The Hills: 20 Things Fans Should Know About These Celeb Moms

Anyone who loved The Hills will be pleased to know that all five women from the show are now moms. Lauren Conrad, Kristin Cavallari, Whitney Port, Heidi Montag (now Heidi Pratt) and Audrina Patridge all have children.

The Hills was a reality TV show that lasted for six seasons. It aired on MTV, starting in 2006. The show was a Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County spin-off.  The Hills followed the careers and personal lives of a group of young women who lived in L.A.

Since the long-awaited Hills reboot has been announced, it's a great time to catch up with the celeb moms from the show. Some of these women will appear in the reboot, while others are choosing to opt out. This list is filled with fun facts about these popular women and their children, as well as lots of general news about what they're up to these days...and maybe a few blasts from the past!

This show was widely accepted as a guilty pleasure; it was glitzy, glam and filled with expected reality TV interpersonal conflicts, as well as some poignant moments and plenty of romance. The celeb moms of The Hills have really grown as people since they were on the show. They are more mature now. They've changed.

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20 Lauren Conrad Is A New Mom

Lauren Conrad is now the mother of a very cute little boy named Liam James Tell, who was born in July of 2017. He's clearly adored by his famous mom. Lauren's official Isocial media accounts feature many adorable pics of her son. He's her only child right now, but more babies may follow.

Lauren seems very content these days. She has created a wonderful life for herself. While no one's life is as perfect as it appears online, she does seem fulfilled by motherhood. Maybe it's a lot more fulfilling than reality TV fame, or fame in general? Anyway, reality TV gave Lauren access to so many great career opportunities...

19 Lauren Won't Be In The Hills Reboot


Lauren isn't going to be in The Hills: New Beginnings reboot. This will disappoint a lot of fans, but she's just moved on. She's happy with her life as it is and doesn't want to live the reality TV way right now.

Motherhood is a big life change. While plenty of moms do appear on reality TV (most of the "real housewives" do have kids), Lauren wants to maintain her current lifestyle. She's got a great relationship, an adorable child and plenty of work to keep her busy and earning good money. She wishes everyone who will appear on The Hills reboot the best, though.

18 Heidi Is Married To Spencer Pratt


Heidi Montag is now Heidi Pratt. Whatever you want to call her, she's a bubbly reality TV superstar that some people really enjoy disliking. Her hubby, Spencer Pratt, is her partner in crime. Heidi and Spencer have been married for a decade. They seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly. No matter what life throws at them, they stay together. Heidi and Spencer appeared on The Hills and other reality TV shows, including Celebrity Big Brother and I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here. Heidi and Spencer admitted in the past to burning through most of their reality TV money. They lived large for a long time.

17 Whitney Had A Son In 2017


Whitney Port is now a proud mommy. Her son is named Sonny and he was born in late July of 2017. He's a cutie who seems to look quite a bit like his Dad. Her son is a toddler now and he has a wild mane of brown curls. Whitney enjoys posting pics of Sonny to her official social media accounts, which has 1.3 million followers.

Whitney has partnered with Johnson & Johnson's baby products. She says the company's products help her to care for her son's hair! Whitney is as fashionable as ever and also uses her online accounts to show off her outfits. She's the type of yummy mummy that wears Gucci.

16 Motherhood Has Changed Heidi And Spencer


Heidi and her man, Spencer Pratt, were happy to play the roles of reality TV villains. In every reality TV show, there have to be cast members who are willing to stir things up and cause a little trouble. Heidi is a mom now, so she's dialed back the drama a little bit. She's focusing on giving her son, Gunner, the best possible early childhood.

Gunner Stone was born in fall of 2017. 2017 was a big year for The Hills babies! Heidi seems ecstatic to be a mom. She's enjoying every single minute. She's very active on social media, so it's easy to follow her life with her toddler son.

15 Heidi Will Appear In The Hills Reboot


Heidi has appeared on so many reality TV shows, including The Hills, and she will be making an appearance in The Hills: New Beginnings, along with Spencer Pratt. In fact, she's already filmed scenes for the reboot. In the scenes, she renews her wedding vows with Spencer, to commemorate their tenth anniversary.

While Heidi and Spencer (also known as Speidi) have gotten a lot of shade from detractors, they do stick together. They've created a family together. Actress Mischa Barton, who wasn't in the original The Hills, will also be joining the reboot cast, and she was there when "Speidi" renewed their vows.

14 Audrina Patridge Has A Daughter Named Kirra


Audrina Patridge has a sweet little daughter named Kirra. Kirra is her only child. Audrina's daughter was born in late June of 2016. Kirra's middle name is Max. Audrina's 1.6 million followers are treated to plenty of adorable shots of Kirra, whom Audrina affectionately refers to as her princess.

In one especially cute pic, her daughter doesn't look too thrilled to be sitting on Santa's lap. Kirra is taking ballet lessons and climbing trees and enjoying what appears to be a very pleasant and traditional childhood. Her gorgeous mom is always there for her, even though Audrina is also very busy with business.

13 Audrina Has Had Some Heartache


You may have followed Audrina's doomed romance with bad boy, Justin Bobby, on The Hills. Audrina never married Justin Bobby Brescia. She married a pro BMX athlete instead. However, their marriage ended and there was lots of tension between her and her former husband as they went their separate ways.

Patridge has endured some heartache, but she's strong and she's still smiling. While things were rough between her and her ex-husband, Corey Bohan, for a while, they are now committed to co-parenting in a mature way. They've moved past their own problems for the sake of their daughter, Kirra Max.

12 Whitney Is Married To Tim Rosenman


Whitney is a fashion designer with her own fashion line. She's also a graduate of USC. Whitney remained engaged for two full years before taking the plunge and tying the knot with Tim Rosenman. Whitney met Tim on the set of a reality TV show, but it wasn't The Hills. On her wedding day, she went full fashionista, by donning a stunning bridal gown with a daring waterfall hemline.

She brought lots of modern style to her wedding day look. She said her wedding dress design was inspired by the beauty of Italian chandeliers. Her hubby gave her a framed pic of her late father as a wedding present.

11 Kristin's Husband Used To Play Pro Football


Kristin rose to fame on Laguna Beach and then headed for The Hills. She eventually married a pro football player, Jay Cutler. This quarterback may or may not be completely retired from his sport. He played for over a decade. Kristin wed Jay in 2013, at a church in Nashville. She wanted a simpler type of wedding with a warm atmosphere and loved the way that her wedding turned out. She wore a fitted, strapless bridal gown with a dramatic, fishtail-style hem. On January 6th of this year, Kristin dazzled in a gold dress at The Golden Globes. She's still in the spotlight.

10 Lauren's Hubby Is Named William Tell


Like so many women from The Hills, Lauren Conrad is now happily married. She tied the knot with a man named William Tell. Lauren wore a beautiful wedding gown with a classic design, along with a sheer veil. She kept her hair down. Her hubby writes songs and one of his tunes appeared on the soundtrack to Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. He's from Southern California like Lauren is, but she appreciates the fact that he doesn't act so Hollywood. William studied music business at the University of Southern California.He looked extremely happy on his wedding day, as did his bride.

9 Kristin Is Now A Bestselling Author


Kristin is all about confidence and she's used her confidence to get ahead in life. Even back in her Laguna Beach days, she radiated healthy self-esteem. These days, Kristin is a wife, a mother, and an author. She's made the New York Times best-seller list. Her latest work of non-fiction is a cookbook.

Like Gwyneth Paltrow, Kristin is very into lifestyle and clean eating. She's following in Gwyneth's footsteps by using her own fame to build a lifestyle empire. Today, Kristin has an estimated net worth of 3.5 million dollars. Plus, her hubby made a nice chunk of change playing pro football for years.

8 Lauren's Fashion Line Is Available At Kohl's


Lauren loves fashion and she's made a career out of it. Using reality TV fame as a springboard to the career of her dreams was a very smart move. Today, she has her own fashion line and her clothing, accessories and more are available at Kohl's stores. Her collection is about embracing confidence, as well as a carefree attitude. Lauren often models her own creations, via social media and in ads. She's very successful and has an estimated net worth of twenty-five million bucks. Her significant wealth may be one reason why she's not running back to The Hills reboot. She doesn't need the money, basically.

7 Audrina Patridge Was On Dancing With The Stars


Audrina Patridge showed plenty of grace and courage when she signed on for Dancing With The Stars. It does take some guts to get in front of a live audience (not to mention a huge audience of TV and online viewers) and do ballroom-style dancing. So many celebs have made the decision to appear on this show.

Lisa Vanderpump did it and she found it exhausting. Audrina didn't win during her stint on the show. She was eliminated during episode 6. Although she wasn't victorious, she scored pretty high on her waltz. Audrina is industrious and she's always out there, promoting herself.

6 Kristin Is Skipping The Reboot


Kristin replaced Lauren back in the fifth season of The Hills. Just like Lauren, Cavallari won't be coming back for the New Beginnings reboot. However, Kristin might have wanted to. It's just that she couldn't for contractual reasons because she had a contract with E! Network.

Through E! Network, she has a reality TV show called Very Cavallari. Doing a show with a competing network would get her into legal issues. Kristin has a lot going on in her life, so she's not too broken up about not being on the show. She'll be watching and wishing everyone the best.

5 Lauren and Kristin Haven't Stayed In Touch


It's probably no great surprise that Lauren and Kristin haven't been BFFs since The Hills wrapped. On Laguna Beach, they liked the same guy. Then, they both appeared on The Hills. These two are long-time rivals and that makes for great TV. In their off-screen time, they'd rather not hang out because of their many differences.

Lauren is more low-key in general; Kristin is bolder and very sure of herself. Both women are very successful and both are now wives and mothers. Lauren's business has really taken off. She may be the biggest success story from The Hills.

4 Audrina Stopped Talking To Lauren After The Hills Finale


Audrina isn't hanging out with Lauren, either. They stopped speaking after the finale of The Hills. Audrina has said that producers pushed the cast mates to confront each other, for the sake of exciting TV. She said the members of The Hills cast were directed verbally to have certain types of conversations and confrontations. She felt that fantasy and reality were blurring while she was on the show. Maybe some of her conversations with Lauren damaged their relationship permanently. Audrina said she had a falling out with LC over something. Apparently, it just wasn't repairable.

3 Kristin and Audrina Are Buddy-buddy


Audrina and Kristin get along just fine, which may be another reason why Audrina and Lauren aren't close. Kristin and Lauren have always had a rivalry. With producers encouraging them to explore that rivalry for the sake of ratings, it's no wonder that they've stopped talking. Kristin and Audrina have been photographed having lunch and hanging out; they always look happy in each other's company. All of the women of The Hills don't look much different now than they did while they were on the show. It's almost like time has stopped for them. These women take good care of themselves.

2 Whitney Appeared On TV Shows After The Hills


This stunning Pisces has been doing very well since The Hills. She's multi-talented, with her own fashion line, Whitney Eve, and plenty of acting and reality TV credits. Like Lauren, she used her reality TV fame to get a leg up in the competitive fashion world. Fashion can be a tough business. It's much easier to get started with it with a bankable name. When Whitney isn't appearing on shows like Hollywood Medium, she likes to unwind by doing Pilates. She's also a loving mommy and wife. The women of The Hills are alpha females. They are maintaining their success and then some.

1 Whitney Will Appear in The Hills Reboot


Whitney Port will be appearing in The Hills reboot. She's up for this new adventure. The show has actually already started filming. Whitney is going to continue her Hills journey and she's very excited about it. Now that so much has changed in her life, she'll bring a fresh perspective to the show. It's a lot different being an ambitious young single woman in Los Angeles than being a successful married woman with a child (who lives in Los Angeles).

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