The Kardashian Pregnancies: 15 Rules Hospital Staff Had To Follow During Their Labor

The Kardashian/Jenner clan has a had quite a year so far. Three of the family’s famous sisters have added bundles of joy to the family since the beginning of 2018. Kim welcomed her third daughter, Chicago West, via surrogate in January, Kylie Jenner had her first child, Stormi Webster, in February and Khloe became a mother for the first time when she welcomed True Thompson to the world in April.

Before either Kylie or Khloe had even revealed they were expecting, OK! Magazine reported that the two were already making outlandish requests concerning their babies’ deliveries and were “driving the staff at L.A.’s Cedars-Sinai Medical Center nuts.”

According to a HollywoodLife.com, Kylie was asking for a “fully stocked snack bar” and Khloe requested a “brand-new tub suitable for an underwater birth.” It was also reported that “they both decided they need to have light gray 1,000-thread count sheets.”

Whatever the truth, rumors about the KarJenner births, and the things that hospitals have had to put up with while helping bring the next generation of reality television stars into the world, are shocking to say the least. Read on for 15 things hospitals have had to do in order to prepare for Kardashians and company to give birth within their walls.

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15 Prepare A Brand New Tub

As mentioned above, OK! Magazine dished that Khloe had requested a brand new tub for her baby's delivery. She ended up deciding to give birth in Cleveland instead of L.A., and did not opt for a water birth, but she's not the only Kardashian who has considered bringing a baby into the world in the water.

Kourtney played around with the idea of delivering her second child, Penelope, in a tub at home. On an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the mother-of-three had a meeting with South Coast Midwifery in California to find out more about the ins and outs of home births. Her baby daddy, Scott, wasn't too sure about the idea, but later admitted, "I'll be honest, I thought this whole thing was a little bit crazy until I heard all this. But it does make sense. If people could have kids in caves hundreds and hundreds of years ago, why not do it at your house?"

Kourt decided to observe a live water birth to help her make up her mind, and her supportive little sis Khloe came along for moral support. After seeing the intimate details of a water birth first hand, the eldest Kardashian sister changed her tune. She explained, "I just don't think that a water birth is what I want to do now. Even though I think the experience at home would be so amazing — when it's your child's life that is involved — I just don't think I would take that risk. After witnessing this amazing water birth I have decided that it's not for me. I just know how peaceful my birth experience was, that I don't want to change it for the world."

14 Provide Expensive Sheets

Via: Elite Daily

The Kardashian sisters do everything in style, so it shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that, for them, even snoozing is a luxurious experience. As previously mentioned, OK! Magazine reported that both Kylie and Khloe had inquired after the possibility of getting light gray, 1000 thread-count sheets in their birthing rooms at the hospital. One possible reason for this very specific request may be the fact that the expecting sisters wanted the rooms where their babies were delivered to feel as much like home as possible. MyDomain.com has revealed that Kylie's bedding in her not-so-humble abode is, in fact, gray.

Celebrity interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard has helped Kourtney, Khloe and Kendall design their homes, and has dished all the deets about the places these lovely ladies rest their famous heads.

The British designer is all about high-quality sheets. He explained, "I love pure Egyptian or Irish cotton sheets. Sateen finish is my personal preference as I love the silky feel, yet unlike silk, the cotton sheets have a crispness that makes them delicious and pure luxury. I have my sheets changed every other day—I love that feeling of freshly laundered sheets. It's my own personal indulgence." It's possible Bullard's passion for plush bedding has rubbed off on the Kardashian/Jenners.

13 Stock Up On Snacks For Kylie

As previously mentioned, a source close to Kylie Jenner told Okay! magazine that she was bombarding Cedars-Sinai Medical Center with snack requests before she'd even confirmed her pregnancy.

Jenner may live the high life, but expensive fare doesn't seem to be on her list of must-haves. The lip mogul is one mother-of-one who is serious about her snacks, but her go-to choices are so relatable we can't help but give our girl mad props for being so darn down-to-earth.

Kylie has been open about the fact that she loves to eat unhealthy foods from time to time, and has posed for multiple selfies with cheeseburgers and fries. Other snacks Kylie has been known to nosh on, and that she may have requested be available to her during her baby's delivery, include: Twizzlers, Oreos, Diet Coke, fried chicken and Mexican food. The Queen of Instagram had a right to chow down on yummy food in between contractions if she so chose. We only hope the hospital was able to satisfy her cravings and keep her happy until little Stormi arrived.

Since giving birth, Kylie has been on a strict diet to lose the baby weight. However, while little Stormi was growing in Jenner's stylish tummy, she was most likely enjoying a smorgasbord of the best junk food around.

12 Reserve An Entire Floor Strictly For The KarJenners

In addition to keeping security tight, more than one expecting Kardashian has requested a wide berth when giving birth. While reserving a private area to give birth is understandable, this luxury is only available to those who can afford it. It has been reported that the birthing suite where Kim welcomed her son Saint to the world cost upwards of $4,000 per night!

According to Domino Kirke, co-founder of Carriage House Doula, and doula to the stars, celebs will go to great lengths to ensure they have the utmost privacy during the deliveries of their babies. Kirke explained to Yahoo News, “Like every mother, [a celebrity is] concerned about birth and the level of privacy that they need. It’s so overwhelming to have people know your business on that level.” Kirke continued, “There’s a level of closeness that really appeals to people if they are in the public eye. Everything just feels a little less daunting. But the celebrities I know and have worked with, they need it more than most people.”

The Kardashians aren't the only ones who are willing to pay for privacy. In 2012, the New York Times reported that Jay Z and Beyonce forked over a cool million dollars to reserve a plush birthing suite in a Manhattan hospital so their firstborn, Blue Ivy, could arrive in style.

11 Ensure Vegetarian Options Are Available

Via: Perez Hilton

One thing The Cleveland Clinic had to do to prepare for Khloe to deliver at their facility made sure they had vegetarian options on hand.

The new mom revealed on her blog that she had become "somewhat of a vegetarian" since becoming pregnant. Noodles, strawberries, and pancakes were among her cravings, but meat held no appeal for the mom-to-be.

Khloe also wrote, "Before pregnancy, I really only ate chicken or turkey...no pork, red meat, most fish, lamb, etc. But now, I find meat absolutely disgusting, LOL. Just the sight of it makes me nauseous." While meat may have grossed Khloe out early on, as her due date loomed nearer, she found her aversion to eating animals subsiding a bit. She also revealed on her blog, "Now that I'm nearing the end of my pregnancy, it doesn't repulse me as much anymore. I wonder how I'll feel about meat after I give birth!"

In a later post, the star shared with fans the items in her hospital bag. The haul included her computer and a charger, pajamas, an outfit to wear home, a pillow, a blanket, maternity bras, and two gowns, socks and swaddles for her impending arrival. She shared, "When it comes time to go to the hospital to deliver my baby girl, I'll be ready. I knew exactly what I wanted to put in my hospital bag...lots of comfy things for me and for her!"

10 Must Respects The KarJenners' Privacy

It goes without saying that hospitals have a responsibility to protect the famous moms-to-be who choose to give birth within their walls. They must to go to great lengths to ensure only those with the proper training are allowed to interact with their celebrity patients.

Celebrity doula, Latham Thomas, who assisted Alicia Keys and other well-known celebs in the deliveries of their babies, knows a thing or two about protecting the privacy of famous parents. She told InStyle, “Some of the families I work with are more relaxed, like DJ Khaled and Nicole Tuck, who opted to Snapchat Asahd’s birth. Khaled’s posts created a commotion; fans showed up to the hospital during the labor and the hospital security had their hands full.” Thomas continued, “We have a person from our security detail working with the hospital staff from the moment we head over to check in and secure the private entrance for a secret entry."

Other tactics celebs may use to keep the deliveries of their babies a secret include concealing their due dates and avoiding posting anything pertinent to the birth on social media. Lori Bregman, a doula whose impressive client list includes Jessica Biel, Molly Sims and Kelly Rowland told InStyle, “There is a head of operations or VIP person at [the] hospital that helps arrange a safe way in and makes sure the [celebrity is] protected and secure in their room. Once they get into a room to labor, they stay in that room. Some bring their own security, some don’t.”

9 Smile For The Cameras

More than one doctor or nurse may have found themselves in the line of fire when a photograph of their famous patient was snapped or video footage was taken. Sure, they can request to have their faces blurred, or they can bask in their five minutes of fame for all its worth.

Hospitals where the Kardashians have given birth have also had to ensure that all employees understand the severity of snapping secret shots of a famous mom or baby. Even with strict security protocols, celeb moms can't be too careful. Thomas told InStyle, “I suggest families register under an alias so guests and families members who come to visit can enter with ease while keeping the mom and baby’s identity unknown to the public. We also usually ask all staff to sign ironclad NDAs."

She continued, "Often, we choose which nurses will work alongside the doctor or midwife so everyone is familiar. We minimize photography; usually I am the only one allowed to take photos aside from the birthing mother/couple. I usually inform the publicist at the time of birth that the baby has arrived.”

Hospitals may have faced even more headaches as their famous patients were attempting to head home.

According to Thomas, “Leaving the hospital usually involves bringing the family out at night with the baby completely covered in a carrier so there aren’t a lot of people around. There are usually two bodyguards and a driver. One monitors the floors and another is near-to or inside the room. They clear a path for us and also help get security clearances.” Yeesh.

8 Make Room For Security

It goes without saying that when a famous person gives birth, security is of the utmost importance. Kardashian births are no exception. As previously mentioned, Khloe Kardashian recently welcomed a baby girl to the world, and the security surrounding the delivery was tight to say the least.

ET reported that Khloe went to great lengths to keep herself and her baby safe and secure. A high-level security detail was in place inside The Cleveland Clinic where the reality star gave birth, and she insisted that everyone who met her baby sign an NDA.

According to the outlet, Khloe "arrived to the hospital with police escorts to ensure the protection of her and her family. [Security guards were] positioned in the parking garage, at the elevators and on her floor at the doors."

Any visitors were asked to turn over their phones and cameras before seeing the Good American designer and her new arrival, and had to be on a pre-approved list in order to gain access to her room. Security measures were similar for the births of Mason, Penelope, Reign, North, Saint, Chicago, Dream and Stormi. We don't blame the famous family for guarding themselves against unwanted company, especially when a newborn baby is involved.

7 Accommodate Film Crews

Via: Daily Mail

While many of today's births are documented by professional photographers and videographers, it isn't often that hospitals must accommodate an entire television crew while assisting a woman with pushing her baby out. Kourtney Kardashian allowed the birth of her first child, Mason, to be filmed for a future Keeping Up With The Kardashians episode, and the footage didn't disappoint. It featured the first time mom delivering her own baby! Impressive stuff. Many subsequent births have been mentioned on the show, and Blac Chyna's delivery of little Dream was documented on the show's spinoff, Rob and Chyna.

When Kim gave birth to North, the traumatic delivery she endured was kept under wraps, but she did reveal some juicy tidbits about her new arrival on television. For example, Kim dished while the cameras were rolling that she was considering foregoing giving her firstborn a last name. Thankfully, her sensible little sis Khloe talked her out of the idea, telling Kim, “Sorry, Madonna — she has to have a last name. As a human, you want an identity of your parents, you want to be part of something!”

It has been reported that E! cameras were on site when Khloe gave birth, but fans will have to wait for future episodes to air to find out how much of True's delivery is actually going to be shared with eager audiences. We'll most definitely be waiting with bated breath to find out.

6 Holding Back During Delivery

Kourtney definitely set the bar high when she gave birth to her son Mason on the season 4 finale of Keeping Up With the Kardashians in 2009. She famously reached down and pulled him out all on her own. Khloe, Kim and Kris Jenner were all in the room when Mason arrived, giving docs another reason to feel they were playing second fiddle to the famous family. Of the moment she basically delivered her own son, Kourt later shared, “The experience was so indescribable and life-changing, and I can’t believe he’s all mine."

Medical professionals assisting with the most recent KarJenner births may have chosen to hold back a bit while Baby was crowning just to make sure they weren't stepping on any toes. Khloe has learned a thing or two about childbirth from observing her sisters over the years, and may have wished to follow Kourtney's example.

Speaking about Khloe's impending labor, Kim told ET, "It'll be fine. She knows. She's seen all of us go through it. She's prepared, but I feel her and I are on a really good communication about everything. I know when to push it and when to... right now isn't a time to freak her out. The closer it gets, you can't freak someone out. You have no idea and that's the beauty of it. You just have no clue and that's totally fine."

5 Avoid Neglecting Other Patients

We can't help but feel a little bad for the moms who gave birth at the same hospitals and on the same days as Kardashian/Jenners. Even if hospital staffs are the epitome of professionalism, the news that a major star is giving birth nearby may be a bit distracting.

It's important for hospitals to keep things running as normally as possible on the days when famous babies are arriving in their facilities.

Nurses may be tempted to meet up in the break room to get the latest details about Kim, Khloe, Kylie, Kourtney or Blac Chyna and, as a result, end up neglecting their own patients. It's up to those managing the hospitals where celebs give birth to ensure this doesn't happen.

For this reason, sometimes extreme measures are taken to prevent staff from being tempted to let their eyes wander. The New York Times reported that, when Beyonce gave birth, “partitions had been put up, the maternity ward windows were completely covered, and even the hospitals’ security cameras had been taped over with paper. Guards with Secret Service-style earpieces roamed the floor.”

InStyle attempted to get a quote from The Cleveland Clinic about Khloe's labor and delivery, but the hospital declined to answer due to the fact that "a patient is potentially involved."

4 Welcome Large Groups Of Visitors

Via: Extra

The Kardashian/Jenner family is quite large, and the medical facilities that have had the pleasure of welcoming a new member of the famous fam were most likely sure to plan for lots of visitors. While most hospitals have protocols when it comes to how many people are allowed to visit a patient at one time, it's likely exceptions were made for the reality stars.

Carol Wong, a certified nurse midwife at Massachusetts General Hospital, told SELF magazine that "the exact number of people you can invite into the delivery room varies depending on the organization." She also specified that the maximum amount of visitors permitted at one time in her hospital was three.

Luckily, Kim kept the number of family members present for North's traumatic birth to a minimum. Her mom, Kris, was present, but the entire extended family and their usual camera crew were mercifully absent. Kim has shared, "To this day, if you mention [my childbirth] to [my mother], she'll cry. It was traumatic."

The star suffered from placenta accreta, a potentially life-threatening condition in which the placenta attaches too deeply into the uterine wall. Kim later told Elle about her experience giving birth for the first time. She shared, "After giving birth, your placenta is supposed to come out, but mine was stuck. That's what women usually die from in childbirth — you hemorrhage and bleed to death and they can't stop it. To get it out — it's so disgusting — the doctor had to stick his whole arm in me and scrape it off. It was the most painful."

3 Stay Calm Under Pressure

It couldn't have been easy for the medical facilities where the Kardashian/Jenner sisters have chosen to give birth to keep things running smoothly as some of the most famous babies to ever enter the world have made their debuts. Imagine delivering a tiny tot as Kim Kardashian looks on. If she doesn't like your technique or bedside manner, all she has to do is tweet about it and the world will know she doesn't approve. Talk about pressure!

SELF magazine reported that when Khloe recently gave birth to her daughter in Cleveland, Kim was right there by her side. The mag even revealed that Kim had ahold of one of Khloe's legs during the delivery. Later, Kim did, in fact, tweet about the experience.

Luckily, no medical professionals were named, and the reputations of those who helped bring Khloe's baby into the world are still intact.

The reality star and mother-of-three wrote on Twitter, “I’m so happy for you! Your baby girl is so beautiful! You are so strong, you made that look so easy! I can’t wait for our baby girls to grow up as best friends the way we are! I’m so happy I was able to return the favor of holding your leg while you pushed LOL.” Awe.

We can't wait for the announcement that another Kardashian/Jenner baby is on the way. The hospitals of America, on the other hand, are probably welcoming at little break from all the craziness.

2 Brace Themselves For The Drama

Anyone who knows anything about the Kardashian/Jenners knows they always deliver in the drama department. One of the main reasons their show has been a smash hit for so many seasons is because fans can't look away as juicy conversations and shocking disagreements play out for all to see. Drama is just a part of the family's day-to-day life. If the lives they lead in front of television cameras are any indication of what happens when they give birth, it's likely their hospital stays have been far from drama free.

To the dismay of many fans, Kim's delivery of baby Nori never aired, but the episode following her delivery was filled with TMI moments and drama, drama, drama. Soon after returning home from the hospital, Kim confessed to Khloe, “When I came back from the hospital the first thing I did was go and look at my vagina in the mirror. It looks better looking than before.”

She went on to share details about her now “torpedo-sized" breasts and proclaimed it was time to get back into shape for a racy Playboy shoot. She told her little sis, "I just want to come out to the world, and be naked and be like, ‘I look so hot. I am back.'" She felt it was time to silence those who tore her apart for a few of her maternity looks. Speaking to the haters, Kim ranted, “You called me a whale, Shamu, a cow...”

1 Leave Time For Hair And Makeup

As previously mentioned,it has been rumored that Khloe allowed E! cameras in the room during the delivery of little True. Fans can dare to dream that the most recent Kardashian birth will air on television at some point. Kourtney and Blac Chyna both fearlessly labored in front of the cameras, and the result was small screen gold.

It goes without saying that when one is filming a scene that will be seen by millions of viewers, hair and makeup are a must.

Medical professionals assisting with Kardashian births that were being captured on film were most likely aware that time for getting pretty needed to be included in the birth plans of their patients.

We can only hope we'll see Khloe's glam delivery soon enough, and that doctors were sensitive to the fact that she needed to be camera ready before she was ready to push. Speaking about the mom-to-be just weeks before baby True arrived, Kim told ET, "You cannot tell her anything right now that's too sensitive because she's just so freaked out. So, I can't really get into the whole, like, nipples and breastfeeding thing. She's just going to have to figure that all out and slowly."

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