• The Best Valentine’s Day Baby Announcement Ideas

    Baby announcements are always so much fun - but a baby announcement tied to Valentine’s Day is super fun! Think of all the cute decorations, crafting, the sweets, and the fun involved with Valentine’s Day. You can really go wild with your creativity. There are so many cute ways to share the news that will be full of puns and love.

    So grab one of those chocolate hearts, your honey, and start brainstorming some clever ways to share the big news!

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     Conversation Hearts

    Who didn’t love those conversation hearts as a child? (Or, okay, as an adult!)

    Why not use them to give the big news?

    Go out and buy a few boxes, or a bag. Spread them out and try to create your own message, writing in extra important words in between. Glue the selected hearts to a piece of red or pink paper.

    Snap a picture, and share via email, text, and social media. If the message is intended for a family member who doesn't use social media, you can mail it to them, or hand deliver the message yourself.

    Then, while you’re waiting for the replies, eat the unused candy hearts.

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    Send Out Some Valentine’s Day Cards!

    It’s a pity we no longer send out those cute Valentine’s cards we all loved as children. But why not send them out to your family and friends now? They're still available at places like Walmart and some craft stores like Michaels.

    Get a few boxes of some fun and loving cards. Sign them with your names, and something along the lines of, “Baby #1 Expected on August 3rd!”

    Your family members will love the cute cards, and then, they can hang the Valentine on the wall.

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    Family Craft Night

    Instead of buying cards, if you’re a crafty family, why not make traditional Valentine’s hearts and mail them to family members?

    The entire family can participate. Cut some pink and red hearts out of construction paper, place them on doilies, and use glitter, markers, crayon, and stickers to decorate. Print out a short message announcing the birth and glue it in the center of each heart. The handmade touch will really impress people. By getting the entire family involved, big sisters and brothers can start to get excited about their new sibling - and share their artistic skills with family and friends.

    Make an extra-beautiful version to post on Facebook a week after you send them out to all of your family members. Then, frame this one and hang it in the baby’s room.

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    Get the Siblings Involved for a Photo Shoot!

    Why not stage a photo shoot celebrating Valentine’s Day with the big siblings? Have them dress in pink and red and white for the holiday, and make a poster board (or have text printed on the photo) with the important announcement: that Amanda will be a big sister on July 29! You can even use balloons for a festive touch in the photo.

    Photos are always great because they can easily be shared on social media, and if you send out printed versions of the announcements, family members will enjoy posting the photograph on the refrigerator door.

    You can also have the big siblings wear a shirt that says, “I’m going to be a big brother/sister.” That’s always a winner!

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    Sonogram of Love

    Why not involve the sonogram in your love announcements - in a crafty way? Perhaps you can paste it on a red heart and take the photo of the two of you. Add some “Happy Valentine’s” text, and share on social media.

    Everyone will see the romantic intentions behind your pregnancy, love the Valentine’s wish, and of course, the sonogram is a very traditional way to announce your pregnancy on social media these days. It’s a mix of clever and traditional!

    If you’re Photoshop savvy, you can make your own social media post combining hearts and the sonogram. This is a cute photo of that combination. Think of all of the love you’ll generate by sharing the news about your new little Valentine! 

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    Have a Valentine’s Day Party!

    Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday this year - why not have a brunch party, afternoon tea party, or an early dinner party on Sunday.

    Invite some friends over - you can serve heart-shaped cakes (no heart-shaped pan needed), chocolate-dipped strawberries, and have bowls of candies around. You can even serve a non-alcoholic sangria, or, have a champagne for a toast for the drinking guests. Vases of pink, white, and red flowers can be fragrant decorations.

    You can gather your guests over at a point mid-way through the party, or perhaps even announcing it in icing on the cake. (See a professional if your frosting skills aren’t the neatest.)

    This is a great way to share the news with a group of those you love and adore!

    Your guests will all immediately want to share it on social media, so if close family or friends cannot attend, you might want to tell them in secrecy prior to your party so they aren’t hurt that they found out the big news on social media.

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    Frost Some Cookies!

    This one is only for the baking experts. If you reach for frosting like some people reach for boxes of cookies, this is a great way to share the news.

    Bake some plain sugar cookies; then write “Baby” on them. You can also make sentences, with each word on a separate cookie (We’re - having - a - baby!)

    You can share these at a family party, in the break room at work, or a picture on social media.

    Try the Martha Stewart sugar cookie recipe for an especially delicious way to announce this. They’re a tasty way to share some very sweet news!

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    Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

    Want to surprise a loving family member? Bring over a box of Valentine’s Day chocolates. Before you give your family member the chocolates, open the box and tuck the sonogram inside. After giving it to your family member, encourage them to open it. “Oh, you have to try the caramels - they’re divine.” Don’t take no for an answer.

    If your family member isn’t cooperating insist that they open the chocolates to at least give you one, that way the box will be opened in your presence.

    The look of joy on their face will be worth it - and you’ll have celebratory chocolates for after the big news!

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    Custom Valentine’s Day Poetry!

    Why not create a poem based on, “Roses are Red,” to tell the world about the newest member of your family?

    Roses are red -

    Violets are blue -

    Our baby is coming -

    In July, yes, it’s true!

    Or, check out these cute ideas, or make your own!

    There are so many things you can do. Valentine’s Day is such a fun and creative holiday. If you want to add a bit more of a personal touch, head to your local craft store, and see if any of the Valentine’s Day decor and crafts spark any ideas.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

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