The Best Maternity Sweaters to Show Off Your Baby Bump

I am not a fashionista. In fact, during my pregnancy I was the sweats and t-shirts type of girl. A nice maxi dress and I was in heaven most days. I also delivered in the fall while living in the south, so it was warm. I was kind of jealous because fall and winter has some of the best clothing options. Leggings, sweaters and boots are the go to outfits for most of us. 

For me, winter and fall are my favorite times of the year, I feel like my wardrobe is the best during the colder months. My rule is always to remain simple in my selections because complicated clothing pieces make it too hard to coordinate.

Besides, layering is always in style and it serves a dual purpose for us pregnant mommies; we never know when a hot flash will pop up and you’ll need to take a layer off. So with my very limited styling ideas I am going to offer you want I think is cute to show off the baby bump.

7 A Cute Maternity Sweater Dress 

This is probably the easiest thing to style. Your baby bump will look great and all you have to worry about is whether you want to wear stockings or leggings on the bottom. I feel that the knit dress looks best because it clings to baby bump and accentuates pregnant curves, which are great!

Pair with a cute boot and done! It can be dressed up or down to fit any occasion since the print range is wide. You can add belts or a pretty ribbon if that’s your style. Simple to put together fashionable attire is what pregnant ladies need, and you will feel like you look like a million bucks.

6 A Gorgeous Maternity Sweater Tunic

Tunics are awesome because the reach down past the waist and cover the rear end enough that you aren’t self-conscious. The reason a sweater tunic is especially pleasing is that again, it can be form fitting or only bump fitting, but it’s a great versatile article of clothing that will allow you to pair it with jeans, slacks or leggings.

It can be great for professional business attire or lunch with the girls. Date night it you pick a sexy tunic to show off why you have the bump in the first place! Just ask your significant other, I’m sure they’ll agree that you look good in a sweater tunic!

5 Maternity Sweaters and Turtle Necks

You are probably thinking…it’s just a regular sweater, nothing to get excited about. I did too! Until I looked at all the available prints and then my thoughts changed. Do not just buy a normal sweater while pregnant, instead, you must get in touch with all things girly and fabulous. These maternity sweaters accentuate your silhouette and keep you warm during those colder days. 

You might even find one that you can pair with a great necklace you own. Not to mention depending on the print, you can dress a maternity sweater up or down depending on what you plan to do. Unless it’s a solid primary color bought specifically for work, but if your “regular” sweater shirts should have a print with a design or logo, then you are more able to dress it down. Have a bow right over your baby bump and made of the softest material available.

4  Maternity Knit Wrap or Oversized Cardigan

These are super comfy and can purposefully be bought oversized for a number of purposes, you can cozy up in on the couch when you’re resting or use it to dress up an outfit when you quickly slip one on over your frumpy t-shirt when you need to make a quick run to the store. These truly are a great thing to own. Most normal days when I’m not in the mood to pretend to care how I look. A pair of jeans and my hidden old t-shirt is probably all I have on. 

Tossing a warm oversized sweater to cover up is simple enough that to others it might look I tried to get dressed for the day, when really I just tossed on a cardigan to hide my t-shirt. While these wraps or cardigans might hide your silhouette, they add just a touch of style to your look that no matter what you have on underneath, you’re probably going to look great to anyone who sees you.

3  Maternity Pullover and Jackets

A great jacket whether it’s a maternity one or an old bolero or short jean jacket, these are a great way to dress up a very basic look. If you’re just wearing boots, jeans and a shirt, using a sweater pullover or a jacket turns a basic outfit to a classic maternity look instantly. While you might be using the jacket for weather purposes, its dual fashion use might give you and little extra confidence without trying to. 

The poncho made a big come back during the fall, and is still being used this winter season as a great alternative to wearing a sweater. These can be dressed up for work, or depending on the poncho, a great weekend look. So easy to pull on and is just another piece of clothing that hides your pregnant silhouette if that’s the look you’re going for.

2  The Hipster Ugly Sweater

Doesn’t matter the type of sweater you buy, it could be one of the sweaters with one super cute Christmas saying on it or snowflakes, either way these sweaters add some hipster style to your already gorgeous baby bump. With one of these, voila, you’re one chic momma! The ugly sweater could be a cutesy oversized sweater with baby animals on it to a skull fair isle patterned sweater.

The ugly sweater is best paired with jeans and boots, or sneakers if you’re lucky enough to live in the south where you don’t actually need winter boots. But this is a great look if you have a pair of Hunter rubber boots or combat boots. If you absolutely hate the ugly sweater look, than try to steer clear of the ugly sweater department!

1 Cable Knit Maternity Sweaters

If you work in a company with a rule about professional attire only , it might be worth investing in a few cable knit sweaters, these will work great for you. They’re casual enough to be comfortable, but the designs and cut of the sweater give you a put together look. It’s just perfect for the office with styles ranging from a simple knotted design to fringe ends. You can pair them with heels, boots, or booties and keep that look of professional fabulousness necessary to run your office in style and grace.

There are only two rules you need when picking a sweater for your baby bump. Rule number one; is it comfortable? Make sure the material is soft against your sensitive belly, since lotion eventually rubs off you don’t want to be itchy and aggravated all day in your sweater. Rule two; if you feel like you look great, buy it. Make yourself feel like the prettiest woman in that sweater. Even if it’s covered in ducks and lily pads.

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