The Decline Of The Gender Reveal: 10 Good Reasons, 10 Bad Reasons and 5 Ways To Do It In 2019

It may not be crucial to everyone, but it is important to many. The gender of the unborn baby, that is. Some women, from the very first moment, that the stick turns pink, start imagining what their little bean will be like, and that usually includes imagining the gender. Is it time to buy blue or pink? Most people do not have a preference as long as the baby is healthy, but they still wonder.

This moment is usually revealed around the halfway mark in pregnancy when mom-to-be goes for her anatomy scan. This ultrasound is an important one, as it checks all the vital organs of the baby to make sure it is developing correctly. It can also tell an impatient mom what the gender of her baby is.

This is a moment to be celebrated...or is it? A lot of people have ‘gender reveal parties’ to announce the gender of their upcoming baby. This usually involves all of the closest friends and family and a big show where mom can cut a cake or pop a balloon to reveal blue or pink.

This trend has been going on for a while now, but it seems like not everyone likes or appreciates this event and it may be on its way out. We wanted to look into this further, so we have found 10 reasons that show these are great, 10 that show they are not so great and 5 ways to do it correctly in 2019.

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25 Good: Get To Planning

If mom is having a gender reveal party, then it is pretty obvious that she is finding out the gender of her baby. There are still some women out there who choose not to find out what they are having until the baby is born. However, with the advancements in technology, a lot of women are choosing to find out at an ultrasound.

One of the biggest reasons to do this is to start planning. While there is still a wide array of gender-neutral things out there, it is always easier (and more fun) to find out the gender and plan the nursery and wardrobe the way you want to.

24 Good: Day Dreaming To The Next Level

We already mentioned that it is often one of the first thoughts that a woman has when she finds out she is expecting. She immediately starts daydreaming about her little baby, and this will normally involve thoughts of pink or blue. Well, once mom finds out what actually is in her little tummy, she can take it all up a notch.

Now she can start really daydreaming. Getting lost in thoughts of little suspenders or pink bows. She can start thinking about names and head to the baby store to start buying all kinds of cute outfits and décor for the upcoming nursery.

23 Good: Prepare Emotionally

This is a really important one. When mom finds out the gender of the baby she can start preparing emotionally. We know that a lot of women don’t care what the baby is as long as it is healthy and growing. Gender disappointment is a real thing, and women are long shamed for feeling this way. It can be quite normal to be disappointed in the gender of your baby.

By knowing ahead of time, it can give mom (or dad) time to process what this new little baby is. If she was wanting a little boy, and it is the opposite, she has time to process it and come to terms. Being surrounded by excited friends and family at the time of the reveal can also help her cope.

22 Good: A Party Is Always A Good Idea

It seems like it is always a good idea for a party. Pregnancy is a great time to spend with family and friends, and there are so many reasons to celebrate. The baby shower is the big show, but a gender reveal party can be just as fun. Gathering your closest friends and family around to celebrate and find out the gender of the baby together is always a good idea.

When a woman is pregnant, she will often want to be around people that she loves. Pregnancy can be a scary time full of anxiety and being close to the ones you love can have a calming effect.

21 Good: Making Registering A Breeze

A mom and dad who are expecting a baby will need a lot of items to be prepared, and this is why a lot of people have baby showers. It is a time to get together and celebrate, but it is also a great time to start checking things off your list of what you need. Most couples will make a registry at a local baby store to help guests know what they need.

Knowing the gender can make this a lot easier. Unless mom and dad really want to go gender neutral with all items, knowing the gender can help them register a lot quicker and with a lot more purpose. They know exactly what they want, and they can just scan away.

20 Good: Easy For Your Friends/Family

Knowing the gender also makes it a lot easier for those who are buying off of the registry. When your friends and family know the gender, they are able to shop easier. A lot of people don’t like to buy gifts off the registry, or they just buy one small thing, because they feel it is not personal. They want their gift to be special, so they go off-registry.

If they know the gender, then they are also prepared when it comes to shopping. They know what they are looking for and they are not left searching the aisles for something they like in grey, yellow or green.

19 Good: Soak Up The Attention

Now is mom-to-be’s time to shine in the spotlight. For 9-months everything is about her as she works to create this perfect little human. A gender reveal party is just another reason mom has to soak in all of the attention. This may come off as ‘selfish,’ but it is the one time in your life being selfish is OK.

Once that baby makes its big entrance, all of the attention is going to go to that little one and mom will soon be forgotten. This is why now is the time to do whatever you want and have all eyes on you.

18 Good: May Go Viral!

Social media is a hot ticket right now, and there are many people out there who are just dying to go viral. They want to put out a video or a post that has millions of views and has people really talking. This does not happen as often as people think, but it does happen. We have seen gender reveals go viral, like the dad-to-be wrestling an alligator to reveal the gender.

There is always a chance your gender reveal could go viral, as long as it is captured on video. Your gender reveal could be shared all around the world and it could be the next ‘most talked about’ thing.

17 Good: Easy To Spill The Beans

I had a gender reveal party with my first, but I didn’t with my second and I noticed a big difference. With my first, we were all in the same room and everyone found out together. With my second, I spent most of the morning on the telephone telling the exact same story over and over again. It would have been a lot easier to just have had a gender reveal party.

When you announce the gender at a party or gathering, everyone finds out together. It is much easier to share the news than having to call every single person you know individually and let them know.

16 Good: Celebrities Are Doing It!

Now, not everyone likes to follow celebrities, but that does not change the fact that they do have an impression on us. We watch what they do, what they say and how they handle their pregnancies very closely. A lot of celebrities have gender reveals, and they do them big.

This means a lot of us ‘common folk’ want to have them too, and we try to make them just as big. We often think that if a celebrity is doing it, it must still be cool and relevant, and Kate Hudson recently showed us how adorable a gender reveal can be when she finally got her pink confetti.

15 Bad: Gender Could Be Wrong

Now, we do have to talk about some of the negative things associated with a gender reveal party. The biggest thing that could be wrong is the facts themselves. While it doesn't happen often, there are times when a mom-to-be is told the wrong gender. She won't know until aftert he baby is born.

This would be very awkward after she has had a gender reveal and gotten everyone excited, and shopping, for a baby that is now the wrong sex. Unless you are 100% sure the gender is correct, you may want to refrain from having a party.

14 Bad: Gender Stereotypes

Gender stereotypes are a big thing in the news and social media today, and this is one of the reasons people are urging others not to have a gender reveal party. They are stating that it places too much focus on the gender of the baby when that's not what's really important.

Some believe it encourages gender stereotyping. For example, if the balloons are blue, people may already start talking about how he will be a star football player. If the balloons are pink, everyone will talk about all the frilly, pink dresses that the baby can wear.

13 Bad: Mistakes Can Happen

Even if the gender is right, there is still a lot that can go wrong at gender reveal parties. A lot of people take the sealed gender to a store and have a big balloon or box filled with the corresponding colored balloons or confetti. What happens when the big moment comes, and mom and dad open that box and white balloons come out? This has happened, as we have seen on YouTube.

There is always the chance that something could go wrong when it comes to gender reveal parties. Some may be able to laugh it off, but it is a big deal to a lot of people who now may feel like their moment was ruined.

12 Bad: Costing Guests More Money!

It doesn’t just cost mom and dad a lot to have a baby, it can cost friends and family members a lot too. They will often want to spoil the baby. The biggest event during pregnancy is the baby shower, and your guests will be spending a lot of money on the perfect gift for you and your baby. A gender reveals party is yet another event that puts an obligation on friends and family.

There is no rule about having to bring a gift to a gender reveal party, but a lot of people feel awkward and uncomfortable showing up to a gender reveal party without something small for the mom-to-be and baby.

11 Bad: Having a Friend Host Another Party

A lot of the times a gender reveal party will be hosted by the expectant parents, but there are times when they ask a friend or family member to throw the party. This is normally for situations when mom and dad want to find out the gender with everyone else. If they don’t know the gender, they are not going to want to be the ones to fill the balloon or make the cake.

This can be seen as another ‘burden’ to place on a family member or friend who is already going to be throwing you a baby shower. Most will say they don’t mind and that they are happy to do it, but we have to wonder how they really feel.

10 Bad: May Be “Attention-Seeking”

We already talked before about how this is the mom-to-bes time to shine in the spotlight, but it can be too much for a lot of people. Some people may see this as a bit of attention seeking behavior. That it may move from acceptable behavior to attention-seeking. No one wants to be seen this way, so it is something to think about when you are thinking about having a gender reveal party.

The only one who is going to know how this will be taken is yourself. You know your friends and family members the most, and you will know how they would react to situations like this.

9 Bad: May Go Viral (In A Bad Way)

This is not a typo; this section is in both the good and bad section and that is because going viral is not always a good thing. A lot of people go viral for very bad reasons, and once it is on the internet, it is usually on there forever. When an online post goes viral, and it does not receive a warm welcome, the internet bullies can come out.

If mom has a thinner skin and does not handle criticism well than a gender reveal party may not be for her. If the clips end up online and they go viral in a bad way, she may be up for some very negative responses.

8 Bad: It Has All Been Done Before

Here is one of the biggest negatives to gender reveal parties; they have all been done before. Many find these parties exhausting because there have just been so many of them. This may be the only one you have thrown, but it could be the millionth one your guests have attended. They take over the internet, with their videos, and some people are just tired of them.

They were once considered unique and creative, but because everyone does them now, they are seen as boring and useless. It may sound harsh, but this is how a lot of people feel about gender reveal parties.

7 Bad: Parties Are Exhausting

At the end of the day, mom-to-be is still pregnant. Pregnancy is long, painful and exhausting. When you think about it a gender reveal party is just another party. It is just another even that mom-to-be has to go to and look great and act like everything is sunshine and roses when it probably isn’t.

This can be exhausting for anyone, even if they are not pregnant. When you add pregnancy to the mix, it can be a very exhausting day for an expectant mom. If you add in all the emotional excitement and anxiety that may come with learning the gender of your baby, it is even more so. Except for this time, you are surrounded by your friends and family.

6 Bad: Is This Your First? Or Third?

There is already an argument out there that women should only receive one baby shower for their lifetime. That means that they get one for their first, and that’s it. Then there are those that feel that every baby should be celebrated and see no problem with a woman having a baby shower for each of her children.

The same goes with gender reveal parties. It is almost understandable that a woman would have one for her first baby because it is all new and exciting. Once they start having one for their third or fourth it can be a bit much, and mom may notice her attendance dropping after each one.

5 How: Make Sure You Go Big

Now we are going to talk about how to do it if you are going to do it in 2019. No one can tell you not to have a gender reveal party, that is your decision. However, if you are having one in 2019, you better make it big. People are expecting more and more as time goes on. This is thanks to all the movement in technology and social media.

Everyone wants to see more, and they want it bigger. Mom better make sure that what she does is unique and bigger than life. This can be challenging, but a determined mom will be up to the challenge.

4 How: The Video Tapes Have To Be Out

It is almost expected that anything a mom does during her pregnancy will be captured on video. We have no excuse now because every single cell phone has the capability to take video and everyone has a cell phone. This also means that every video that is captured should be uploaded to social media.

It is important to capture this moment for yourself as well. You will want to look back and remember that feeling you had when you first found out what you were having. I did not video my first child’s gender reveal (don’t ask me why) and it is something I still regret. That was in 2015 though, so things have changed.

3 How: No Matter What, Be Creative!

In the world that we live in now with Pinterest and other websites that are just vaults of ideas and inspiration, there should be no excuse why a mom cannot get creative when doing a gender reveal. For the people out there, who are already tired of these parties, they can get even more annoyed when they go to one and see the standard cake cutting ceremony.

It is important (in 2019) to be as creative and to think outside-of-the-box as much as possible. Dive deep into Pinterest or Google and find an idea that no one has done before. It will make a world of difference on how your gender reveal party goes.

2 How: Play On The Season

When getting creative on how to reveal the gender of your baby, play on the strengths of what is going on in the world around you. Is it Christmas, Easter or Halloween? Play on the season it is and incorporates that into your gender reveal.

These themed reveals tend to be better received online and by family and friends because of how creative you can get with it. It also makes it a lot easier to plan and prepare for, taking a lot of the ‘thinking’ out of the planning. One example was a gender reveal done at Christmas time when the tree would light up with either pink or blue lights.

1 How: Involve The Moms (Grandmas)

Welcoming a new baby is not just for mom and dad, there are a lot of family members who are about to get new roles or have their roles change. People are going to turn into grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins and it is important to recognize how exciting this can be for them.

It is always a good idea to try and involve family members in the reveal. When I did the gender reveal for my first child, I involved both mothers in the reveal. They were about to become grandmothers for the first time and it was important that they had a hand in announcing if they were welcoming a granddaughter or grandson.

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