to wait for her dreams to come true.

18 Gemini - It'll Be A Surprise

Geminis are difficult to decipher when it comes to marriage. Their twin personalities mean that one minute they are sure and the next minute they are not. While no one can be sure whether Geminis are flitting about or whether they have found ‘the one’, mid-thirties is a good time for Geminis to marry. They are quite unsure of themselves and their decisions, so a bit of life experience under the belt would be handy.

In fact, don’t be surprised if a sudden wedding invitation comes through the door from a Gemini. A surprise wedding would suit their personality perfectly.

They get bored very easily in a relationship until they find someone who stimulates them enough, so waiting is the best option for this sign. They can waive between deciding they want to be single forever and convincing themselves that marriage and children are the best moves right now.

Therefore, it is wise for a Gemini to wait until they have learned a bit more about relationships and want they want until at least mid-thirties according to Power of Positivity.

17 Cancer - The Earlier The Better

Cancers are homebodies and love to settle down and be committed for life. They search for the one and when they find someone, they will want to make it official and get married. They are reliable and loyal, so mid-twenties is a fine time for them to marry. They seek the comfort of their sign’s crab shell, according to World.parhlo.

As home and family are so important to Cancers, they will want to have all their loved ones with them on their wedding day.

As such family fanatics, they will want to have children early and make a family with their partner and be content with this. The family is what makes Cancers tick, so they are likely to have children early and love it.

They tend to make a success of a long-term relationship as well, even if friends and family think they are mad for committing so early. They know when something is right and will follow that gut feeling to marriage and children and be content with their decisions.

16 Leo - Will Be As Late As Possible

A Leo likes a committed and long-term relationship and would rather wait for a life mate than bother with one-night stands and short-term flings. So, they are happy to wait and be single rather than be with the wrong person. They like to be in control and be the ruling lion in a relationship, so they want to be the one to decide when a relationship is ready for long-term commitment and to decide when they want a baby.

So, the best stage for a Leo to marry is as late as possible, so forty or mid-forties is optimum according to Better Me. This may prove difficult for a Leo mom, so she may consider freezing some eggs in the middle of pursuing the ideal career.

Leo is ruled by the sun and makes Leo men want to shine and be the center of attention. They like to have fun with their children and will give respect and admiration to those around him but likes to get it back too. A Leo woman is an ideal wife for a career husband. She will make everything work for him to be successful and will put up with the tough times to enjoy the good ones.

15 Virgo - Mid-Twenties Is The Best Time

Virgos are workers and have goals for their careers that can get in the way of relationships. Work will come first, so Virgos will wait until they realize they may have missed the boat and then think about marrying. They will want to feel they have achieved all their career goals before they can devote their time and attention to a serious relationship and parenthood.

However, as goal seekers, they may regard marriage as a goal they need to achieve and then tick that box and get on with work, so Virgos can marry early once work is established. They get excited about the idea of marriage and may jump into it and think about it afterward. They need time to get to know themselves and learn a bit about life before committing, so mid to late twenties is the earliest they should marry and start a family.

A Virgo man is regarded as one of the most faithful and loyal of all the signs. He will work hard and need a wife who can support this, but he will be trustworthy and hardworking as a husband and father. A Virgo mother will be an incredibly loving mother, but her practical, logical nature may lead her to want to control.

14 Libra - Work Out What You Want First

Libras can be indecisive and weigh the pros and cons of a situation and a relationship. This can make it sensible for them to marry later in life when they have worked out what they really want.

However, they are good at being grown up and good at making grown-up decisions. So early to mid-twenties could be an ideal time for them to settle down.

Libras are consistent and what you see is what you get. So, the partner of a Libra will see them wearing their heart on their sleeve. Libras will stick to their decisions and see it through, so if they marry and have children in their mid to late twenties they will see it through in most cases.

A Libra man yearns for marriage and wants to be a family man. A Libra woman wants to be stimulated and can be insecure, so needs a strong partner, and some fun, so she will be a hands-on mom with plenty of ideas for activities.

13 Scorpio - Beware Of Boredom

The problem for a partner of a Scorpio is that they love a relationship but can be bored easily and move in and out of relationships quickly. Divorce is likely for them, but this is because of their inner insecurities, so if they work on themselves they will be happier and so will their partners.

If a Scorpio knows themselves well and thinks of others, they will realize that they need to see and experience as much of life as possible before settling down. This makes their ideal age to marry later than other signs, and early to mid-forties would be a good age. Scorpio moms who are busy ticking every item off their bucket list before they have children may consider freezing their eggs earlier in life so that they haven’t left it too late to have a baby.

A Scorpio man is a tortured soul in many ways and has a deep fear of getting hurt. This may make them appear needy and possessive, but they can be supremely dedicated and loyal. A Scorpio woman takes her marriage very seriously and will hang on to it as long as she can, as long as she feels she is respected and loved.

12 Sagittarius - Lucky Number 35

Sagittarians do not like to be contained or tied down and they are unlikely to commit until the mid to late thirties as they will enjoy their freedom too much. They like to think of the future, but the short-term future. So, to them, the weekend plans and the holiday next month will be as far as they want to think about.

They should marry in their mid-thirties when they have done enough of the fun stuff and decide that settling down is their new short-term goal.

A Sagittarius man can be a real dreamer and convince himself of something and pursue it to its conclusion, even if evidence contradicts what he believes. He will need his freedom though, so won’t want a needy partner, and if he needs to work away for a time, he needs a wife who can cope with the children. A Sagittarius mom needs her freedom too and if she finds that partner, she can settle into marriage and parenthood and find her excitement there as long as it’s never boring.

11 Capricorn - As Soon As Possible

Capricorns tend to be grounded and welcome the responsibilities of marriage and to thrive on them, the so early twenties is an ideal time for them to marry. They will also welcome the responsibilities of parenthood as well, so they are ideal to become young parents.

They mature far more quickly than other signs and may end up marrying childhood sweethearts and having children as soon as they can. They have life worked out in a way that other signs can’t imagine, so don’t be surprised if a Capricorn is married with a brood of babies by the time they hit their 25th birthday, don’t worry, they can cope with it.

A Capricorn man may not show his feelings as much as other signs, so he may not be a cuddly, hands-on father, however, devoted he is. A Capricorn woman can create a beautiful, peaceful family, however, if she is crossed or hurt, she may become distant and withdrawn and if she is heartbroken she will have no qualms about walking away.

10 Aquarius - It Might Not Happen

Party Animals and Beautiful Young Woman

Aquarians like their freedom so they may balk at the thought of marriage. However, they also love security, so if they find someone they feel comfortable with, they could marry early. They love to experience new things and new people and may continue to do so once they are married so they may arise jealousy and suspicion, even innocently.

A later marriage may suit an Aquarius personality better so that they have a chance to feel that they have had as much fun and freedom as they can before they commit to a marriage and babies. Aquarius men may wait until their fifties before settling down. Aquarius moms can’t wait that long to have a baby, so egg freezing or surrogacy might appeal to them.

Aquarians are a sign that is likely to stay single forever, so if you have an Aquarian partner and are waiting for marriage and babies, you may be waiting a long time.

9 Pisces - When Will The Dream Become A Reality?

Pisces are dreamers and get lost in their own worlds. This can make them difficult partners as they may appear to be distant and uncommitted. However, if a partner can find a way to get to know and understand the Piscean, they will be well rewarded. However, they don’t like to be lonely, so they want to share their lives with someone and have an idea of how they want their life to be and if that ideal includes marriage and babies they will want to get on with that as soon as possible when they meet the right person.

Piscean women may have had a scrapbook of wedding ideas from childhood and will want to fulfill their dream as soon as possible. They love the idea of marriage and want to experience it. When they find a kindred spirit they want to make that dream a reality and marry and have babies. Mid-twenties should be a good time to get a Pisces down the aisle and talk about starting a family.

8 Earth Sign

Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn are the earth signs. These signs rooted in the ground have a reputation for being stable, tolerant and gentle. This would encourage would-be partners to think they are easy to be in a relationship with, but be warned, earth signs have specific needs and want these to be met. Their solid, down to earth attitude means that they are realistic about relationships and won’t consider anything flighty. They are practical, sensible humans with a strong focus on common sense.

A stubborn, yet loyal Taurean, for example, will want a committed, long-term relationship, but will not want to be suffocated, and an ideal match for them is Virgo, Cancer, and Capricorn. A possessive Taurean might choose a Scorpio, who will be similarly possessive, the match in personalities can be a great success.

A Virgo is not a possessive type but is a worrier. They are suited to other earth signs but also to Scorpios and Pisces too. A Pisces will be reassured by a Virgo’s common sense and a Scorpio will be stimulated by the searching mind of a Virgo.

Capricorns are ones to take action and get things started. They are practical, no-nonsense and solution focused. Most of all, a Capricorn does not want someone who will try and change them and will let them be themselves. Good matches for them are Pisces and Scorpio.

7 Earth Sign As A Parent

When a Taurean becomes a parent, they love to teach the importance of home, security and mutual affection. A very loving parent, a Taurean may be patient, but remember it is the sign of the bull. Stubbornness is deep in their personality, and they are tough to argue with.

Virgos are known to be clean freaks. They will want a clean home, children or not and this can cause conflict between parents and children who don’t want to follow the rules. However, a Virgo would die for their children and they are respectful of different opinions, so a Virgo parent can be easy going and forgiving.

Capricorns are perhaps the parents who take the business most seriously. They like to educate their children and teach them the value of hard work. They want the best for their child, but see the bigger picture and want to give them lifelong values. It might be wise for them to be with someone who helps them lighten up a bit.

6 Air Sign

The air signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius like to find a partner who can meet their intellectual needs and keep them stimulated. They are very creative beings, love to debate a topic and are great thinkers.

A Gemini is a communicator and they love to talk and be understood and to be listened to. They thrive well with another creative sign like a Leo, but less with a sign that might cut off communication like a Scorpio or a Capricorn.

A Libra is a leader who strives for balance as the scales of the sign would suggest. A Libra is a listener, but can also be needy and will engage best with a sign that can boost their self-confidence.

By contrast, an Aquarian is a very intellectual being and can be thought of as aloof, according to Astromatcha. They will be loyal but will need plenty of understanding and will give a partner the independence they crave. Don’t rush an Aquarian, but if you let them have their space, they will be a fascinating and loyal companion for life.

5 Air Sign As A Parent

A Gemini is a great parent, fun and good at giving advice and listening. They love an outing with their children and to get out and about and do things together. However, Geminis can be anxious and their feelings can be hurt. They cover this up and this can lead to a bit of an atmosphere in a family, so Geminis need to be a bit more aware of how their moods affect others.

Libras can be lenient and very generous. They value appearance so Libras’ children tend to be very well turned out. They are very creative and like to be open so they tend to live in families where there are no secrets.

An Aquarian parent is a great storyteller and there will be no shortage of bedtime fun to be had if you have an Aquarian mom. They do like to command attention though, so when they are telling you a story for the third time, be prepared to listen! However, an Aquarian can be a little insensitive and a bit ‘pull your socks up,’ which might lead children to feel they are not listened to.

4 Water Signs

These three signs are very emotional and changeable creatures and need careful handling. These signs are Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio and despite all sharing the water base to their signs they have very different approaches to relationships.

Cancers wear their hearts on their sleeves. They are known as the mothering sign of the horoscope and try to help situations and find answers to problems. So, if you are considering dating a Cancer, bear in mind that they will want to nurture you and look after you and if this is smothering, then you are with the wrong person.

A Scorpio is not a nurturer, they are more concerned with getting their own way. They are deep thinkers and while they will be committed, they are private and intense. They are notorious for a high sex drive too, so bear this in mind if you are dating a Scorpio.

A Pisces is a gentle soul who likes stability and wants to love you completely, in an almost other-worldly way. They are a mystical sign with a fluid personality in tune with the watery nature of their birth sign.

3 Water Sign As A Parent

Cancers are really family orientated. They love to do things with their family and enjoy board games or family cycles and evenings in with their children. The only worry with a Cancer parent is that they can overwhelm with love and smother. They need to let their children go a little.

A Pisces parent is known as loving and caring if a little haphazard. They love a bit of messy play and creative arts and crafts. They are a little too easy going sometimes and fiercely protective of their children and will snap at anyone who threatens them.

Perhaps a little controlling, a Scorpio parent will like routine and timetables. They are keen on regimes and healthy eating and will instill this in their children. This is all well and good but sometimes the children need to do their own thing and just need some love and hugs.

2 Fire Sign

Lastly to the fire signs, Sagittarius, Leo and Aries, the wild ones of the signs. An Aries wants to be the best, the first and the most important. They can be self-centered creatures, impetuous and with a need for excitement. They are energetic and like to start things, whether they finish them is another matter. They are notoriously unfaithful, so watch out for this if you are the suspicious type. They thrive well with a Sagittarius or a Leo who seem to have the ability to understand them.

A Leo is full of self-confidence and is a determined lion. They are leaders and like the feeling of someone looking up to them. Be prepared for adoration if you are considering a relationship with a Leo.

A Sagittarian is a free spirit and has concerns that this freedom will be curtailed. If you like a wilder side of life and are secure enough to give freedom to a partner, then a Sagittarius is the partner for you.

1 Fire Sign As A Parent

Can our horoscope signs give an indication as to how we will react to our children? If the personality traits are consistent over the astrological signs, then maybe they can. According to Elite Daily, an Aries will be keen for their child to be successful and will be impulsive and fun. An Aries can be a stern parent though, due to their stubborn nature.

A Leo will want their children to have everything, and to have the latest of everything. They will be proud of their children’s achievements and want everyone else to know about it too! Leos are protective and loyal parents but can lose sight of their children’s needs when in search of their own.

A Sagittarius parent will be full of enthusiasm and out of the ordinary activities. Be prepared for the unusual if a Sagittarius is your parent. They do need to have an eye on convention though, taking a child out of school for a jaunt may be life-enhancing but Sagittarians need to remember there are rules that need to be followed too!

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