The Best Dressed Royal Babies

Royal babies can be as popular as their parents. Who can resist a royal child wearing a cute outfit at a public event? To be honest, I spend more time researching the baby outfit then reading about the actual event they attended. Do not be surprised if we eventually have a royal baby’s daily tracks on magazine websites.

These little darlings are always looking their best without a hair out of place. Making every parent envious of these well put together children. So keep reading and learn which royal babies continue to be the best dressed.

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10 Prince George

Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge born on July 22, 2013 at Saint Mary’s Hospital in London. He is the first born to the famous Prince William and Duchess Catherine. Baby George is born into a family that is always well dressed. Which means surprisingly he is following in his parent’s footsteps.

In a survey done by MY1stYears.com Prince George came in first best beating his own mother Kate Middleton. Six hundred shoppers were surveyed and this little royal topped the poll at 23%. At the time he was only 11 months old and already making his mark on the world. Like his mother anything this adorable prince wears sells out at once.

This is known as the “George effect” like his fashionista mother following. This royal turned three and continues to show the world his personality and clothing style.

9 Princess Charlotte

Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana came into the world on May 2, 2015. Just like her brother she was born at Saint Mary’s Hospital in London. She is the second child of Prince William and Duchess Catherine. With parents and a brother with great fashion sense it is not shocking that the newest addition also makes her stamp on the fashion world.

This little one has some large fashion feet to fill as she also was given the name Diana in memory of the late Princess Diana. Who of course was always recognized for her fashion sense. The first year of this little girl’s life has proven how much she will follow in her mothers and late grandmother's path. The first outfit she wore was a handmade wool bonnet. This bonnet was made by Spanish baby designer Irulea.

8 Princess Leonor of Spain

Her Royal Highness The Princess of Asturias (pictured above on the left) was born on October 31, 2005 in Madrid, Spain. She is the first born child of King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia. The princess is the youngest heir presumptive in Europe. This means she is the next in line for the throne when her father abdicates or passes away. She will also be Spain's first queen since 1898.

In terms of her fashion sense. This beautiful child has been photographed and complimented hundreds of times for her amazing fashion choices. This Princess makes tights with shorts look good! Every parent wants to mimic this little girl's fashion sense for their own children, and why not. She always looks so well put together and even a little grown-up fro her age.

We look forward to seeing what this little royal looks like as she ages.

7 Princess Estelle Sweden

Born on February 23, 2012 her full name is Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary, Princess of Sweden. This little girl is second in line for the throne after her mother Crown Princess Victoria. She is the first born child of Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel.

During her mother’s 38th birthday, this little girl stole the show with her pastel blue floral dress, cardigan and blue umbrella. Princess Estelle is so popular she was even featured on a stamp. Even at a young age, anytime this blonde is photographed, she is all smiles and drawing in all the attention.

Estelle has a beautiful smile with bright eyes, we're sure she's got lots of playmates that love her sense of humour, and we think she's got lots of style and grace too!

6 Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine of Denmark

On January 8, 2011 the Danish twins Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine were born at the Copenhagen University Hospital. Prince Vincent was born first, followed 26 minutes later by his sister. These two little ones are the third and fourth children of Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary.

Both children are descendants of Queen Victoria, meaning they could have been in line for the British throne. As both the royal highnesses have gotten older, they have come into their own styles. When photographed they always wear outfits that complement each other. When Josephine broke her arm at the age of four she still managed to wear the beautiful dresses. How else is a princess going to accessorize with a cast?

We think these two are adorable and we love the idea of twins wearing complimentary clothing. Wouldn't you if you had twins?

5 Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella of Monaco

These fraternal twins were born on December 10, 2014. Gabriella was born at 5:04 pm and her brother Jacques was born two minutes after, but Jacques is considered the crown prince even though his sister is older. These two little ones are the first Grimaldi twins since the 13th century.

As for their style, they have appeared in many adorable outfits. One of the first set of photos Gabriella wore pink and Jacques blue. Their fashion statements continued on with Christening gowns that had their names embroidered on them. These two even wear cute little fur lined boots. As they have gotten older their fashion sense has continued with grey petticoats, pullover sweaters and of course, lace dresses.

We're sure that these two will be strutting around town in no time wearing the latest trendy kids clothing and having a ball as kids usually do.

4 Prince Oscar

This prince is the second child for Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel. He was born on March 2, 2106, weighing 8.1 lbs. and 20.5 inches long. Prince Oscar took his first official picture at 5 days old wrapped in a cream blanket while staying at Stockholm’s Haga Palace. At just four months old he was the main attraction at his mother’s 39th birthday. He wore an adorable cream knitted outfit.

Although he is still young, he has made quite an impression on the public just by yawning. Prince Oscar is seldom out in public, but when he is, his outfits always go flawlessly with that of his family. As he gets older his fashion style will clearly be a reflection of his close knit family. We imagine them on vacation wearing matching shirts of complimentary colors.

There's got to be something in the water in Sweden, cause all these royal babies are too cute for words.

3 Prince Alexander Erik

The first child of Princess Sofia and Prince Carl Philip of Sweden was born on April 19, 2016. His full name is Prince Alexander Erik Hubertus Bertil and he weighed 7lbs. 9 oz. and was 19.3 inches long at birth. He, like his cousins, was born at Danderyd Hospital in Stockholm. Prince Alexander is fifth on line for the throne.

At just six weeks old this royal was the center of attention at Sweden National Day celebrations. As he gets bigger we will have to keep an eye on his cute clothing choices. If he takes after both his parents, then he will be one of the best dressed princes in Sweden. But who are we kidding, with good looking parents like these, he could wear a trash bag and still look absolutely fabulous.

2 Prince Nicolas

Prince Nicolas Paul Gustaf was born on June 15, 2015 weighing 6. 7 lbs. and 19.3 inches long. He is the son of Princess Madeleine of Sweden and her husband Chris O’Neill. He is the second child for this couple, his sister is Princess Leonore. This adorable bundle is sixth in line for the throne. He was born in Danderyd Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden.

This handsome little boy just celebrated his first birthday this year. In Prince Nicolas' official pictures, he already displays fashion sense with a baby blue shirt which makes his blue eyes and blonde hair pop. He is one Prince who will be serious competition for Prince George with his fashion sense. We look forward to more adorable pictures of this fashion kingpin as he gets older.

Oh, to be a prince!

1 Princess Athena of Denmark

Princess Athena of Denmark was born on January 24, 2012 and is the youngest child of Prince Joachim and Princess Marie. This little girl was already making fashion statements by the time she was one. There have been actual articles discussing how cute her baby sunglasses are, as if they'd be anything but adorable. She's a princess!

As she has gotten older, her fashion choices have grown along with her age, meaning she can sport just about any look and still look as posh as you please. In her third birthday official photos, this young royal wore a cute little grey dress with burgundy tights. To make it even cuter, she played with a toy car on a race track.

Since she does have three older brothers, it’s no surprise she likes to play with cars. But at the same time she still manages to show off her girly side.

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