The Best Methods For Cleaning Carpets, Ranked

Stains can sometimes be tricky; that is something that almost everyone is already aware of. But getting them out is a whole other story. Not everyone knows how to remove those nasty sauce, wine, or even gum stains that can get on our clean carpets.

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Stained carpets can be very challenging and make things look much dirtier than they really are. It can bring unwanted attention to that single area, and most people don’t really want that kind of attention. If you are like most people and want some tips on how to remove those dreaded stains, continue reading to find the best cleaning methods that don’t involve you spending a fortune on your carpets. These methods have been ranked to better assist you.

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10 Baking Soda & Hydrogen Peroxide

If you want something that can work on almost any stain, including those tough pet stains that can leave a foul odor, try scrubbing in some baking soda mixed with some hydrogen peroxide.

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You can either mix these two ingredients in a clean spray bottle or you can sprinkle the baking soda on the stain and then add a little peroxide on the top; just a few caps full. The bigger the stain, the more product you want to use.

9 Dawn Dish Soap

Dawn dish soap can help get out those tough grease stains. It can even help remove blood among other things that can make your carpet look dingy. You can actually use any dish detergent but Dawn seems to work the best. I have personally used this method to get out some tough stains. You'll want to put a little elbow grease–meaning some scrubbing power–into cleaning the carpet using a clean rag. Afterward, you should blot with a clean towel and let the stained area dry to reveal a clean carpet.

8 For Gum: Try Ice Cubes

If you have children, you have most likely had gum stuck in your carpet at some point. There is a simple trick that you can try to get the sticky gum out of your once clean carpet. All you need is ice cubes and a butter knife. Take ice and stick it to the gum to freeze it. You may need to do this several times in order to freeze the gum to get it out. After the gum hardens from the ice, all you have to do is use the butter knife to go under the gum and scrape it up. It works like magic.

7 Hydrogen Peroxide & Dish Soap To Help With Blood Stains

If you get blood on your carpet, for whatever reason, take some dish soap mixed with some water and scrub the stain a bit. Use a butter knife or something similar to scrape up some of the blood out of the carpet.

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After you get up as much of the blood as you can, pour some hydrogen peroxide on the stain to help lift the rest of it. The peroxide will foam upon contact. Afterward, pat the area dry with a rag.

6 Club Soda For A That Wine Or Beer Stain

Club soda has been used for generations to help life those nasty wine and beer stains that sometimes happen. You should pour some club soda on a rag and pat the area with the damp rag.; do not rub. If for some reason that does not seem to work, you should mix one part club soda in a clean spray bottle with one part white vinegar. Spritz the mixture on the area to make it damp and wait for 10 to 15 minutes before taking a new, clean sponge and dab the area to soak up the mixture. Repeat as many times as necessary. Once you get the stain up, rinse the area with some warm water to clean the solution up and you can use a hand brush to clean it the rest of the way. After that, all you have to do is put some paper towels on the area and set something heavy on it to soak it up the rest of the way and leave it there overnight.

5 Saltwater Can Help Too

It is said that if you make a mixture of salt and some water and put it in a clean spray bottle that it works magic to get out almost any stain out that you can think of. Just spray the area and make it damp enough to cover the area of the carpet that needs to be treated.

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After you spray it let it sit for a few minutes, only about 5 to 10, and then dab the carpet with a washcloth to remove the stain. Afterward, you can take a clean, dry sponge to soak up the saltwater.

4 Shaving Cream Isn’t Just For Your Legs

If you take some regular shaving cream and apply it liberally to the stain on the carpet it can remove almost anything that you put on it. It works like magic almost every single time. After you apply it, let it set by leaving it on the area for half an hour. After the shaving cream has sat for a while, take a clean rag and dab the area clean and dry. To top it off, take one part vinegar and one part water and spray it on the area and then blot it dry and wipe the area clean.

3 For Wax: Heat It Up

Please note that if are going to try this method, you should not leave the iron on the carpet area for more than 30 seconds at a time to prevent burning your carpet. If you accidentally got wax on the floor, it can be very challenging to remove. You can try heating the wax back up by placing a white washcloth over the area, and placing your iron on the washcloth over the wax.

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Again, only do this for 30 seconds! Afterward, try getting as much wax up as you can with a butterknife. Then, place a white paper towel over the area and heat that up for 30 seconds with the iron. The wax tends to bind to the paper towel. Repeat as needed.

2 Deep Clean Your Carpet Every Six Months

Deep cleaning your carpet can be essential to keeping it clean and looking like brand new. You can either rent or, if you feel like spending a bit more money, you can purchase a carpet shampooer to clean whatever dirt and grim is stuck within the fibers of your carpet. This is something that should be done every six months to ensure that your carpet stays clean and looking great. Purchasing one will actually save you money in the long run instead of spending the money every six months to rent one. All that money spent on renting can really add up.

1 Blot — Don’t Rub

Generally, for most stains on your carpet, you should always remember that you should blot the stain and not rub it to avoid making the stain set deeper and wider into your carpet.

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There are only a few instances, as we have discussed earlier, where you should put some elbow grease into the stain. Otherwise, the blotting rule will apply. Some examples of when to blot are beer and wine stains or if you are using the saltwater method.

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