The Cloth Option: Our Featured Diaper Need Awareness Week Non-Profit

During 2019's Diaper Need Awareness Week, BabyGaga features an outstanding non-profit focus on providing clean diapers for all families. The Cloth Option is a registered 501(c)3 and operates throughout the United States. 

The Cloth Option was founded by an intrepid group of cloth diapering caregivers in January of 2019. It sprang up to fill the gap left behind by a notorious charity that has since shuttered, The Rebecca Foundation. In stark contrast to The Rebecca Foundation, The Cloth Option prides itself on its transparency and collective decision-making.

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Why Cloth Diapers? 

Over 85% of American households have access to laundry facilities in their residence, which makes cloth diapering more accessible than you might think. For those that have to visit a laundromat, there's still good news! Many laundromats don't have rules against cloth diaper laundry.

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With a few free or inexpensive considerations, cloth diapers can be remarkably easy to clean! Reduce poo on diapers by using fleece liners or Viva paper towels. Alternately, you can use one of several methods to remove poop in the toilet (dunk and swish, spray, or scrape). These steps minimize the messy part of cloth diapering - the part that can be a barrier to entry for some.

The Cloth Option's Mission

To advocate for and provide access to cloth diapers and other reusable hygiene products to reduce diaper need and protect our environment for future generations.

By helping families begin their own cloth diaper stash, The Cloth Option hopes to eliminate diaper need entirely. A family who receives a package of diapers from TCO never needs to pay for bus fare, spend hours of their day or week traveling, or reuse soiled single-use diapers ever again.

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In addition to the obvious financial benefits to impoverished families, cloth diapering is gentle on a baby's sensitive skin. Reusable diapers also reduce landfill waste! Cloth diapers eliminate the possible spread of communicable disease caused by fecal matter entering groundwater systems, an oft-ignored consequence of tossing poop into the waste bin.

By The Numbers: Ending Diaper Need

The Cloth Option is a relatively young non-profit, but they have made a huge impact already! When the federal government shut down over the 2018 holiday season, TCO stepped up to the plate. Local advocates collected, sanitized, and distributed diapers to many military families who were uncertain when they would receive their next paycheck.  During August 2019 alone, TCO distributed 2,155 cloth diapers and diverted 423,00 single-use diapers from landfills. Because of their diligent efforts, 141 babies will never face diaper need again! Through the work of their entirely unpaid volunteer staff, The Cloth Option has helped end diaper need for so many well-loved families. 

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But they can't do it alone! Consider adding your efforts to their mission in one of the following ways:

  • Donate funds used to purchase diapers or ship packages to families.
  • Purchase a cool shirt with proceeds directed toward TCO!
  • Give of your time by joining as a local diaper advocate in your community!
  • Contribute your own pre-loved cloth diapers and relevant supplies.
  • Designate The Cloth Option as the recipient of your charitable giving via Amazon Smile.

When asked what she would like people to learn during this year's Diaper Need Awareness Week, TCO Board Of Directors member Sadie Cora stated, "We know that diaper need impacts one in three US families. That means that each of us has either experienced it or knows someone who has experienced it or is experiencing it right now. The Cloth Option believes that cloth diapers are a part of a long term sustainable solution to alleviate diaper need. While cloth isn’t the whole solution for every family, we think cloth is part of the solution for many families."

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The Cloth Option will continue to strive forward until every baby has the diapers they need, and no parent must ever feel the financial strain of relying exclusively on single-use diapers. 

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