The Guessing Game: 12 Tales That Claim You’re Having a Girl

The birth of a child is a thrilling event. The 40 week pregnancy that precedes childbirth is filled with curiosity. One of life’s greatest surprises is finding out the sex of a baby. If you decide to keep the surprise until delivery day, then the guessing game begins with commonly held myths known as old wives’ tales.

Before modern technology, expectant parents had to wait to find out their baby’s gender.

Old wives’ tales were the folklore of past generations. These centuries-old methods of deduction were considered the pearls of wisdom that kept mothers informed. There have been many superstitions in relation to pregnancy; some are downright absurd.

One of the strangest notions says that giant strawberry-shaped birthmarks are caused by mothers eating strawberries during pregnancy.

Another myth claims that if there is a full moon, you are likely to go into labor. The reasoning behind this tale maintained that the gravitational pull of the moon could break your water.

Generations long ago believed these theories to be credible. Medical professionals and scientific research have examined their validity. Countless old wives’ tales have been debunked as myths, rooted in fallacy rather than fact. Perhaps they were so persuasive because they are so pervasive. For whatever reason, these tales still have an influence on modern society.

As you wait for your bundle of joy, examine the folklore that claims to predict gender.

There's much ideology that surrounds pregnancy that is not all true. These tales are more for play than prophecy.

After all, the odds are 50 / 50 any tale will be right. The best way to determine your baby’s gender is to verify with your doctor, gynecologist, obstetrician, or health care professional. In the meantime, try these old wives’ tales before the truth is revealed. Let us know—were they correct?

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21 Lots of Womb Movement

Mythology claims that fetal movement can predict gender. Girls are apparently not as active as boys. The truth is that movement in the womb has more to do with the activity level with the mother.

A mother who is active all day will hardly feel any movement, whereas someone who sits all day will experience less activity in utero.

20 Dreams


Pay attention to your dreams. Ever had a dream about your future son?

Ironically, this means that a girl is in your future. Dreams are reversed when it comes to the sex of your baby. The verdict is still out on this theory, so don’t paint the nursery just yet.

18 Carrying High


The way pregnant women carry their baby is a common predictor of gender. The myth says that if you a carrying the baby high and large like a watermelon, expect to deliver a daughter. Said another way, if it’s obvious that you’re pregnant from behind, you’re having a girl. A low bump that is small like a basketball is supposed to be a boy.

Women gain weight in different ways. When the baby arrives, you’ll know for sure.

16 Skin Breakouts


Are you breaking out like a teenager? Folklore says that skin blemishes and acne are signs that a princess in on the way.

It was believed that an expecting mother became less beautiful because her unborn baby girl sucked the beauty out of her. Experts insist that skin breakouts are caused by hormone changes. A woman’s body undergoes many changes throughout pregnancy regardless of their baby’s sex.

14 Baby’s Heart Rate


The speed of the baby’s heart-beat is another indication of gender. As the story goes, if a baby’s heart rate is over 140 beats per minute (bpm), get ready for a girl. This particular tale has been proven false. There is no link between fetal heart and baby’s sex.

A normal heart rate for a baby during labor is between 120-160 bpm.

12 Sweet Tooth


According to legend, if you’re yearning fruit, chocolate, and desserts, that is a sign you are having of a girl. Perhaps this is the origin of the nursery rhyme that says girls are made of “sugar and spice, and everything nice?”

If you have an appetite for salty or sour, you’re probably expecting a boy. Cravings of all kinds are common among pregnant women. Some cravings are for nutritional needs, and others are psychological.

There is no medical proof that this belief can foretell the sex of the baby.

10 Baby Names


If you and your partner can solidly agree on a girl’s name, but disagree on a boy’s name, then that could mark the arrival of a girl. How easy you choose a name predicts gender, according to this wives’ tale.

8 Motion Sickness


Suffering with nausea in the first trimester? Traditional wisdom says that if you feel sick all day, count on a girl.

No nausea claims that you’re carrying a boy. For some, morning sickness is a first sign of pregnancy. It can happen to any expecting mother, and just comes with the territory.

6 Key Test


Here’s a fun experiment you can try with a pregnant friend. Place a key on the ground.

Ask her to pick it up. If she picks up the narrow end of the key, this means she is expecting a girl. If she picks up the wide end, she will be blessed with a boy. If the key is picked up in the middle, she’s having twins. This test is more entertaining than scientific.

4 Normal Legs

If you don’t notice a change in your legs, thank your future daughter. This goes for feet as well. Swollen legs and cold feet indicate that you’re having a boy.

3 Mood Swings


Are your mood swings giving everyone whiplash? The old wives’ believed that when you’re pregnant with a girl, you will have extra female hormones. Again, hormonal changes during pregnancy can be attributed to this symptom, not the gender of your baby.

1 Mother’s Instinct

Studies show that female intuition is usually right. 71% of expecting mothers who had a strange certainty about their baby’s gender before birth were correct. Apparently, the best guess of a baby’s gender is the mother’s intuition.

- Nichole Padmore

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