• The Best Places on the Internet to Find Maternity Fashion

    After the good news has hit in, the bad news sets in: soon, you won’t be able to fit into your wardrobe. All those adorable skirts, skin-tight dresses, fashionable clingy tops – none of it. Even the less cute things – you can’t fit into those either! Sure, in the beginning you’ll be able to fit into everything, but depending upon how much weight you gain, and how quickly you show, you can say goodbye to your fabulous wardrobe.

    Or not?

    Well, yes. Your old wardrobe might not fit you 100% during your pregnancy. (But please, don’t toss them – most women discover they can wear most of their clothing a few months after having the baby. In fact, most women lose half of their baby weight six weeks post-partum.) You can adapt some of your attire, but there are other ways to make it work with attire that actually fits.

    Best of all, you might be able to be just as stylish as you were before.

    One book really outlines the fashion musts for moms-to-be. Written by style expert Amy Tara Koch, Bump It Up: Transform Your Pregnancy into the Ultimate Style Statement, this book is hilarious, helpful, and fun. Some of the tips are pretty basic – like using accessories such as jewelry and scarves to highlight an outfit and draw attention away from your growing belly, but reading a book like this can really help pregnant ladies feel like you can be pregnant and stylish.

    While her suggestions to wear heels during pregnancy might surprise some (I suppose Koch didn’t experience any ankle or feet swelling), most of the tips will help women avoid spending 9 months feeling frumpy.

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    Mall mainstay Gap is appreciated by many women for its ease of use (comfortable and good for many purposes), great regular sale prices, and accessibility. (Where can you not find a Gap? They’re even online!) There are clothes for all of the different trimesters, and best of all, Gap gets what you want in an outfit during those long nine months.

    Think ruching, flattering black, and empire waists. Best of all, Gap specializes in the classics, so you can get a few of the basics, and be set for your pregnancy, with a few accessories like scarves, jewelry, and bright shawls.

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    Loft Maternity

    This maternity collection is sensible, classic, and professional, moms-to-be will love the comfort and style of Loft Maternity.

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    Nine in the Mirror

    Nine in the Mirror is focused on chic attire for mom and baby. Moms can shop a variety of designers targeting moms-to-be. The shop by stage section allows moms to shop by trimester, which can allow shopping to be much easier.

    “The Guide” section allows women to shop by category, such as “The First Trimester Guide,” “The Baby Guide,” and “The Denim Guide.” “The Magazine” section is arranged much like a fashion magazine, highlight trends in various section.

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    Old Navy

    Gap’s cheaper younger sibling, has maternity fashions for any budget. Many women appreciate the low cost and trendiness of Old Navy. While Gap is known for the classic basics, Old Navy likes to experiment with prints and trends, which can be great during pregnancy.

    Typically, maternity options can be dowdy, so having bright, colorful, trendy options are really welcome. Who wants to look like their morning their pregnancy? Instead celebrate it with Old Navy’s stylish and colourful collection.

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    You might think putting Amazon on here is ridiculous – they have everything in the world (or so it seems) and a variety of brands (both good and bad). But really, it’s a brilliant idea to shop from the superstore for your maternity wear.

    There are tons of reviews on so many things which means you can get an honest opinion on what something looks like – and how well it wears. Super-fast shipping means you can order in between prenatal yoga classes and doctor’s appointments, without stopping by a store.

    Giant selection and range of prices

    At home delivery means you’ll have time to go through the clothing and try them on at home – with your own accessories and shoes. And if things don’t work out, returning is super easy. The prices range from cheaper to more expensive, so they fit a lot of people’s budgets, styles, and desires.

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    Motherhood Maternity

    This company gets maternity wear. It’s what they specialize in, so you know they get what’s best for future mothers (and mothers expanding their families). They often have sales, which is a bonus for those saving up for cribs and diapers.

    Their styles are often super trendy, but they also have the basic staples every woman needs. So if you want elastic banded waist jeans, they have it. Or if you prefer jeans that grow with you, they have adjustable styles for that.

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    Thyme Maternity

    Thyme Maternity provides a breath of fresh air to pregnant women wanting to wear the latest trends. One of the nice things about Thyme, is that even though the styles reflect the latest fashions, they’re quite affordable.

    When my sister was pregnant with her first daughter, she bought one pair of maternity jeans that were ridiculously expensive and rotated them constantly. She refused to buy another pair because of the cost. Thyme’s jeans are $69, and are often on sale. Too bad my sister didn’t know about Thyme!

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    Pink Blush

    Pink Blush’s maternity collection has great prints, flowy fabrics, with a feminine and romantic style. The flowy dresses are comfortable and affordable, and allow for a little bit of stretching as the months go on. They’re also bright and bold, often in loud patterns that some might appreciate for an alternative to the drab colors of many maternity fashion lines.

    The best feature of Pink Blush is that they carry plus size maternity clothes, should you be in the market for such items. Pink Blush also features a style guide and has formal wear for pregnant women who have weddings and other formal affairs to attend.

    9. Rosie Pope Shop

    Named after Rosie Pope, this is a great place to find fashionable maternity wear – and lots of other great resources. Founder Rosie Pope is most known for her Bravo TV reality show that she starred in, Pregnant in Heels.

    This is one designer who's maternity collection might bankrupt you before your baby arrives. No doubt Rosie Pope has beautiful fashions and trendy looks, but the price point is pretty high. Unless your willing to spend over $50 on a t-shirt, you might want to see what other companies have in store.

    Fashion forward maternity styles, but hefty price tag

    Don’t feel bad, most pregnant women don’t wear heels. Pope is impressive, with her past as a model, dancer, and neuroscience student. The website includes a link to her semi-regular blog, appealing to mothers. She also has a YouTube channel, Conversations with Rosie Pope, offering tips and tricks to pregnant women and new moms. Bonus: Rosie Pope Shop also sells baby attire.

    So go on. Celebrate. Yes, you’ll be gaining weight – but also a new baby! Being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to be frumpy – you can be fashionable, fabulous, and pregnant, all at the same time!

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