The Best Baby Thermometers For 2019

When her baby is sick, a mom is focused on helping them get better fast, and that means being able to take their temperature at all times. Moms want to find the best baby thermometer that they can. When searching for these products, they want to know two things: do they work properly, and are they easy to use? Moms should always make sure to read some reviews because this is a product category where hearing from real people is really important.

It's a good idea to keep a baby thermometer on hand and even pop it in your purse so you can use it even when on the go.

Here are the five best baby thermometers.

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5 Baby Forehead Thermometer with Ear Function by simplife

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This baby thermometer is $29.99 and its ease of use will be very appealing to moms. All you do is push one key and the baby's temperature is there really quickly. If the baby has a fever, there will be ten beeps and a red light, and there is even a light so moms can look at it at night.

4 Ear Thermometer by iProvèn

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At $25.49, the Ear Thermometer by iProvèn is unique as moms can take their baby's temperature via their forehead (and keep it around so when their baby is a toddler, they can use it via their ear). It is quiet as well. One mom of four kids of various ages is a big fan as it works for all of them.

3 Thermometer by Enji Prime

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Looking for a more affordable option for baby thermometers? This one by Enji Prime is a bit cheaper at $13.44. It's waterproof and will tell you the temperature in ten to 25 seconds It can be used under the tongue or armpit.

2 ANKOVO Thermometer

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This digital thermometer is priced nicely at $19.99 and can be used on the forehead and in the ear. It's another good option for parents who want something that is simple to use and very convenient. One grandma even wrote a review saying that she's happy with it.

1 Baby Digital Thermometer by Purple Safety

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This digital thermometer is gentle on babies and it's only $11.95 which moms will love. Many moms have praised the fact that it's waterproof and is very simple and pleasant to clean. They also shared that it's a reliable product.

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