The Best Time To Get Pregnant Based On Mom's Zodiac

Before we talk about planning pregnancy based upon zodiac signs, it's good to review how astrology actually works. Only then will it be easy to understand why some choose to plan their lives around the alignment of the stars.

Many people discredit astrology as being some sort of faith. It's not. It's science. "Astrology is the study of the correlation between the positions and movements of celestial bodies and life and physical processes of Earth."

The astrological signs (zodiac signs) are the twelve 30 degree sectors of constellations of the ecliptic--the annual path of the sun. Astronomers use the ecliptic to find the location of every star, nebula and galaxy.  It's a powerful tool. So what do you have to do with this? And how is your zodiac sign determined?

According to astrology, your sign is decided based upon the position of the sun on the day you were born. So for example, you are a Virgo because the constellation, Virgo, was behind the sun when you were born. Scientists have found that the behaviors, characteristics and personalities of those born to each sign, are very different.

The study of astrology and pregnancy has been nicknamed "momstrology." There are two ways you can practice it: by planning your baby's zodiac sign by planning when you conceive, and by gaining understanding as to when it's best to conceive based upon your own sign.

Let's dig in. Aries, you're up first.

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12 Aries Mothers

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If you're an Aries, you're a leader. You probably have a few degrees under your belt. You tend to get restless easily and you love adventure! ...but what does that have to do with family planning? Everything.

Plan conception based upon sign compatibility. The three best time frames for you to conceive are: June 25th-July 15th, October 25th-November 15th and February 25th-March 15th. Since you are a fire sign, birthing a child who is also a fire sign (an Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius) is your best bet at raising a secure child.

Life will be one big adventure with your fire baby, because he or she will love the things you love and not feel put out by your spontaneity. Your child will be naturally curious with a mind in over-drive--just like you. They'll be outspoken, but you won't mind it at all. You'll take credit that you taught them assertion.

11 Taurus Mothers


As a Taurus, you have a very specific life in mind for your children. You expect only the best. You care about manners and appearance and will struggle if you birth children who tend to be a bit wild.

To avoid clashing, conception should be planned around three timeframes: July 25th-August 15th, November 25th-December 15th and March 25th-April 15th.

Since traditional mothers are almost always earth signs, they parent best when giving birth to children who also have earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn). Your earth children will value tradition just as much as you. There will be stability and a strong sense of family. It won't be likely that they'll rebel and break all the rules you've set, but there is one downfall: the two of you won't take many risks. Sometimes being too similar, means not challenging each other to grow. Guard against that.

10 Gemini Mothers


If you're a Gemini, you're extremely playful. You don't mind mess and you don't mind stress-inducing situations. You tend to be laid back and not easy to upset.

As a Gemini, you should plan to conceive around these three timeframes: August 25th-September 15th, December 25th-January 15th and April 25th-May 15th. You're best off parenting a Gemini, Libra or Aquarius.

Your relationship with your child will feel like a breath of fresh air. It will be mostly chill, instead of mostly tense. You will have an open relationship, as you both will love to talk. This is good because it will cause you to be close--best friends even. You'll have a lot in common. Your only challenge will be finding the perfect balance between parent and friend. But discipline wouldn't happen often because your child thinks like you and understands.

9 Cancer Mothers


As a Cancer, you are the ultimate nurturer. You sense what your child needs before they even cry. You have the mom instinct down...and this causes those around you to fear you. You take things a bit too personally when it comes to your child's behavior though, but you are their greatest protection.

For a Cancer, conception should be planned one of three times: July 25th-August 15th, November 25th-December 15th and March 25th-April 15th. If you succeed in conceiving within one of these windows, then you'll parent either a Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn.

Children with these three signs do best with a mother like you because they are most likely to be perfectionists. Having a mother sensitive to their needs will help their self-esteem, as they will be easily discouraged by any signs of disapproval.

8 Leo Mothers


Leo mothers are fierce, and at times...a bit narcissistic. Of all signs, you're the mother who daydreams about dressing your child just like you. It's cute though, at least for awhile.

As a Leo, you are confident and you take pride in your child as much as you take pride in yourself. The best windows for you to conceive are: June 25th-July 15th, October 25th-November 15th and February 25th-march 15th.

These three windows of conception will smoothen your journey as a mother by birthing your three most compatible signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Children born to you with these signs will understand your youthful spirit and why you're passionate about certain things. They will be just as fierce as you, so they won't feel as if they're living in your shadow.

7 Virgo Mothers


Virgo mothers keep a controlled environment. They value cleanliness and order, but they're usually doing those things...frantically. They are the moms to put brooms in their children's hands when guests are on their way.

As a Virgo, your best conception windows are: September 25th-October 15th, January 25th-February 15th and May 25th-June 15th. These timeframes will birth you your most compatible children: either a Cancer, Scorpio and Pieces.

Since Virgos can be demanding, birthing children with compatible signs is the best way to ensure stability. A Virgo mom might lack empathy, but she is good at solving problems--which will be valuable to Cancer, Scorpio and Pieces children who need structure and logical parenting. They are the most reserved of signs. They need a Virgo mother to help them come out of their shell, but in a very "orderly" way--such as teaching them skills that others will value.

6 Libra Mothers


Libras are extravagant and usually the type to want to be the "cool mom." They want their children to have the best of the best. Their parenting flaw is a lack of balance. They have to work at being okay without things and to teach their children what really matters in life. Happiness is a Libra's top priority, but only if it comes without pain--which isn't how life always works.

As a Libra, your best times to conceive are: September 25th-October 15th, January 25th-February 15th and May 25th-June 15th. If you follow this, you'll birth a Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces child.

These three signs are most emotional, so having a mother who always looks on the bright side will benefit them. They wouldn't be able to manipulate you with their tears though. You're complete opposites, but it will work. Your child won't allow you to live in denial and you won't allow them to sulk in their pain.

5 Scorpio Mothers

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Scorpios are extremely independent and sometimes difficult to deal with. As mothers, they can be a bit forceful (demanding even) and tend to micromanage.

To birth children most compatible to what your parenting style will be, try to conceive within one of these windows: June 25th-July 15th, October 25th-November 15th and February 25th-march 15th. If successful, you'll have either an Aries, Leo or Sagittarius child.

These three signs are most free-spirited, so having a mother like you will greatly benefit them. Sure, fights will occur because of your differences, but you'll save your child from painful mistakes they'd otherwise make. They might feel smothered at times, but as long as you allow them to voice that and respect them when they need space, peace will be achieved.

Scorpio moms, the goal is to guide and not control. Strive to connect and let your free-spirited child teach you to loosen up.

4 Sagittarius Mothers


Sagittarius mothers are highly energetic, fun and always positive. They are the most free-spirited of all mothers. They encourage their children to experience life as they wish by defining it as they wish. They encourage exploration and teach their children it's okay to not view life as black and white.

As a Sagittarius, you should plan conception within these three frames: August 25th-September 15th, December 25th-January 15th and April 25th-May 15th. If it goes as planned, you'll  birth either a Gemini, Libra or Aquarius child.

Life will be fun for you both, as you are both curious and social. You'll be the duo that other mothers envy. "Why doesn't my child show me that much affection?" It's okay. It's never bliss in any parenting dynamic. Routine will be an issue, but since you're both easily re-directed and motived, you can help each other with routine--and make it fun!

3 Capricorn Mothers


Capricorn women have a strong work-ethic. They have no problem saying no and they set strict boundaries. They're described as having "father-like" traits. They can be too serious at times and expect too much of their children. Capricorn mothers do not accept failure well.

If you're going to conceive, try for one of these three windows: June 25th-July 15th, October 25th-November 15th and February 25th-March 15th. If you plan well, you'll birth either an Aries, Leo or Sagittarius child, which would be best, as they will be most compatible to your parenting style.

These children might feel fenced in by you at first, but they'll soon recognize that you provide them with something they lack. They'll learn to roll with it and appreciate the stability that doesn't come naturally to them. They'll be taught how to manage their money well and be better because of it. They will achieve everything they've ever dreamed because of your presence in their life motivating them.

2 Aquarius Mothers


Aquarius mothers are naturally patient and great at listening. They encourage their children to think for themselves and their philosophy is, "failure is how you succeed." Money isn't what matters to an Aquarius mom, as much as building relationships that lead to influence.

Your best conception windows as an Aquarius are: July 25th-August 15th, November 25th-December 15th and March 25th-April 15th. Within these windows is the possible conception of children with these three signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

These children value connection just as much as you. You will be their hero in life. They will align with your philosophy: that people matter most. They won't form their alliances based upon blood, but upon who has been brought in as family. The two of you will remind each other what matters in life when the other is thrown off track.

1 Pisces Mothers


Pisces mothers are extremely passionate and usually obsessed with their children. This is good for an infant, but not so good as a child gets older. Pisces mothers are usually artists in some way. They have vast imaginations and help their children express themselves through many different outlets.

Your best times to conceive are: September 25th-October 15th, January 25th- February 15th and May 25th-June 15th. This will birth you your most compatible children: a Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces.

The two of you will wonder what the point of leaving your colorful, beautiful nest is. Your child will love it when you make them cookies for breakfast or put them to bed two hours late. Music and art will be a big part of learning and life. Both of you are sensitive, so it'll be important to encourage each other to pursue things outside of your relationship or you'll suffocate one another.

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