The Inuit Have A Golden Parenting Rule: No Shouting

Here in the mainland USA, we're still debating whether or not we should spank our kids, but way up north in the Arctic, the Inuit won't even raise their voices.

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The one golden rule of Inuit parenting is "Don't shout or yell," especially at young children. Yelling is seen as demeaning to the adult who loses their cool by getting loud. It makes sense though. The energy you show in your home will rub off on your children setting the example of how to behave. So, in theory, if you keep your cool, so will your kids.  Interesting indeed. Still, Inuit children are behaved and learn how to handle their emotions proving it can be done without yelling.

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The Inuit use storytelling and role-playing to teach a child how to react. They teach their children that their emotions can be dealt with calmly. They talk to them and take the time to explain right from wrong and the reasons for it. This parenting technique spills over to all relationships and their whole community. The Inuit are overall a very calm community with little conflict.

An NPR reporter came across this unique parenting style first brought to US attention by anthropologist Jean Briggs. Briggs lived with the Inuit in igloos and tents while observing their serene culture Her book, Never in Anger, detailed these parenting techniques and how their differently raised children have a larger sense of who they are and how to treat others.

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Jean Briggs 1974 Via the Jean Briggs Collection/American Philosophical Society

Americans see anger as an important emotion. There is so much rage and hatred on the internet, our culture embraces anger and embraces showing it without a second thought. It's showing in our country and we have nowhere near the peace the Inuit experience. They don't hold on to anger. They don't lash out over small problems. They recognize their anger/disappointment/fear and embrace it.

Not yelling at their kids is such a small thing to do that can lead to positive effects for the rest of their lives. Americans should take note. What do you think of this Inuit style? Will you try to yell less?

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