The Best Age To Have Kids Based On Mom And Dad's Zodiac

I have been practicing astrology for over 13 years, and the one thing that I have told people over the years who I have read for is that their Sun sign only makes up a fraction of their personal horoscopes. That is why it is a mistake for them to believe anything that is written in their daily or even monthly horoscopes that they would read in newspapers.

The Sun sign, however, makes up an important part of who they are as it represents their ego. Though, they are also influenced by their Moon sign which represents their emotional response to stimuli and their Rising sign which was the sign that was literally rising at the time of birth. That represents the views they hold and how they are seen by others. You can best describe the Rising sign as a mask that they wear. There are also many other factors that someone's personal horoscope is composed of.

That is why if you see one person who is a Leo but fits the Leo-like characteristics but you also see someone else who is a Leo but acts more like a Pisces- then the other factors in that person's chart are more influential than the Sun sign in this particular case. However, often times the Sun sign is still quite influential in someone's chart- it just doesn't represent the whole horoscope.

That said, those who are thinking of becoming parents often wonder when the best time they should jump into that kind of commitment based on their zodiac. Let's take a look, just for fun- as to when the best ages that both men and women should become parents based on their sun signs.

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12 Aries: The Best Age Is 20 - 24

Aries is all about fire, as it is the first fire sign of the zodiac. Therefore, the sign is pretty much about being fresh, energetic, impulsive and even impatient which is what is for the most part described in Cafe Astrology about the characteristics of Aries.

That said, since the Aries' trait is to get everything out of the way, the best age for both mom and dad to have a baby is sometime in their early 20's.

According to MomJunction, when a woman is between the ages of 20 to 24, she is the most fertile and that is the best age to be able to juggle it all since that is young enough to have all of the energy in the world. It is also recommended for dad in his 20's if he is an Aries to start creating a family as well.

Kids require parents to give all of the energy that they can and Arian parents have boundless amounts of energy to take care of their kids, work and manage their homes and so on. Besides, since Arians are so impatient, they would not want to wait anyway.

11 Taurus: Don't Rush... 30 Is The New 20

Taurus is the first earth sign and they are all about being practical and are all about commitment, and they are known to love food and anything else that is materialistic! According to Cafe Astrology, they are on the stubborn side and this can be backed up by other sources as well.

However, it is not best for a Taurean man or woman to commit to having kids so quickly because they need the time in their 20's to settle themselves by creating their own paths and even establishing their own careers.

If any sign cannot handle disruptions, it is the Taurus. On the flip side, they are also quite aware that waiting too long to have kids is not recommended so they have to take the time to wrap their minds around the idea of having kids- which they know will disrupt their secure lives. Therefore, both Taurean men and women are best to start creating their families in their early 30's.

According to MomJunction, mom's fertility will drop slightly by 30, but not enough to stop her from getting pregnant. Dad has no issues with fertility dropping so it is best for any Taurean to create their own lives in their 20's before starting a family.

10 Gemini: Too Distracted To Have Kids Early

Gemini is the first air sign of the zodiac, and they are known to multitask well, and can change their minds in a heartbeat, as well as their moods! Cafe Astrology can back that up about the Gemini nature.

They are also quite easily distracted. Therefore, it is not recommended that the Gemini man or woman starts creating a family until they are in their mid-30's.

They need to get their energy out of their system in their 20s and because they will be prone to changing their minds during that time about what they plan to do with their lives- they need to get that out of their system before they even consider settling down. Even though the Gemini nature is so volatile, with age and maturity they will slow down a bit.

Even though many women would rather have kids before they turn 35 because of the fact that there are less pregnancy-related risks, they can also look into freezing their eggs if they are that concerned. According to NYTimes, egg freezing is becoming the norm because people are waiting a while to settle down. This is most definitely something for Gemini future moms to consider.

9 Cancer: Will Settle Down Young

According to Astrology Cafe, Cancer is the mother of the zodiac. It is the first water sign, and Cancers are known to be highly emotional, empathetic and are naturally maternal. Therefore, both Cancer moms and dads would make great nurturing parents, and because they are naturals at it- they can most definitely start in their early 20's as soon as they start settling down.

However, many Cancer moms, in particular, will have more than one child and can keep having their kids until they are in their mid-30's. Cancers are not only known to be natural at parenting but they are excellent homemakers as well and can be excellent cooks. That goes for both Cancer men and women. They have the uncanny ability to juggle caring for their kids while they are managing their homes and making excellent meals for their families.

That is why Cancer parents would be just fine if they started creating their families at a young age.

8 Leo: Must Meet Their Goals First

The lion or lioness of the zodiac is a fire sign and they are known to be creative, dramatic, and are naturally self-centered but at the same time very playful according to Care Astrology. Many Leo men and women would love to have kids and they can get impatient about wanting to have their kids right away since Leo is a fire sign- and impatience is a common characteristic among all fire signs.

However, at the same time, since they need to take care of themselves first, they need to meet their goals before they even think of having kids.

That means the best time for them to do that is in their 20's. Because they also would not want to wait too long to have kids, then 30 is the best age for Leo moms and dads to start creating their families. That is because 30, for women anyway is still ways away from the danger zone which is 35 and over. Yet, they have their 20's to achieve their dreams first which is crucial for the Leo!

7 Virgo: The Biological Clock Is Ticking

Virgo is an earth sign and those who are Virgos are known to be analytical, hardworking, service oriented, health conscious and can be neurotic according to Cafe Astrology. That is why Virgo women who want to have kids would be incredibly concerned about starting their families too late since the last thing they want to do is wait to have kids around the time their biological clocks start ticking.

Therefore, Virgo aspiring moms are best to start creating their families in their early 20's. They would also be able to care for their babies while they manage their home, their eating habits, and their health. However, Virgo men are best to enter fatherhood in their early 30's because they are not going to want to become dads while they are establishing their career or work lives. Once the Virgo man is able to do that successfully then he would be ready to become a dad in his early 30's.

The biological clock is less of a concern for men, however, they still would wise to start young so that they have the energy to care for their little ones while they are young.

6 Libra: Mom And Dad Will Enter Parenthood...

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Libra is an air sign and it rules fairness, balance, and beauty. According to Cafe Astrology, the common trait in Libra for both men and women is indecisiveness and not wanting to face conflicts. Libras who are thinking about becoming parents should start creating families of their own in their late 20's.

This way, they have the time in their early 20's to test the waters about what they plan to do with their lives since they will not likely have it figured out before that. As a result, having kids at that stage is not ideal. Yet at the same time, they want to be young enough to have the energy to handle quarrels that are inevitable when it comes to siblings! Remember, they are all about balance and fairness so this is quite important to them.

Therefore, Libra moms and dads are best to enter parenthood when they are in their late 20's.

5 Scorpio: Must Be Passionate First

Scorpio is the most passionate water sign of the zodiac, and according to Cafe Astrology, they can either love hard or hate hard. There is no in between. They are known to be very overprotective. While they are in their early 20's, they need to go through several partners to find out who they are the most passionate about.

However, both Scorpio men and women who want to have kids should start their families in mid-20's.

Therefore, they will be able to have the energy to put their time and passion into parenting. And this way, they will have all of the energy they need to protect their kids whenever a situation happens to arise- and there will be. Between having to deal with school bullies and bad teachers, they need to be young enough to be able to put those who upset their kids in their places. This is why the ideal time for a Scorpio to enter the world of parenthood is in their mid-20's.

4 Sagittarius: Might Not Want To Wait Long

If there is one sign that does not go well with the responsibilities that being a parent brings, then Sagittarius would be it. According to Cafe Astrology, this fire sign is basically synonymous with being a free spirit.

The main trait that Sagittarius is known for is being adventurous and wanting to learn new things. They truly hate being tied down and do love to travel.

However, there are some Sagittarians that do want to become parents based on other factors that favor parenthood in their charts. The best age for men and women with this Sun sign to become parents would be in their late 20's. They would have had the time to enjoy their freedom in their early 20's but by the time they would hit their late 20's, Sagittarian women who want kids would realize that their biological clocks are ticking and would not want to wait too long. They also would be able to tame their free spirits to care for their kids.

They are the ones who would be still traveling with their kids regardless of their ages- that applies to both men and women with the Sun sign.

3 Capricorn: Crossing Parenthood At Different Times

Capricorn is an earth sign and according to Cafe Astrology, the common traits that go with Capricorn is discipline, hard work, great organization skills and strictness. This may seem counterintuitive since you may see the Capricorn as very career oriented and would be the type to delay having kids. However, Capricorn moms are best to have kids in their early 20's, and would make great WAHMs. They are naturally so organized that they could focus on their careers and parenthood at the same time.

Capricorn dads would prefer to wait until they are in their early 30's to start a family because they would want to focus on finishing school in their early 20's and establishing their careers.

However, both would know how to manage a household, parenting and working all at the same time. It is not because they possess some unique skill, it is the nature of the sign!

2 Aquarius: Less Likely To Have Kids

Aquarius is an air sign and according to Cafe Astrology, they are free spirits just like Sagittarius. In fact, they hate being tied down and they are known for marching to their own drummer. In fact, just like the Sagittarius, the Aquarius is also less likely to have kids than those who have other sun signs as well.

However, if an Aquarian man or woman decided to have kids based on the other factors in their charts, they would be best to have their kids in their mid-20's.

In their early 20's they would have the time to finish their schooling and establish themselves or explore. If they do want to become parents, they are best to have their kids young before they become too set in their ways when they are older. They would be better able to cope with the responsibilities that come with being a parent in their mid-20's than if they were to wait until they reach their early to mid-30's when they would become too set in their ways to even consider parenthood- and may even regret not becoming parents at all at that point but would not be open to it then either.

This way, when they are in their 30's they will have older kids at that point that will not tie them down so much and as a result, their freedom starts coming back as well.

1 Pisces: Will Live Out Their Dreams First

Pisces is the dreamiest sign of the zodiac and is a water sign. According to Cafe Astrology, those who have a sun in Pisces have so many dreams that they would love to see turn into reality. That said, it is best for both Pisces men and women to wait until they are in their late 20's to consider starting a family. That is because they need the time in their early and mid-20's to live out their dreams before tying themselves down with kids.

They would make amazing parents since the nature of the sign is so nurturing given that it is a water sign. However, it is important that they don't rush into parenthood and experience life before making such a commitment. By the time they are in their late 20's, however, they will naturally want to live more of their dreams and quite often them having kids is part of those dreams! That is a great time for them to make that commitment- especially if they have lived their other dreams earlier on in life.

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