The Biggest Mistake Moms Will Make With The Baby Based On Her Zodiac

For thousands of years, people have been relying on the stars to tell them what to do and to predict what is going to happen. Within the stars is our zodiac, and we can extract far more information about our lives and the lives of others based on what is written in the stars. Some people believe that our lives have been planned out for us and that we have to take whatever destiny throws our way.

However, we now know that we can use what has been written for us to be able to predict and even change the outcome. The more information we are armed with, the better chances we have at leading a healthier and happier life than we ever could have done all by ourselves.

Women who are expecting can take this same knowledge and learn how their unborn baby will be, what to expect during their pregnancy, and they can even tell what problems they may face before and after their baby is born. That is simply amazing!

As a soon-to-be mom, you may have wondered what mistakes you may make with your baby once he or she is here, and you get to take them home for the very first time. Using your zodiac, we are going to make this easier for you and tell you the main mistake that you will make with your baby.

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12 Aquarius - Being Too Unrealistic

As a new Aquarius mom, you have your sights set a little too high. You want your baby to achieve their milestones before the expected time frames or right at them; from their first smile to their first step. It is understandable that you want great things for your little one, and you want them to be the best, but that's a bit unrealistic. Each and every baby is different, and they do things in their own time. When you read about a baby doing certain things by a specific age, that is just an average. It does not necessarily mean that there is anything wrong with your baby. Try to break the habit of unrealistic thinking while your baby is young; otherwise, you may end up setting goals that are too high for your child when they get older. That could cause them to become a perfectionist. Just remember that we are all only human.

11 Pisces - No Me Time

If you happen to be a Pisces mom, then you are completely and totally devoted to your little one. Everything you do is all about your baby. You may be a very selfless mom who puts a lot of time and energy into being the best mom you can for your child, and you may have even put your entire life on hold. You are probably wondering how that could be a bad thing, right? Well, moms need some time to themselves to relax and just be able to breathe. Moms need time to de-stress, and if you don’t take some time out every now and then you have the potential to completely just blow up one day, and unfortunately it could be directed toward the baby. Everyone needs some “me” time.

10 Aries - Too Impulsive

Mom, if you are an Aries, then the biggest mistake you will make with your baby is being too impulsive. Sticking to a schedule can be very hard for moms who seem to want to do things on a whim - meaning at random, and making things up as you go or deciding to something out of nowhere. Not sticking to a schedule with your baby could end up causing moms more problems than they realize. This is because when the baby gets to do whatever they want, whenever they want, they get accustomed this, which can be a major factor in how the baby sleeps. At that point, it will start to affect moms sleep as well, and no one really wants to deal with a mom who is tired and cranky all of the time. So make sure to try and create a schedule for you and your baby to keep both of you happy!

9 Taurus - Everything According To Plan

While keeping a schedule is very good for your baby, moms can sometimes go overboard with them. The biggest mistake you will make with your baby is making sure everything goes according to plan. Things pop up in life, we all know it, so it’s impossible to get every little thing to go as planned. Plus, there are things like mother nature and free will that could get into a Taurus mom’s way. As new moms, women under this sign need to prepare to be unprepared when it comes to having a baby. That adorable little boy or girl mom just gave birth to can be very unpredictable, which could have mom on the fence with her anxiety going sky high. Learning relaxation techniques for when things don’t go according to plan can be beneficial for a Taurus mom.

8 Gemini - Can’t Make Up Your Mind

If you’re a Gemini mom, the biggest mistake you will make with your baby will be that you are very indecisive, and you have a hard time making up your mind. It may get to the point where you let everyone else make decisions for you about your own baby because of this. This could affect your baby because as her/his mom you should be the one calling the shots. If you let other people continuously make parenting decisions, you will end up with no say in your child’s life. It is not something that will magically get better with time, because it will actually just get worse. Start by making the small decisions such as picking what your baby should eat or drink. Then work your way up to major parenting decisions such as decisions about their health, or a parenting technique.

7 Cancer - Too Many Emotions

Moms can become overwhelmingly emotional during and even after pregnancy, but for moms whose zodiac sign falls under Cancer; it is so much worse than that. If you happen to be a Cancer, the biggest mistake you will make with your little one is being way too emotional and overly sensitive to everything. You will get stressed out over the littlest of things, and having a baby is stressful, to begin with. You may feel really overwhelmed with the burdens of having a new baby, and it is believed that a child can pick up on his/her mother's emotions and you end up putting stress on the baby. If you feel this rings true for you, look into healthy ways to reduce stress and for outlets to get those emotions out, so they don’t boil over.

6 Leo - Always Stubborn

Leo moms are very stubborn. It is her way or no way at all, and Leo’s find it hard to make a compromise. If you are a Leo, you definitely know what I am talking about. Being stubborn can spill over into many aspects of a woman’s life, and that includes parenting. Leo moms will want to pick and choose what their babies likes and dislikes will be. If they think the baby should love banana flavored baby food, mom will try her hardest to make her baby like it otherwise she ends up getting frustrated. You want the baby to share the same likes and dislikes as you, but your baby needs to start developing their own little personality to discover what they truly like and what they don’t. Parents are always trying to force their own opinions on their children. Try to let go of the stubbornness now, or else by the time your baby begins his/her preteen years you two will clash frequently.

5 Virgo - Doubting Your Abilities

Moms have this internal gut instinct that tells them when something is not right. It's like a sixth sense. Virgo moms need to learn to tune into this instinct and trust it. The biggest mistake Virgos make with their baby is that they are always doubting themselves and their abilities. Moms can't freak out every time their baby cries because, after all, they are babies and they cry. It's just what they do. So don't panic and think that you're doing something wrong, because, generally, most of the time you are just fine. You just have to stop second-guessing yourself and to trust what your gut instinct is telling you. Plus, you cannot rely on everyone else to critique your parenting to see how good or bad you are doing.

4 Libra - Filled With Worry

Moms worry because that is just what they do. This can ring even more true for first-time moms, especially when they have never been through parenting before and are basically going in blind. However, if a mom was born under the zodiac sign Libra, regardless of whether they have previously had babies before or not, they are filled with nothing but worry. If their baby even so much as coughs, they are kicked up into high gear and are on the phone with grandma or the pediatrician instantaneously. This is a big mistake that Libra moms often make with their baby. Since they are so guarded with everything from all the worry, they do not get to fully enjoy their time with the little cutie. Libra’s need to learn to relax a little bit, because spending all that time worrying just causes a lot extra, unneeded stress.

3 Scorpio - Resenting The Baby

A major issue for Scorpio moms is that they are known for sometimes resenting their baby. A major contributor that leads a mom to feel that way toward her baby is that she, in some way, feels like the baby has ruined certain aspects of her life. Maybe mom can no longer go out as much as she used to, or her career goals or education has been put on hold. This may cause the mom to act differently toward the baby when in reality it really isn’t their fault. Babies don’t ask to be born, the mom plays a major role in that. That is something that Scorpio moms really need to keep in mind. If you start resenting your baby early on then it’s only a matter of time and they will start showing resentment towards you as well.

2 Sagittarius - You Hate Waiting

If your zodiac falls in the zodiac sign Sagittarius, the biggest mistake you could make with your little one is being too impatient with them. Generally, moms who deal with this also end up getting angry easily. This is never a good thing for a baby because they really do require a lot of patience. Sagittarius moms may get frustrated if their baby is taking a long time to do something because they really hate waiting. If a mom angers easily, and is very frustrated because their child is taking too long to eat, there is a good possibility mom may end up yelling at him/her. This issue will only get worse as they get older. The older a child gets, it seems like the longer they take to do something. This is when patience is especially important.

1 Capricorn - The Glass Is Half Empty

The new mother who falls under the sign of Capricorn may feel that nothing she does for her child is good enough, or that she is just doing everything wrong. She may even be hesitant to let others hold her little bundle of joy based on the unwarranted fear that her baby will want to be held more by others than by her. Or She may think,”If I let someone else feed my child then my baby won’t want me to feed him/her anymore.” If you are not confident in what you do for your baby he/she will pick up on this, and it may very well affect their behavior. Mothers have a natural instinct when it comes to their children, it’s best to trust that maternal instinct because it is very rarely wrong.

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