7Week One

Week one, most women don’t know they’re pregnant yet. Why? Because they’re not actually pregnant.

Wait, what?

Your pregnancy is counted from the date of your first date of your last monthly cycle. This confuses a lot of people, so when someone says, “I’m six weeks pregnant,” the egg has only really

technically been fertilized for four weeks.

But - we count from this week!

This date is immensely useful for calculating your due date.

But remember, even though your egg hasn’t been fertilized yet doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start acting like it hasn’t been.

Talk to your doctors about any kind of medication you take to make sure it doesn’t conflict with your anticipated pregnancy. Even check about any over the counter medicines you might take on occasion, like cold medicines, allergy medicines, herbal supplements, and even medicines you take for headaches.

Be sure you’re already taking folic acid. Ideally, it's recommended that women take folic acid at least a month before trying to get pregnant. (My doctor even recommended one full year!) Just be sure that whatever folic acid supplement you take doesn’t have more than 700 mg of vitamin A - some studies have found this linked to birth defects.

Oh, and if you have any sort of bad habits, like drinking, or smoking, or drinking too much coffee/tea, now is the time to stop or cut back (stopping drinking and smoking, cutting back on caffeine). While you can drink some caffeine during pregnancy, if you drink a lot of caffeine, you’d need to lower your coffees! You don’t want to start pregnancy as a caffeine-deprived cranky woman! 

Ideally, 150-300 milligrams (or less) of caffeine a day are okay. So start cutting back on those cups of coffee, if you haven’t already.

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